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This page contains tips and advice about tools used for home improvement projects.

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A dollar bill next to a measuring tape showing six inches.

One Dollar Bill for Emergency MeasurementsI've done this many times and it will work in a pinch. A dollar bill measures barely much over 6 inches of length. When a measuring tape or ruler is not within reach, a 6 inch dollar bill can give you a close figure. Fold in half, and it would be 3 inches. It is kind of handy to measure lengths of nails, bolts, screws, etc. It's not as precise as a tape measure, but will work.


Hammer Claw Removing Nail from wood board

Using a Hammer Claw to Remove NailsHammers usually have a claw on the other side to be used for pulling nails out. This is a page about using a hammer claw to remove nails.


Fingernail Clippers

Uses for Fingernail ClippersIf you have used a butter knife for a screwdriver, then this idea is for you. Nail clippers can do some quick double duty as well to remove staples, for example. This is a page about uses for fingernail clippers.



Uses for a HemostatThis is a page about uses for a hemostat. A surgical clamp with handles that lock in place can be helpful in craft projects, and with other things around the house.


propane tank attached to backyard barbecue

Using Propane TanksProper handling and maintenance of your propane tank can ensure it is ready to use next time you barbecue, run your heater, or use propane powered tools. This is a page about using your propane tanks.


A man using a circular saw.

Using a Circular SawThis is a page about using a circular saw. A circular saw is a versatile tool that you can use in many home repair and improvement projects, as well as for certain crafts.


Drill Bits

Choosing the Right Drill BitThis is a page about choosing the right drill bit. The success of your home improvement job can be in part dependent on choosing the right drill bit for the task at hand.


Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety TipsThis page contains ladder safety tips. When using a ladder to complete household projects, it is important to keep your safety in mind.


Rotary (Dremel) Tool

Using a Rotary (Dremel) ToolThis page is about using a rotary (Dremel) tool. A hand held devise that can be very handy for crafts and around the home.


Green Household Tool Box

Creating a Household ToolboxThis is a page about creating a household toolbox. It's tough to get chores and projects done around the house if you can't find the right tools for the job. Making a household tool box can make it easier for everyone in the house to get done what they need to.


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Get an Electrical Tester ScrewdriverIf you haven't gotten one of those electrical tester screwdrivers with a little neon bulb in it and a metal cap at the hand end, GET ONE! They are cheap enough that you can afford a spare. Friends and neighbors WILL be borrowing it!


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Use Rubber Bands to Keep Tools from SlippingTo keep tools from slipping in your hands, wrap those free rubber bands that come on vegetables or newspapers around the handle. It really makes for a good grip and sure a lot cheaper than the liquid you can buy for the purpose.


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Leather Washer for Emergency Water Heater FixFor a quick and highly satisfactory repair of a leaking metal water tank, put a bolt with a good-sized leather washer both inside and out through the hole to be fixed and screw a nut on tightly.


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Soldering Iron HolderFor a really quick and inexpensive soldering iron holder, drive two spike nails into a scrap block of wood to form an "x" and rest the tool's hot end in the cross.


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Makeshift WrenchThe next time you need a wrench in a hurry and you don't have one handy, try this: screw two nuts-flat sides together-onto a good sized bolt. Space the nuts apart so that the head of the one you want to remove fits snugly between the "jaws" of your makeshift arrangement.



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Ergonomic Handle for ToolsThere are times when busting out a chunk of concrete or modifying a piece of heavy farmstead equipment that a home handyman has to put in a long stint with hammer and cold chisel or star drill.


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Chalk to Keep Tools from RustingA piece of chalk or charcoal in your toolbox will attract moisture and keep your tools from rusting.


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Taking Care of Paint Brushes?What is the best way to take care of my paint brushes?


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Spray Snow Blower with SiliconeAlways use spray silicone on the auger and chutes on your snow blower before using it. The snow will not stick.


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Use Kerosene to Clean WrenchesFor the home DIY mechanic: to clean the grease from your wrenches, use a rag dampened with kerosene. Not only will it remove all the grease and grime, but kerosene leaves a very light oil coating, even when wiped dry.


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Hole Punch for Vertical Blind Slats?I am looking for an oblong hole punch for a vertical blind slat.


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Hard to Hold NailIf you have a hard to hold nail, secure it with a small ball of plastic putty or clay. After the nail is firmly pounded in place, remove the putty.


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Book on How to use Power Tools?I am a DIY wannabe. I have quite a few simple Black and Decker tools but the manuals are so complicated and so not user friendly. I looked on Amazon to find a nice, easy, walk-me-through-and-not-scare-me how-to book and couldn't begin to pick one. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good, easy to understand how-to for power tools?


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Use Grill Covers For Shop EquipmentProtect your table saws and other big machinery in the garage with BBQ gas grill covers. At the end of the summer season, you can get them for under $5. Long lasting durable cover to protect your valuables.


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Makeshift LevelNeed to level a picture or painting on your wall but you don't have a level handy? Just put a little water in a glass and hold it on the top edge of the frame. The frame is level when the water in the glass is.


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Storing ChiselsYou can use an old tennis ball to help protect blades on your chisels. Just cut four slits into a tennis ball and insert your chisels into them when you are not using them.


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Depth Gauge for Drillingreate a cheap and effective depth gauge for precise drilling by using a cable tie. Secure the tie around the drill bit at the desired location. Snip off the excess. The tie can then be adjusted for each subsequent change in desired depth by sliding it up or down.


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Homemade Rubber MalletDon't own a rubber mallet? Just cut a slit in a tennis ball and place it on the head of your hammer. Keep the tennis ball in your tool box and you will always have it handy.


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Sprucing Up Your Table SawDoes the top of your table saw look bad? Brighten its appearance by spraying it with rust remover or WD-40. Then scour with #3 steel wool pads on a pad sander. Surfaces will shine like new after a few minutes work. Be sure not to saturate the sanders felt pad. By Gladys Hill


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