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This page contains tips and advice about weatherizing your home.

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Window Air Conditioner

Winterizing a Window Air Conditioner?This is a page about winterizing a window air conditioner. Rather than removing your air conditioner from the window for the winter you may choose to leave it in place and winterize it.


Insulated Winter Window

Insulating WindowsTo make your home more comfortable, both cozy in winter and cooler in summer, seal for drafts and insulate. This is a page about insulating windows.


A variety of birdseed.

Birdseed to Prevent Slipping on IceBirdseed is a green alternative to salting your stairs and walkways to prevent slipping on ice. This is a page about using bird seed to prevent slipping on ice.


Sliding glass door with curtains partially drawn.

Cover Sliding Glass Doors to Keep Your Home CoolWindows and large sliding glass doors allow the heat from outside to warm up the interior of your home. You will be amazed that how much cooler it will be inside if you cover the glass. There are products made for this purpose or you can improvise and use black plastic trash bags. This is a page about cover sliding doors to keep your home cool.


Closed blinds on a hot summer day.

Insulating Windows Against Summer Heat?Windows can allow the summer sun to heat up your home. There are several products that you can try to help insulate them, from pane coverings to drapes. This is a page about insulating windows against summer heat.


Windows on a snowy winter day.

Save Energy by Winterizing WindowsOlder windows can be the source of significant heat loss. If you are unable to install new windows, winterizing them can help conserve energy. This is a page about save energy by winterizing windows.



Winterizing Windows

Winterizing WindowsWinterizing older windows can help keep your home warmer and save you money on heating costs. This is a page about winterizing windows.


Roll of Bubble-Wrap

Insulating Windows With Bubble-WrapOlder windows might need to be insulated to save energy. Rather than purchase expensive insulation kits try using bubble wrap. This is a page about insulate windows with bubble-wrap.


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Winterizing a Mobile Home for Occasional Usage?My husband and I have a single wide mobile home in NW Indiana that we plan to summer in. However, we have the occasional winter event there that we would enjoy going to. Is there a way to winterize the property that does not render it unliveable?


cabin in the snow

Keeping a Cabin Water Heater from Freezing?This page is about keeping a cabin water heater from freezing. When you are away from your vacation home, it is important to protect the plumbing from below freezing temperatures.


Eco Friendly Home

Eco Friendly Home Maintenance TipsThis page includes eco friendly home maintenance tips. Having a green, energy efficient home exterior doesn't just mean you need solar panels. There are a number of other ways to save energy.


Vacant House

Winterizing a Vacant House?This page is about winterizing a vacant home. It's necessary to make sure the pipes won't freeze and the house is secure when no one is staying there.


Mobile Homes in Snow

Winterizing Your Mobile HomeThis is a page about winterizing your mobile home. Winterizing your home is a great way to stay warm and save on energy bills. This is just as true for your mobile home or trailer, even more so if it is an older model.


Man Winterizing His House

Winterizing Your HouseThis is a page about winterizing your house. Some time and money spent winterizing your home can translate into energy savings over time.


front door of a house during winter

Insulating a Front DoorThis is a page about insulating a front door. Older exterior doors are not always well insulated.


Door Draft Stopper

Making a Door Draft StopperThis is a page about making a door draft stopper. Older homes often have air leaks under doors and windows. One way to deal with this rather then replace the door is to use a draft stopper.


Frozen Metal Padlock

Keeping Metal Padlocks and Clasps From FreezingThis is a page about keeping metal padlocks and clasps from freezing. Don't let your metal padlocks and clasps freeze in cold weather.


Frozen faucet.

Keeping Water Pipes from FreezingThis is a page about keeping water pipes from freezing. Frigid weather requires protecting water pipes to prevent freezing.


Weatherizing Your Home, Man Weather Stripping His Windows

Weatherizing Your HomeThis is a page about weatherizing your home. Keeping your home warm and dry during the winter months can be a challenge. Weatherizing your home will help you stay comfortable when it is cold out and will save on your heating bill the process.


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Preventing Ice Dams On Your RoofIf you have trouble with ice dams in the winter, try putting "ice melt" salt into nylon stockings and laying them in the valleys of your roof. It keeps the salt from running off and melts the snow and ice slowly! It really works.


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Where Can I Find Plastic Film for Windows?I am looking for a 6 mil 48 inch wide roll of clear not frosty plastic for storm window application. Does anyone know I might find this?



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Ice Buildup in Windows Causing Water Damage to Ceiling?We have recently noticed since our winter months began that we have a lot of new water damage on our ceilings. The ice builds up in our windows and water runs down the walls, when it warms up. Help, what can we do? What is the problem and can our home-inspector be sued?


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Leftover Peel and Stick Tiles for WeatherstrippingMy house is very old, and I have a lot of drafty windows and doors. Of course, I don't like to turn up my heat very much due to the high cost of electricity. So, I did what a lot of you do; hanging drapes, using plastic on my windows, etc.


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Winterizing Your Steel DoorsIt's a little late in the season for this one, but will be good for next winter. If you live in a manufactured home or trailer, most or all of them have steel entry doors. I have found that by using a magnetic curtain rod and hanging an insulated drapery panel on the inside of the door in the winter, cuts down on a lot of cold coming off the door.


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Low Emissive Window Glazing Materials?None of the window glazing materials I've seen seem to be "low emissive," and they all recommend preparing the sash by priming with oil-based primer. I want to do all of my home improvement projects in as environmentally friendly and healthy way as possible. What do you recommend?


Tips to Lower Your Heating BillFall is a great time for a home-energy audit, and there are a surprising number of ways to save energy in your home without investing a major amount of money-or even time.


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Spreading Salt on Sidewalks or DrivewaysAn empty parmesan cheese container works perfectly as a salt or gravel spreader for those icy spots in the winter driveway.


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Tips for Dealing With Icy Steps?Ideas for dealing with icy steps. Post your ideas.


Tips for Winterizing Your HomeConsider getting your furnace inspected by a professional. Change your furnace filters monthly. Cap your chimney to keep out rodents and birds.


Someone Weatherize Windows

Save Energy by Winterizing WindowsWindows can account for as much as 35 to 40 percent of a home's heat loss. With heating costs on the rise, that can translate into significant dollars. New windows are not in everyone's budget, so if you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of existing windows, here are some simple tips for sizable energy savings.



Prepping for WinterFor those who live in a nice warm climate that doesn't shift for the seasons, the coming of winter brings significantly fewer chores. However, those who live in changing climates can save some money by completing a few pre-winter chores.



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Shrinkable Plastic on Wood Frame Windows?My experience using shrinkable plastic on my windows is that the tape strips the wood finish. Not a problem if you have metal, but my new house has wood. Is there something I can do or a product that won't leave a stripe on my windows?


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Insulating Windows for the Winter?I live in a old rental home. There are 2 windows in the living room where I always have the blinds shut. I was wondering if regular house insulation would be a viable solution. Any handymen see anything wrong with that?


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Making Patio Door Draft Stoppers?How can you make an effective door draft stopper for the sliding patio door?


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Window Coverings for Keeping the Cold Out?What items can I put on my windows to keep the cold out at night?


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Keeping Water Pipes from Freezing?Would shutting off water to your house in extremely cold weather prevent pipes from bursting?


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Keeping a Trailer Warm With No Heaters?How do I keep a trailer warm without money or propane? I have no electric heaters as they cost too much.


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