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Clogged drains, toilets not flushing properly, this page contains tips and advice to dealing with common plumbing problems around your home.

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Bar of Soap Stuck in a Toilet

Bar of Soap Stuck in Toilet?This page is about bar of soap stuck in toilet. A soap bar is an immediate obstruction to your plumbing when it accidentally is flushed in the toilet.


Loose Toilet Seat

Fixing a Loose Toilet Seat?Determine whether the seat needs to be replaced or can be secured by tightening. This page is about fixing a loose toilet seat.


Photo of a shower and bathtub.

Keeping Hair Out of Your Shower DrainThis page is about keeping hair out of your shower drain. Finding a good way to keep hair from going down the drain is important.


A plumber user a plunger in a bathroom sink.

How Do I Clear Standing Water in Bathroom Sink Drain?If your sink is not draining you may need to call a plumber but a good plunging may do the trick. This is a page about how do I clear standing water in bathroom sink drain?


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Tap Water Cloudy and Bubbly?I live in an apartment and lately I have been noticing when I fill a glass up with water from the kitchen sink it looks cloudy and bubbles up like soap suds? I'm not sure why it started doing this, but I have been buying bottled water lately, because I drink so much water per day.


A woman washing her hair in the shower.

Septic Safe Shampoos and Conditioners?Safe septic shampoo and conditioner products are marked on the back of the product label. To keep your septic system working properly, use these products.



Plunger in a clogged bathtub

Clearing a Clogged Bathtub DrainIf your bathtub isn't draining well it can be a problem for taking baths and being able to use your bathroom properly. Getting the drain clear will make your bathtub, and bathroom in general, easier to use. This is a page about clearing a clogged bathtub drain.


Water Leak Detectors

Water Leak DetectorsInexpensive water leak detectors can save you a lot of money and trouble by alerting you to small household leaks before they become a major problem.


A faucet with white streaks.

Painting Bathroom Fixtures?You will need a paint that adheres to metal to paint metal fixtures. You may want to ask a auto body shop for some assistance.


A sink drain being deodorized with baking soda.

Sewer Gas Odor Coming from DrainsWhen you have a sewer smell coming from a drain, it is possible that the the venting is obstructed or you may have other clogged pipes. Sometimes odors come up from seldom used drains.


Preventing Mud Under Outdoor Faucet

Preventing Mud Under Outdoor FaucetTo prevent mud from forming underneath an outdoor faucet you can add a gravel pad that will allow the water to drain through.


Faucet cover on a brick wall.

How to Make an Outside Faucet Cover for Freezing WeatherWhen you are expecting cold weather, you want insulate any outside water faucet. You can fashion your own cover by reusing a plastic bottle and styrofoam cups. This is a page about how to make an outside faucet cover for freezing weather.


A showerhead with water running.

Shower Smells Like Rotten Eggs?This is a page about shower smells like rotten eggs. A strong smell in your shower may be an indication that the drain is not clear.


A woman looking concerned at a glass of water.

Removing Rotten Egg Smell from Household Water?This is a page about removing rotten egg smell from household water. A strong suffer smell can make using some well water unpleasant.


water coming out of a faucet

Installing a Whole House Water Filter?City or well water can contain lead, chloroform and other contaminates that may be unhealthy for you, and can cause damage to plumbing fixtures. You may want to install a filtration system for all the water you use. This is a page about installing a whole house water filter.


Hair Clogging Drain

Preventing Clogged DrainsThis page is about preventing clogged drains. Clogged sink and tub drains can be avoided by reducing the amount of hair, food, and debris that is allowed to go in the plumbing.


Removing a Bathtub

Removing a Bathtub Drain?This page is about removing a bathtub drain. Accessing the plumbing below your tub is necessary in order to remove and replace the drain.


Man Repairing a Toilet

Repairing a ToiletThis is a page about repairing a toilet. If you know a few things about how toilets work repairing them doesn't have to be difficult and can be quite simple.


Washing Machine

Making a Washing Machine FilterThis page is about making a washing machine filter. Whenever you want to reduce the amount of lint that goes into a septic tank or sewer system, you need a strainer.


PVC Pipes

Painting PVC Pipe?This page is about painting PVC pipe. Painting on plastic pipe can be tricky unless you follow certain surface preparation and/or use paints especially designed for plastic.


tub drain

Retrieving Parts from a Broken Drain?This is a page about retrieving parts from a broken drain. If your tub drain stopper mechanism breaks or comes apart some of the pieces may fall down the drain. Getting the pieces back may be difficult.



Installing a Sink

Installing a SinkThis page is about installing a sink. Whether you are performing a new installation or replacing an older sink, there are a number of important things to consider.


Garbage Disposal

Installing a Garbage Disposal?This page is about installing a garbage disposal. You may want to consult a plummer when tackling this installation.


A frozen outdoor water faucet.

Thawing Frozen PipesThis page is about thawing frozen pipes. Once pipes are frozen it can be difficult to get them thawed before the weather warms up.


Cloudy Toilet Water

Cloudy Toilet Water?This page is about cloudy toilet water. If your toilet water is not clear, you need to determine the reason because it could be a problem with your water supply.


Replacing a Shower Head, Modern shower head.

Replacing a Shower HeadThis is a page about replacing a shower head. Replacing a shower head is easy to do yourself. All it requires are a few simple tools.


Clearing a Clogged Bathtub Drain, Pulling Hair From Clogged Drain

Clearing a Clogged Bathroom SinkThis is a page about clearing a clogged bathroom drain. When the drains in the bathroom are backed up it can be quite a mess to deal with. Clearing the drain helps keep things stay clean in your bathroom.


Replacing a Bathroom Faucet, Plumber Replacing Bathroom Faucet

Replacing a Bathroom Faucet?This is a page about replacing a bathroom faucet. Whether you are replacing a worn out fixture or just updating the look of your bathroom sink, a faucet fixture can add functional style to your family's bathroom.


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Low Water Pressure Due to Dirt from Well Water?Due to the recent storm and heavy rain, our well got disturbed and that caused heavy sediments and dirt in the water. Our whole house water filter got heavily clogged, and let the dirt pass through all the pipes and messed up the plumbing.


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Unclogging a Sewer Drain?How do I unclog a sewer drain?


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Why We Can Hear the Water Draining in New Pipes?A plumber replaced some pipes under our kitchen sink. Now, we hear the water as it drains from the sink and passes through the pipes. Does anyone know what is causing this? Because it's the weekend, we cannot inquire with the plumbing company.


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Replacing a Shower Arm?Can a not so handy husband replace a shower arm (that is coming out of the tile wall)? I have a hand held shower that I use to bathe my dogs with me sitting on a stool in the tub.


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Toilet Runs Briefly Several Times a Day?My toilet does something weird. Several times a day it starts to run and it lasts no longer than 30 seconds. What is up with that? I have never had a toilet do this. I changed the flapper tank ball, but it still comes on, maybe even more since I changed the flapper.


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Black Water Coming from Faucets?Suddenly I have spurts of dark, blackish water coming out of multiple faucets, including the bathtub, when the garbage disposal is running. At least that's what I have found so far.


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Sewer Smell in Laundry Room?When starting a load of clothes in our top load washer, after the water starts running and filling the washer, a horrible, almost sewer smell stinks up the washing room. What is this smell and how do we get rid of it?


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New Bathroom Sink Drains Very Slowly?I just put in a new bathroom sink, however it drains really slow. We have snaked it and nothing came out, what else could be causing this? We don't know where to start. The old sink was fine, never any problem.



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Freeing a Stuck Water Supply Valve?How do I free a stuck water supply valve?


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Know Where Your Water Shut Off Valves Are LocatedNow that we are doing more of our own home improvement, everyone should be aware that there are cut off valves easily accessible to cut off the water source until the repair is done, or in case of an emergency leak.


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Eliminating Water Hammer?We replaced some washers in a dripping tap and now we suddenly have "water hammer" a loud shuddering noise when water turns on, especially from the washing machine. We have installed "anti water hammer washers" in an attempt to get rid of it, but to no avail. A little help?


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Improving Water Pressure?I have really bad water pressure. We flush the toilet and the kitchen faucet has very little water come out. Or if I have the outside water on, I have "no" water at the kitchen faucet. What can I do to have more pressure?


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Bad Smell Coming From Pipes?We have this awful smell coming from our pipe area. It is in our laundry room but is not coming from our laundry pipes. We recently had a plumber come out and run a camera through and nothing was found. We are out of ideas to where this might be coming from. We have a sewer line that is brand new. Someone please help!


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Toilet Runs Again after Filling?Looking for a little more help today. It seems every time I flush the toilet, maybe 5 minutes after it's been flushed, you can hear it run again then stop. Never did that before. Almost sounds like, air or pressure. Any Ideas?


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Butter Clogging a Drain?In the restaurant I work we keep the butter scooper's in a hot water well. The well builds up with butter all the time. How can we keep it flowing without calling the plumber all the time?


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Backed Up Sewer Line?The main sewer line keeps backing up. Any ideas?


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Sewer Smell Coming from a Faucet?What causes sewer water smell when you turn on water in upstairs bathrooms?


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Trumpet Noise Coming from My Toilet?When I flush my toilet it makes a loud trumpet sound that last about 30 seconds. How do I get rid of this noise? And what could it be?


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Apple Core in a Toilet?How do you get an apple core from your toilet?


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Tip For Different Sized Bath DrainsAll replacement bath drains come with a larger converter that you just unscrew to reveal a smaller size.


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Toilet Won't Refill With Water?Why won't my toilet fill back up with water?


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Smelly Faucet or Pipes?I recently moved into a 75 year old home, and noticed that the upstairs bathroom sink smells. It seems after I wash my hands they smell fishy, and yes the water has an odor. I did get a building inspection and it was never pointed out... maybe the guy didn't feel the need to wash his hands.


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Vibrating Noise When I Flush The Toilet?I get a loud vibration noise when I flush one of the toilets. Does anyone know the cause and cure for this?


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Quick Fix for FaucetI don't know if I will ever have extra money to repair everything around this aging house anytime soon, so when the tub faucets got loose recently, and would not accept normal tightening, and would not stay on the temp/flow setting I needed, I went to the kitchen drawer and found just the right sized sturdy rubber band.


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Hot Water Smells Sour?Can the water in a hot water tank get sour? I have a bad oder coming from the hot water.


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I Get Hot Water When I Turn on Cold?I recently bought a new home in Florida. When I turn on the cold water at all inside faucets, I get hot water. Eventually the water turns cold. If I turn off and turn on again I get hot water then cold. Same when I flush tolits.


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Dry Commode Repair?I have an upstairs 1/2 bath that is never used. The commode in there is dry. I'm getting the house ready to sell and don't want to hire a plumber. Can I get the commode working again by filling the tank with water and then just going through the flush cycle?


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Water Softener For The Whole House?Does anyone have any recommendations for a whole house water softener? We recently moved into this home and found that we have very hard water! I want to get a whole house softener, but I am not sure what is the best way to go? Any advice would be helpful.


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Clunking Noise from Our Water Heater?Looking for suggestions: Our home's water heater has started making a clunking noise occasionally while the water is being used. It doesn't seem to matter whether hot or cold is being used. Could it be something like air in the lines? How can we deal with this other than calling a plumber? Thanks for your help! Becki in Indiana


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Water Softener Recommendations?The hardness of our water now exceeds 20 grains and we have been told that in order to get clean glasses from the dishwasher we must install a water softener. Any recommendations on this type of appliance?


Installing a New ToiletHere's a project that only sounds messy. The only disgusting part is to think some plumber would charge you a couple hundred to do it.


Installing New SinksReplacing a sink in your home is a fairly quick and easy job. Look for a new sink roughly the same size as you are replacing...


Doing Simple Repairs Yourself

Do Simple Repairs YourselfOver the years, I have challenged myself to be pretty self sufficient. I started growing gardens, baking my own breads, sewing my own curtains and clothes and even cutting my family's hair!



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Clogged Toilet?I had the same nagging question many others did; how do I unclog this toilet? It happens to me routinely, without any paper.


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Garbage Disposal Won't Drain?My waste disposal is jammed. The blades are going around because the water is spinning, but it won't drain. Any ideas?


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Toilet Not Flushing Properly?My toilet does not fill back with water when I hold down the lever for a few seconds, but it flushes fine when I do a quick flush. What can cause that? I also hear a thump in the wall when I flush sometimes.


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Turning Off the Water Heater to Save Money?Does anyone know if there is any harm caused by turning off water heater when I am not home? Since I am not home all day, I am considering turning off water heater at circuit breaker when I leave. Can this cause any problems to the heater?


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Toilet Tank Not Filling?My toilet isn't filling back up in the tank. No water is coming in. What can I do to clean out calcification, if that's the problem (in the intake hose)? I have had this problem with other plumbing in my house.


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Smelly Bathroom Sink Drain?I have an odor coming from the overflow drain in my bathroom sink. What is causes it and how do I get rid of it?


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