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A close up of a window air conditioner.

Installing a Window Air ConditionerThis is a page about installing a window air conditioner. Summer has arrived and the temperature is rising. If your house is too warm inside it can be unpleasant during the day and difficult to sleep comfortably at night.


Trailers in Summer Sun

Keeping a Trailer Cool in Summer?Hot summer days can make a trailer unbearably hot very easily. This is a page about keeping a trailer cool in summer.


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Blocking The Sun From Coming In My Windows?I have 3 large kitchen windows with closed mini blinds that don't stop the sun's heat. Any temporary fix suggestions?


Blocking the Heat from a Window

Blocking the Heat from a WindowI have two west facing windows. Needless to say, they get hot. I also have things in my window that shouldn't get hot but have no other place to put them. I spent $1.00 and 15 minutes on a fix that hopefully will help block out some of the sun.


Man doing maintenance on his air conditioner

Maintaining Your Air ConditionerPerform regular maintenance and cleaning on your air conditioner to ensure it is working when you need it. This is a page about maintaining your air conditioner.


How to Cool Your Home Without Air ConditioningOpening the windows at night and closing the house during the day is one of a number of ways you can reduce the temperature inside your home. This is a page about how to cool your home without air conditioning.


Wet Concrete to Stay Cool - spraying water on patio

Wet Concrete to Stay CoolOur central air conditioning unit broke a while ago, but even when it was working, we didn't use it too much in order to cut costs. One of our favourite things to do to keep cool is spray the backyard concrete with cold water when the sun starts going down and open the back doors.


Turning down Air Conditioning

Saving Money on Air ConditioningThis is a page about saving money on air conditioning. There are several strategies for saving money on air conditioners. Timing of your purchase may help and once purchased keeping it well maintained can also lower costs.


Grey drapes with light peeking up above them.  No light is getting through the drapes

Making Solar DrapesThis is a page about making solar drapes. While solar drapes can ultimately save you money on your energy bills, they may be expensive to buy.


Shading Your Windows

Shading Your House WindowsThis is a page about shading your house windows. To reduce the heat the sun produces through your windows, there are many different materials that can be used for shades.


Woman Cooling Her Home With Additional Insulation

Cooling Your HomeThis is a page about cooling your home. There are several options available for cooling your home. Each has its benefits and shortcomings and of course its differing expenses.


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Use Window Fans Before Air ConditioningOur second floor bedroom gets very hot in the summer. I found a twin window fan at Goodwill for $3.50. Despite the fact that it has been over 90 degrees for several days, the room has been comfortable, and sometimes too cold for my always-too-warm husband!



A thermometer on the side of a house reading 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Keeping Your House Cool Without ACThis is a page about keeping your house cool without AC. Keeping your house cool during the height of summer can be very expensive, especially if you are using air conditioning.


A fan used for keeping cool

Keeping Cool on Hot NightsThis page is about keeping cool on hot nights. When the summer night stays too warm, there are ways to be comfortable.


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High Setting on Air Conditioner Stopped Working?I bought a higher end brand of air conditioner (10,000 BTUs) two years ago. Last summer, the weather was so unbearably hot I ran it night and day for almost 2 months.


Adjusting a thermostat.

Keeping Your Home Cool on Hot DaysThis page is about keeping your home cool on hot days. When it is hot outside, there are a number of ways to keep the inside of your home cooler.


Window Air Conditioner

Buying a Window Air ConditionerThis is a page to buying a window air conditioner. A window air conditioner is a good way to cool off a room. However, there are a lot of models to choose from, in a wide range of prices.


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Keeping the House Cooler With Solar Window Film?My house is too warm in the summer. I was thinking of solar film for the windows, to keep the house cooler. Since I'm renting, can I remove it if I move? I would not want to cause damage to the window. I'm looking for a temporary solution.


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Keep Lower Windows Closed In Hot WeatherI've sat and thought about it and tried it and learned that if you open the top portion of a double hung window about an inch or two on both floors of your house, keeping the bottom window closed. Turn on the attic fan and your ceiling fans if you like.


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Air Conditioner on 15 Amp Circuit Dims Lights?We live in a very old apartment, which is not wired for 220. Unfortunately, the Board of Directors of the apartment complex refuses to upgrade to 220. The whole living room and the master bedroom are on one 15-Amp circuit breaker.


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Buying An Efficient HVAC System?I need a new HVAC system for my house, about a 3 ton for a 2200 sq ft. I would like a system that is very efficient and which uses the new freon. I don't know the name of it. I would like to buy at a good price, someone has suggested an American Standard.


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Use Mylar on Your WindowsMy kitchen, bathroom and son's room are on the side of the house that get the evening sun. Unfortunately, that means these are the hottest rooms in the house to come home to.


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Time to Change Your AC FilterDon't forget to change (or clean, depending on the type) your filters for your AC before you turn it on this season. A clean filter not only saves you money, but it also cuts down on colds and virus.


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Using a Cycling Thermostat?Balto gas and electric is offering cycling thermostats. It would be set to turn off air conditioning during peak times of use. Then it would save me money. My problem is I am not well (ie. I have Fibromyalgia and allergies).


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Add Shade Screens to Block Summer SunWe put up shade screens on the sunny side of the house and I couldn't be more pleased. Should have done it sooner! Already saving money on airconditioning bills.


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AC Advice for Empty Second Floor?I have two AC units. One downstairs and one upstairs. No one lives upstairs at my house. I need advice on what temperature to program upstairs to help save on my electricity bill. Any advice to share?


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Installing a Central Air Unit?Has anyone installed their own central air unit? The Motor on ours has bit the dust and as it is getting close to the hot season, we are trying to replace and our son suggested that we do the labor and then just have the unit charged and hooked up the the local heating and air guy.



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Hydronic Cooling Systems?Just wondering if anyone has any information on hydronic air conditioning units, since my swamp cooler will need replacing soon, and I would prefer the hydronic to typical refrigerated air conditioning units (water conservation and costs out west).


Ceiling fan.

Cheap Ways to Beat the HeatThere are plenty of ways to keep cool during the summer months, but how many cost efficient ways are there? Try some ways to cool your temperatures and your budget as well.


A thermometer on a hot day.

Save Energy While Keeping Your CoolDuring the dog days of summer, we expend considerable amounts of energy (and dollars) trying to keep our homes cool. Here are 12 no-cost or low-cost ways to save energy while keeping cool this summer.


Install AC Unit Without Damaging Window

Install AC Unit Without Damaging WindowWith temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees F this week, we needed to find a way to install our old Air Conditioning unit in our brand new vinyl casement windows without damaging the window or frame.


Save Money on Air ConditioningElectric bill high from air conditioning usage? I have two suggestions: Turn the air off and clean the coils. And have freon level checked by a professional and increased, if needed.



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Use Waxed Paper To Lower Summer Cooling Costs?When trying to keep the Western sun window cooler in the summer, how does one use the wax paper method? The shiny-side in? Thanks.


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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner?I know an air conditioning unit needs regular servicing. The cost if over $100 and I was wondering if I could maybe clean the filters myself?


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Substitute for Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler Pads?What could I use in place of the pads in my cooler? I don't have regular pads and until I get some what can I use instead? Any ideas?



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Keeping a Trailer Cool in Summer?We have a 1972 trailer and two air conditioners. We are having trouble keeping cool because the air conditioners freeze up a lot. Is there a cheap and easy way to keep our trailer cool during the hot months?


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Save Money Cooling Your Home?Would a dehumidifier reduce air conditioning operating costs? I heard a rumor that it does reduce the power bill for air conditioning. The cost reduction is the result, both of reducing moisture and the drier air makes it more comfortable.


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Keeping a Mobile Home Cool in Summer?How can I keep my trailer cool in summer time with only 2 box fans and no AC unit?


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