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Remodeling your current home is sometimes more cost effective than buying a new one. This page contains information and tips on renovating, expanding, and updating your home.

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Man sanding kitchen cabinet door

Refacing Kitchen CabinetsThis is a page about refacing kitchen cabinets. A less expensive way to update your kitchen may be to reface your cabinets rather than replace them.


Remodeled Mobile Home

Remodeling A Mobile HomeThis is a page about remodeling a mobile home. Remodeling a mobile home is not the same as working on a stick built house, but still maybe the better alternative to buying a new home.


Installing mosaic tiles

Installing Tile Over a Laminate CountertopThis is a page about putting tiling over laminate countertop. While it is possible to install tile directly onto a laminate countertop, it does require some prep work so that the tiles can properly bond to the surface. Here are some tips for how to install tiles onto a laminate countertop.


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Ideas for Remodeling a Kitchen?I am going to be completely remodeling my kitchen (new flooring, walls, ceiling, and cabinets). What is the best order to do this in? I want to make this as easy as possible since I won't be hiring a contractor.


Hands framing renovated bathroom brought to life from a sketch

Saving Money on Home RenovationWhether necessary or optional, home renovation can be very expensive. This is a page about saving money on home renovation.


Room in the middle of being remodeled.

Losing a Bedroom When Renovating?This is a page about losing a bedroom when renovating. One way to increase the size of a room in a small house is to reduce the square footage of an adjoining, less used room.


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Building a Corner Dining Booth?This is a page about building a corner dining booth. Creating your own built-in kitchen eating space can use a part of the room that might be too small for a conventional kitchen table.


Man Remodeling a Basement

Remodeling a Basement?This is a page about remodeling a basement. Additional living space can be created in an unfinished basement without an expensive addition.


Remodeling a House

Saving Money on RemodelingThis is a page about saving money on remodeling. Remodeling your home can be very costly.


newly renovated kitchen

Renovations With the Best Return on...This is a page about renovations with the best return on investment. Deciding which renovations to make before selling your home can be confusing.


Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

Removing a Popcorn CeilingThis is a page about removing a popcorn ceiling. The textured popcorn ceiling was very popular back in the day. You can modernize your home by removing it.


Stripping Paint Off Wood Cabinets, Peeling paint on wood drawer.

Stripping Paint Off Wood Cabinets?This is a page about stripping paint off wood cabinets. It can be difficult to remove paint from cabinets. It is important to not damage the wood in the process.



A soda can left for collecting cigarette butts.

Cigarette Receptacle for RepairmenWhenever there's a repair to be done in our house, most workers just throw their cigarette butts around the place. To remind them to keep those butts off the ground, I hang empty pop soda cans in places where the workers will find them easily.


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Use Magnet To Pick Up Nails After ConstructionAfter a renovation or construction outside there are quite often loose nails lying about. Rather than trying to find them and pick them up, construct a sweeper board with high-powered magnets to do the work.


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Website for Designing and Building a Closet?We live in a mobile home and had the garden tub removed and had a large walk in shower put in. We are taking out the stand up shower and want to make that space a closet.


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Drilling Holes In Your CeilingYou can make that particular task a lot more pleasant by rolling up a stiff cardboard funnel and fastening it to the drill bit with a wire guide at the dirt catcher's top and a rubber band at its bottom.


Updating Master Bedroom with Built In Cabinet?The new house we just purchased has a built in entertainment/storage unit in the master bedroom. Any suggestions for what to do about it? We aren't sure if we'd like to keep it or not, but we don't know how to remove it either.


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Modernizing a Tiny Kitchen?I want to do a makeover for my mom's tiny kitchen. It has matching paneling and half wallpaper and small white tiles on floor. I just want to renew and modernize it again.


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Save on Contractors During Hard Economic TimesBecause of the recent economy and the need for work by contractors and handy men/women, I have found I can have many of the tasks done at affordable prices.


Budget Kitchen RemodelThis budget remodel was the first project I have ever taken on and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Using the tips I've found here, for just under $2,000 I have a marvelous fashionable new kitchen.


The Retro Has Got to Go

The Retro Has Got to GoSet the scene: your new home is beautiful. The kitchen's been remodeled, the living space is newly carpeted, and the bathroom has pristine green and pink tile. Green and pink tile? Yes, welcome to the bygone era of seashell colored bathrooms.


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Removing Ceramic Wall Tiles?How do I remove old ceramic wall tiles in my kitchen? They are chipped and some are cracked. Also, how do I treat the wall when they have come off? So I have to plaster the wall?


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Wall In Garage For More Square FootageSome friends of ours recently bought a new home. Since neither of them drive, they don't own a car. They had their garage boxed in. They had a contractor put up a wall over the garage door and finish off the rest of the room and ceiling so that it doesn't look like a typical garage.


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Renovating a Home on a Tight Budget?I have just bought a run down house which I plan to renovate. I am doing this on a very tight budget, and wanted to know if anyone has a product recommendations or tips from doing their renovation. For example, I need to re-clad, and want to know if there is anything which is cheap and easy to put it up ourselves?


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Removing Paneling?We would like to remove the Paneling on our living room. But whoever put it up Nailed and Glued it. We are not looking to paint it but we were wondering if anyone has removed the paneling and also removed the glue without ruining the drywall.


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Finishing Stairs With Something Other Than Carpet?We are removing the carpet on our stairway, but we do not want to replace it with more carpet. We wish to do something different.


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Building Storage Cabinets Into Our Chimney Recesses?I am looking for design ideas for a bookcase/display cabinet/dvd/vcr player storage cabinet that I want to construct so that it fits flush into the chimney recesses of our living room. Anybody out there know of any useful websites or links that can inspire my design choice?



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Add Value to Your Home?Tips and ideas to add value to your home. Post your ideas.


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Looking For Home Makeover for a Teacher?I'm looking for a home makeover for a Brentwood teacher that lives on her family's property since birth on the land. Here is also the home of her ancestors which has become a historical landmark in our small area. Merry is going to have to sell the property because of her constant love for other people who are less fortunate than she is and has caused a great bit of damage to her home she resides in. It's a beautiful ranch that has been lost in time. If she had this makeover we could prevent her from losing her home of 54 yrs.


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Screening in a Front Porch?We would like to screen in our own front porch. It is an old fashioned front porch with cement and brick railings. If we could screen it in, it would make a great place to sit outside. But I can't find instructions.


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Inexpensive Shelving?My 10 yr old daughter loves horses. I just primed, painted, and painted her bedroom. I hung a cute border (in the middle of the wall instead of top, her eye-level). Now, as I am attempting to put her furninture back into her pretty new room, it all covers the border!


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Turning Garage Into Kids Room?We are hoping to turn our attached garage into a kids tv/play room this summer. We have several issues we are looking at...


painted countertops 1

Painting Formica CountertopsMy home was a mecca of ugly and strangely colored laminate countertops; hunter green, brown, navy blue, beige, etc.. I set out to paint them to improve their look, thinking "they can't get any worse, can they?" Paint was my frugal friend.


Stairway remodeled

Improving an Unfinished StairwayI was feeling frustrated with our laundry room and stairs going down to our basement. There were pine coloured boards on the walls and the dust would really show there and it just was so yucky looking. I prayed about it and then started thinking about what paint we had stored downstairs.


Man Remodeling Kitchen

Renovation Return ValuesReal estate sales might not be the most popular form of revenue this year, but it does feel good to know that some renovation costs are recovered during the resale of a home.


Removing Texture From a Ceiling

Removing Texture From a CeilingBack in the fifties and sixties it was really popular to put a texture on ceilings called a popcorn ceiling. One of the remodeling shows I am a big fan of, gave instructions on how to remove this bumpy, ugly, hard to patch popcorn ceiling.



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Remodeling an Older Mobile Home?My husband and I just bought an older mobile home and now we're in the process of completely remodeling it. We need ideas. Maybe someone has done the same and has before and after pictures, and websites, or anything you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Converting a Bedroom to a Bathroom in a Mobile Home?I want to convert a small bedroom to a bathroom in my mobile home. Any help would be appreciated, thoughts, questions, or suggestions.


Photo of laundry area.

Designing a Laundry Cupboard?I need help designing a linen cupboard and storage for other laundry items. The photo is of the over all area, and to the left side is where the new cupboard will be. The measurements of this space are: 440mm wide by 2020mm length and 820mm in depth.



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Home Renovation on a Budget?What are some creative ideas to renovate a home with a low budget?


closeup of corner trim on mobile home wall

Putting Baseboards in an Older Mobile Home?We live in a 1969 mobile home and just painted all our dark paneling with a light coffee. We are getting carpet and now want to put baseboards in. We have thin rounded corners that will leave the baseboards sticking out. Do you have any suggestions so we don't have to replace all these corner moldings?


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Free Home Renovation?I have a home and it is in need of great repair. I don't have the money to pay for renovation and I would like to know if there is a free program on TV that I can enter or a company that will do it for free?


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