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This page contains tips and advice for many of your maintenance and repair questions.

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Ladder leaning against a gutter

Leaning a Ladder Against a Roof...This is a page about leaning a ladder against a roof without crushing gutters. When you need to make repairs or clean gutters, your ladder needs to lean on the house often against the gutters.


Ice Maker Arm

Ice Maker Arm is StuckThis is a page about fixing am ice maker arm that is stuck. Automatic ice makers in your freezer are a great convenience. However, if they get stuck releasing ice cubes it can be difficult to fix.


Water on Deck

Homemade Deck Cleaner RecipesOne of the most important steps to keeping a deck from rotting is to clean it with deck cleaner once a year. To save money on deck cleaner make your own. This page contains deck cleaner recipes.


Row of holiday trailers in a park.

Cleaning Aluminum Siding?This is a page about cleaning aluminum siding. Aluminum siding is a very durable and low maintenance siding solution. To keep your siding looking great, it does need periodic cleaning.


Unclogging a Toilet

Unclogging a ToiletWhen this fixture gets blocked, it's important to determine the cause. This page is about unclogging a toilet.


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Repairing a Split in Wood Before Staining?There is a long narrow split in a wood stair that I am sanding and re-staining. Wood filler does not always stain, therefore could I mix sawdust with glue and fill it in? Or is there something someone can recommend?


Man installing a toilet.

Installing a ToiletThis is a page about installing a toilet. We often have to install a new toilet, maybe the old one can't be repaired, or you want to upgrade to a more water efficient model.


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Repairing Cat Scratches on Door Molding?I have cat claw damage to various items in my apartment, but the ones I really want to focus on are the claw marks on the moldings around the doors into my bathroom and bedroom. They are pretty deep gauges and about three feet from the floor.


A filter for a water system.

Whole House Water Filter Tips?When you have a water filtration system for your whole house, it can protect your health as well as your plumbing fixtures. Understanding how it works and where problems may develop will help it run smoother, and keep your water clean.


Ceiling Fan

Repairing a Wobbly Ceiling FanThis is a page about repairing a wobbly ceiling fan. If your ceiling fan is wobbling, there could be several reasons. Fortunately, most causes of a wobbly ceiling fan are easily fixed after some basic troubleshooting.


Boy Helping Dad with Plumbing

Plumbing Advice for HomeownersThis is a page about plumbing advice for homeowners. When you are responsible for the plumbing maintenance on your own home, it is important to learn as much as you can to know when you may need to hire a professional.


Woman Troubleshooting Wiring Problem

Troubleshooting Wiring Problems?This page is about troubleshooting wiring problems. When you take on remodeling projects or plan to add new appliances on a electrical circuit, understanding wire size and load requirements is very important.



Swamp Cooler

Swamp Cooler Maintenance TipsThis page contains swamp cooler maintenance tips. Keeping your swamp cooler running efficiently and storing it properly during the off seasons, will assure you it will be ready when you need it.


A red toolbox with tools.

Saving Money on Home MaintenanceThis page is about saving money on home maintenance. There are things you may need to buy to maintain the equipment of a home that will save you replacement costs.


level and tape measure

Repairing a Sagging Floor?This is a page about repairing a sagging floor. Older homes in particular may suffer from sagging floors. This kind of repair can be costly. While not a job for a novice do-it-yourselfer, some home owners may have the ability to undertake this job.


Tight Screw

Loosening a Tight Screw?This is a page about loosening a tight screw. Many of us have had the frustrating experience of trying in vain to loosen a tight screw.


Rusty Chain

Preventing RustThis is a page about preventing rust. Many items around your home are susceptible to developing rust.


Fixing a Running Toilet

Fixing a Running ToiletThis page is about fixing a running toilet. A lot of water can be wasted when your toilet is not working properly.


Dark Crawl Space

Inspecting Your Home's Crawl SpaceThis page is about inspecting your home's crawl space. One often overlooked area of the home, that can expose potential problems, is the crawl space.


Opened Wood Door

Repairing A DoorThis is a page about repairing a door. Purchasing a new door would be very costly, so you might want to repair your existing one.


Pressure Washing a House

Pressure Washing Your HouseThis is a page about pressure washing your house. Pressure washing your house must be done properly to prevent damage.


Maintaining Your Water Heater

Maintaining Your Water Heater This is a page about maintaining your water heater. With regular maintenance a water heater can last for many years before it needs to be replaced.


How to Shovel Snow, Man Shoveling Snow

Shoveling SnowThis is a page about shoveling snow. Shoveling snow may never be fun, but it can be done without risking your health and safety.


Saving Money on Home Repairs, Man Repairing the Siding on His Home

Saving Money on Home RepairsThis is a page about saving money on home repairs. From putting in a drainage system to replacing your roof, home repairs are never easy or cheap. Saving even a small percentage on the costs can add up to a lot of money.


Oak Stairs

Fixing Squeaky Stairs?This is a page about fixing squeaky stairs. Squeaky stairs can be very common in older homes but sometimes newer construction has them too. They can definitely be a nuisance if they get too loud.


Man Cleaning Wood Siding

Cleaning Wood SidingThis is a page about cleaning wood siding. If cared for properly your wood siding will look great for years to come. An important part of caring for your wood siding is cleaning it when necessary.


Cleaning Vinyl Siding, A woman scrubbing the siding of her house.

Cleaning Vinyl SidingThis is a page about cleaning vinyl siding. Keeping the outside of your house clean not only extends the life of your siding but also makes it look beautiful for longer.



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Prepping Older Kitchen Cabinets for Painting?I need to paint some 60s vintage kitchen cabinets. They are "custom" oak veneer plywood. There has been some delamination on some of the doors and drawer fronts. What would be the best way to fill these damaged areas prior to priming and painting?


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Old House Problems: How to Keep Windows from Sticking?We have a very old cottage house, and it has the windows that are so old, they stick so badly. What are some thoughts or ideas from any of you that have dealt with this problem?


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Removing Oil Paint from a Wall?How do I remove oil paint from a wall?


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Why Would Rain Get Into My Window?Whenever there was a rain storm, rain got into the dining room window at the back of the house which has exterior vinyl siding. The gutter at the front of the house may need to be cleaned. However, the front windows never had any rain problems. Please help.


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Paint Recommendations for a Range Hood?When we purchased this home, the kitchen color was still in the 70s. There was an olive green hood blaring at me. I took it outside and sanded the entire thing to the metal. I primed and spray painted it inside and out with Krylon, "stone".


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Removing a Layer of Rubber Between Paint and Concrete on Balcony?I was planning on repainting my balcony floor and expected to simply scrape away the old paint. However, what I found was that the concrete had a layer of rubber between it and the paint. What is this stuff? How can I remove it?


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Recontouring Countertops Before Painting?I have Formica countertops in my kitchen and both bathrooms. I am going to paint them to look like granite (thanks to the advice given on here!).


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Testing Circuit Breakers?I need help trouble shooting an electrical problem in an older model house trailer (early 1970). Part of one side of trailer has no power. I reset all breakers at the panel, none appeared to be tripped. How do I test the breakers?


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Removing Faux Ninelite Plastic Grid on Door Window?The upper part of my metal exterior door is one largish window, having a vinyl/plastic/resin faux framework that creates a 9-pane look in it. I'm about to spray paint the door with Rustoleum and would like to remove this grid, perhaps leaving it off entirely afterwards.


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Replace or Repair Plumbing Fixtures?The shower head and faucet in my bathtub are almost coming out from the wall. Will it be worth getting a plumber to fix them and how much would it cost? Would I be better off buying new fixtures?


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Unidentified Smell Coming From Bathroom?Help. We live in a doublewide mobile home. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a funny smell coming from the master-bedroom's bathroom. We have not used it for a few years as it needs remodeling.


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Repairing a Home Radiator?Can burst radiators be repaired? We have an old building for sale along with a house it is attached to. In several of the rooms, the radiators or pipe attached to radiator burst, due to freezing. Can these be fixed or replaced, and if so what would be approximate cost?


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Salt Air Damage to Exterior Door?Our house which is only 4 years old, it has a solid mahogany double door and transom inset with leaded glass. The winds hit it directly from the ocean. I want to restore its original rich shine. I can't find any good products. Please help.


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Preventing Root Growth in Drain Pipes?How can you prevent root growth in drain pipes?


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Removing Moss from Patio Pavers?How do you remove moss from patio blocks?



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Check and Replace Washing Machine Hoses"An Ounce of Prevention": As trite as this old adage is, there is so much wisdom in it, as we learned from a "waterfall" which greeted us as we returned to our months old house, after having been out for a few hours one evening.


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Rotten Wood Siding?The back of our house is made of composite wood siding and has rotted out from flooding and carpenter ants. It is possible to replace part of the wall (only the bottom is rotted). Can anyone out there give us any suggestions?


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Cleaning vs New Liner for Pool?My above ground pool was 'let go' last winter, it was green and slimy. I have been at it for months and am about half way there, should I persevere with chlorinating, scrubbing and vacuuming or get a new liner? Has anyone got any better cleaning tips?


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Repairing Driveway Cracks?What is a good economical way to repair driveway cracks?


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What Is Behind Vinyl Siding?We have a 9' x 16' area on the back of our house -- 3 sides are vinyl siding and the other side was wood and screen. We replaced the wood and screen with windows and sliding door. This goes out to our deck.


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Home Water Maintenance TipsNext time you have a helper on hand, go around your home and turn all the valves under your sinks and toilets off and on several times. You may find that minerals in your water have made the valves difficult (or nearly impossible) to turn.


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Inspecting Your FoundationCheck the grading around your house and make sure that the ground is sloping away from your house. Make sure that no plants or dirt comes into contact with the wood siding of your house. Inspect your foundation for cracks and patch any that you find. Also, check the siding of your home for mildew.


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Replacing a Carriage On a Garage Door?The question is how to replace the "carriage", and how many of them shall I replace? I think I am able to identify the portion of door that is making the noise.


A beautiful house for sale.

Landscaping To Sell Your HomeIn the current housing market, homeowners need every advantage they can get when selling their home. Making time to enhance your curb appeal is not only smart, it's an absolute must when competing for potential buyers.


How To Clean Your In-Room AC Unit

How To Clean Your In-Room AC UnitIf the air blowing from your air conditioning unit starts to smell bad, you may have mold growing in your AC Unit. This should be taken very seriously as the stagnant water can lead to fungi, molds, mildews.


Use a Tube Sock to Bind Your Extension Cord

Bind Your Shop Extension CordI couldn't find a rubber band or any kind of tie to bind up my cord so I used a tube sock. First I cut off the toe end of it and stretched it over the cord that I had rolled up. It fit perfect and held it together without any problems of it snapping or falling off.


Girl Hammering Nail into Wall

Daddies Teaching Daughters: Easy Home...This is the second part of a series of articles about life skills a Dad can teach their daughters. In this changing world, the more that we can empower our daughters to be self sufficient, the stronger a woman we will build.


A Clean Sweep: Everyone Needs a Chimney Cleaning

A Clean Sweep: Everyone Needs a...For most people, scheduling a chimney cleaning isn't an essential phone call. Yet for everyone who has any type of furnace or heating stove, it is a safety measure that can't be overlooked.


replacing a furnace filter

Saving Money On Home MaintenanceFirst time home buyers are often surprised by the many expenses required for the maintenance of your home. Furnace and duct cleaning, carpet and floor care, cleaning gutters, the list goes on and on.


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Bad Odor Coming from Bathroom Plumbing?I had a problem with the sink and bath, where when you turn the taps on water comes through the bath and there is a smell. I had someone out and they changed my pipes under the bath, but when the working man came and changed the pipes he said the pipes are backwards.


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Cleaning Old Aluminum Siding?How you can clean aluminum siding that is over 50 years old? It's in good condition, but dirty.


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Help with Rebuild After Fire?I need help rebuilding my house, after we lost everything. My fiancee and I have three kids. We have been together for ten years. We have a two, three, and eight year old. We have no money or material. Looking for help. I have no clue where to start or where to find the right help.


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Changing a Light Bulb in a High Ceiling?How do I change a light bulb in a 20 feet ceiling? It has a cover over the bulb that needs to be removed first. Any suggestions?


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Help with House Repairs?My mom has entered a nursing home in Glenora, California and she left me her house. I'm not working at the moment. This house is very old, and needs a lot of repairs.


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Sealing Driveway Pavers?How can I find out if the previously coated pavers in my driveway were coated with an oil base sealer. I want to re-coat them with a clear water based sealer.


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