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This page contains a variety of information and tips on buying, arranging, caring for, and repairing furniture.

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Homemade Varnish Remover, Up close photo of varnished wood.

Homemade Varnish RemoverThis is a page about homemade varnish remover. Varnish is used to protect wood furniture and make it shine. Making your own varnish remove allows you to use a product that is less toxic than store bought versions.


Couch With Cushions

Keeping Couch Cushions From SlidingSometimes loose cushions can move when you don't want them to. This page is about keeping couch cushions from sliding.


Water Damaged Wood Furniture in Flooded Room

Repairing Water Damaged Wood...This is a page about repairing water damaged wood furniture. Furniture that has been water damaged can be difficult to repair.


Leather Trunk

Restoring a Leather Trunk?The leather on antique and vintage trunks can become dry and brittle with age. This is a page about restoring a leather trunk.


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Seam Repair On Loveseat Cushions?Our living room set is 6 years old, the cushions on the lovseat and chair is pulling apart at the seams. If I just try to hand sew them they will just pull apart. Can anyone please help on how I can repair them. Thank You, Dave from IL.


Hand refinishing wood table.

Can Vegetable Oil Be Used to Restore a Wood Table?This is a page about vegetable oil to restore a wooden table. While it may seem like any type of oil could be used to restore wood furniture, that is not entirely true. Vegetable oil can go rancid over time, causing an unpleasant odor, in addition to creating a sticky finish on your furniture. Mineral oil and baby oil are better suggestions, if you don't want to purchase furniture oil.


Close up image of an old fashioned dresser drawer

Dresser Drawers Stuck ClosedThis page is about dresser drawers stuck closed. When a chest of drawers do not open, there are a few things you can try to get the drawers to move freely.


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Burn Marks on Sofa Cushion?I have a burn mark from the heater on the back of my beige couches. I guess I put the couches in front of the heater for a long time. Please help how do I get rid of those marks. Need help ASAP. Thanks a lot.


Papasan Chair

Securing the Cushion on a Papasan Chair?The cushion on a papasan chair has a tendency to slide around. This page has advice about securing the cushion on your papasan chair..


Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed IdeasThis page contains canopy bed ideas. There are many of kinds of fabric that work well to drape around your bed.


Close up of a lock on a cedar chest.

Restoring a Cedar Chest?This is a page about restoring a cedar chest. Cedar chests were very popular for a long period of time, meaning that there are many either still being used or in storage. If you are lucky enough to inherit one or find one at an antique shop, it may need some work.


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Recipe for Homemade Paint Remover?I just found an old claw foot table and chairs that was painted with flat interior paint and want to revamp it to its original glory. So I need a recipe for paint remover please.



black leather couch on a white background

Pros and Cons of Leather FurnitureThis is a page about the pros and cons of leather furniture. Each type of furniture upholstery has its positive and negative features.


A living room full of nice fabric furniture.

Repairing the Underside of Furniture?Pets can ruin our furniture or as our things get older the batting and upholstery can start to come apart. This is a page on repairing the underside of furniture.


Microfiber Couches

Protecting Microfiber Furniture?This page is about protecting microfiber furniture. A good way to avoid stains on your upholstery is to apply a protectant.


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Changing the Color of a Couch?I would like to change the color of an old couch we have. I know there is a product called Simply Spray, but they don't have any colors that I can use. I am looking for a taupe or moss green.


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Scratches On A Glass Tabletop?I need a homemade way to remove scratches in a glass table top.


A man sitting on a red futon.

Keeping Futon from SlippingThis is a page about keeping futon from slipping. You are not alone if your futon mattress keeps sliding down on the frame.


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White Haze on Colored Plastic Chairs?There is a white haze on my green resin chairs. How can I get rid of it?


Placemat on wood table.

Using Placemats to Protect a NightstandThis is a page about using placemats to protect a nightstand. Protect your nightstand from accidental spills or scratches by using a placemat. It is an easy and decorative way to avoid damaging your furniture.


Paint Not Sticking To Particle Board Cabinets?I painted the sides of our island -- over the laminate/particle board that is made to look like the cabinets. First I tried sanding it and painting and it would not work -- the paint wasn't holding in some places. Then I tried liquid sander. That seemed to work, but some spots of paint are still wiping right off. Is there any hope to fix this? I put more liquid sander on and painted over it again but I don't know what else to do. I looks great, but I'm afraid one scuff of a shoe is going to take the paint right off. Thanks!


Keeping Furniture From Sliding

Keeping Furniture From Sliding This page is about keeping furniture from sliding. Some floor coverings allow furniture to easily shift from where you want it.


Oak Pedestal

Refinishing Oak Furniture?This is a page about refinishing oak furniture. Oak furniture has been popular for years, particularly in years past. If your furniture has seen better days, you don't need to buy new when you can refinish what you already own.


Veneer Furniture

Painting Veneer Furniture?This is a page about painting veneer furniture. Care should be taken when prepping veneer furniture for painting.


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Paint Still Sticky Long After Painting?I recently painted a bookcase for my daughters bedroom. I allowed plenty of time for the paint to dry but I'm finding that items seem to be "sticking" to the surface. Any suggestions?


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How to Distress Oak Butcher Block Table?I am going to distress an oak butcher block table, It is solid and strong. I don't want to buy a book to learn how. Can anyone give me advice? Thanks


wood table

Formby's Furniture Refinisher Left Wood Table Sticky?Formby's is formulated to dissolve old varnish, lacquer, and shellac. If your piece is sticky after using the refinisher, a call to the company may be the best way to fix the problem.



Couple moving heavy cabinet

Moving Heavy FurnitureThis is a page about moving heavy furniture. Moving heavy furniture can be a challenge and can cause damage to you or your home if not done wisely.


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Giving Furniture a Distressed Look?This is a page about giving furniture a distressed look. Distressing newer furniture gives it an older look that might be just want you need to complete your decor.


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Can I Change an Oval Table to a Round Table?How to change oval dining room table to a round dining room table?


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Fixing an Acetone Spill on Laminate?How can I fix an acetone spill on a shiny laminate bench top? Please help.


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Removing Bed From Sofa?My couch/sofa bed is old but still looks great and would be easy to slip cover but no one likes the pull out bed. Can I remove the sofa bed inside and still have a usable couch? Thanks,


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Take the "Slip" out of SlipcoversThis is a way you can make a slipcover for furniture that doesn't slip. Use the dollar store version of barkeepers shelf liner, the kind of a rubbery web usually found on a roll. Lay this on cushions and along the back head rest, then add slipcover. No more slip.


painting a dresser

Painting Furniture to Match Your Decor?This is a page about painting furniture to match your decor. A great way to save money on furniture is to give it a new look with paint to match your furnishings.


Particle Board Desk

Repairing Particle Board FurnitureThis is a page about repairing particle board furniture. The sawdust and glue construction of particleboard furniture makes it comparatively inexpensive to buy but also easier to damage.


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Frugal Couch Repair?I have a question for you guys, my friends dog chewed up the corner of my couch and I am just wondering if you guys might know how to repair it while being frugal. Thanks for any help you might offer. Jamielj


White PVC pipes.

Use PVC Pipe to Raise Couch's HeightIf you need to raise the height of your couch to make it easier to get up, try using lengths of PVC pipe fitted over the legs. This is a page about use PVC pipe to raise couch's height.


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Old Engish Scratch Cover to Stain FurnitureInstead of using stain, I use Old English Scratch Cover for dark wood. It seals the wood and looks like it has been refinished. I did this on a set of dowel rods that I am using for curtain rods.


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Removing Static from Sofa?I need advice for getting rid of static from my new sofa. Please help.


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Wrinkled Microfiber?Wrinkles on a Microfiber. How do you remove deep wrinkles on a microfiber couch back which has slumped. I am puffing back up the back cusion and want to get the slump wrinkles out.


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Looking For Cherry Wood Colored Paint?Hello. I want to paint my Rattan headboard from white to cherry finish? My headboard is Rattan and finished in a white gloss. I want to paint it to match my Cherry bedroom furniture.


Chair legs with yellow tennis balls on the bottom.

Replace Chair Slides with Tennis BallsI had a problem keeping slides on the feet of my table chairs. Call me a redneck. I replaced them with tennis balls and they work so much better.



A dog sleeping on a grey sectional.

Using Scotch Guard on Upholstery?Many people have had great results with using Scotch Guard on upholstery. It makes clean up and stain prevention so much easier. If you want to give it a try, test it on an inconspicuous spot first.


Restoring an Antique Teak Dresser - 5 drawer dresser of simple design

Restoring an Antique Teak Dresser?What is the best way to restore this item? It's not in great condition. I have sanded the top a bit and it looks like this will be the best option for the majority of it. I would like to stick to the techniques they used when it was built. It's Victorian and made of teak.


New Life for Old Cabinet - decorative items put back

New Life for an Old CabinetUsing your imagination, some paint and doilies, you can turn an old end table or small cabinet into a cute decorative piece. This is a page about a new life for an old cabinet.


refinished dresser

Salvaging Over Sanded Furniture?Over sanding when refinishing furniture typically results in low spots or divots where you tried to remove a stain or other imperfection. The resulting damage can be lessened. However, sometimes differences in wood color and texture on a piece of furniture may be due to the use of multiple types of wood. This is a page about salvaging over sanded furniture.


White Press board dresser with 3 drawers open.

Painting Press Board FurnitureThis is a page about painting press board furniture. Prepping the furniture with a light sanding to remove any glossy finish, followed by a good primer, and finished with enamel paint seems to be the key to a good finish.


Varnishing a Table Top - varnished table

Varnishing a Table Top?Why does the stain in the varnish separate when sprayed onto table top?


Finding a Cover for an Extra Wide Seat Cuddler Recliner - brown recliner

Finding a Slipcover for an Extra Wide Seat Recliner?When your recliner is not a standard size, it may be a challenge to find a well fitting slipcover. This is a page about finding a slipcover for an extra wide seat recliner.


Photo of an old steamer trunk with a curved lid.

Refinishing the Inside of an Old TrunkMany old trunks were paper lined. If you are thinking of refinishing the inside as part of your restoration, consider repapering or perhaps paint or stain. This is a page about refinishing the inside of an old trunk.


Use a piece of cardboard instead of fine sandpaper on wood.

Sanding Wood With CardboardA light sanding can help smooth out wood for finishing. This is a page about sanding wood with cardboard.


Close up of a brown leather chairs arm.

Repairing a Leather Chair?There are simple ways to repair your leather furniture when it gets worn out. This page contains tips for repairing a leather chair.


Leather Couch

Are Leather Couches Kid Friendly?If you are looking for kids couch, a leather sofa might just be what you are looking for. Some people believe that leather couches are the perfect family sofa, where as others disagree. Check out this page and learn more about leather couches for houses with children and pets.


A chair with upholstery damage.

Hiding Furniture Imperfections and Upholstery DamageI have very badly damaged (due to cats scratching) upholstered couches. I also have a two year old so I would be interested in an inexpensive solution that could make them look better. This is a page about hiding furniture imperfections and upholstery damage.


Man and woman carrying a large couch

Moving a Large Couch Into Your House?This is a page about moving a large couch into your house. Moving large, often heavy pieces of furniture can present you with a variety of challenges.


Removing Excess Wood Stain

Removing Excess Wood StainThis is a page about removing excess wood stain. When working with wood stain, if the excess is not wiped off quickly you may need to resort to other methods.


Dresser in the process of being painted black

Refurbishing a DresserThis is a page about refurbishing a dresser. Save money on furniture with some time and paint, by giving an old chest of drawers a new look.


wing chair

Covering a Wing Chair?This is a page about covering a wing chair. The unique styling can make it difficult to cover a wing back chair, either to protect the upholstery or cover some damaged areas.


Upholstered Chair

Dyeing Upholstery FabricThis is a page about painting upholstery fabric. One way to give new life to your upholstered furniture it to paint it.


Dining Room Table

Protecting Your Dining Room TableThis is a page about protecting dining room table. Your dining room table probably needs some protection from heat, spills, and the like.


Stripping Painted Furniture

Stripping Painted Furniture?This is a page about stripping painted furniture. You can save money and give new life to an older piece of furniture by refinishing it.


Painting Furniture

Painting FurnitureThis is a page about furniture painting tips. You can save money by painting furniture that has become a bit damaged or outdated.


Electric Hospital Bed

Finding an Electric Hospital Bed?This is a page about finding an electric hospital bed. When caring for someone recovering from an illness or surgery, it may be very helpful to procure a special bed for home care.


Man Painting Wood Furniture Without Sanding or Priming

Painting Wood Furniture Without Sanding or...This is a page about painting wood furniture without sanding or priming. Refinishing wood furniture is a common homeowner project. However, many people hope to find ways to avoid sanding before painting.


Old wood rocking chair.

Repairing a Rocking Chair?Rocking chairs can come apart over time and may need pieces replaced to be as good as new. This is a page about repairing a rocking chair.


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Finishing an Oak Table?I have an unvarnished oak table which has marks on it. Can I finish with a tinted varnish?


Old desk updated with new bright paint.

Updating Out of Style FurnitureThis is a page about updating out of style furniture. Older furniture can begin to look dated, because of style, finish, color, etc. Buying new can be very costly, however, there are a number of ways you can update your existing furniture.


Faux Granite

Making Faux Granite Furniture Tops?This is a page about making faux granite furniture tops. There is a lot of information available about painting laminate countertops to resemble granite. Now you are thinking of attempting a similar treatment on furniture tops.


Wood Veneer Drawer

Refinishing Wood Veneer Furniture?This is a page about refinishing wood veneer furniture. Refinishing wood veneer furniture can be done, keeping in mind the care needed to prevent damage to the thin wood veneer.


Laminate Furniture

Painting Laminate FurnitureThis is a page about painting laminate furniture. Painting laminate furniture while requiring a different process than real wood, can easily be done. This is a great way to update and refurbish older furniture.


Refinishing Wood Furniture

Refinishing Wood FurnitureThis is a page about refinishing wood furniture. Refinishing wood furniture is a great way to recycle an older piece or repair damage to the surface finish of furniture.


Wood End Table

Refinishing an End TableThis is a page about refinishing an end table. Refinishing a piece of furniture is a good solution for either an antique or a dated piece, needing a modernizing face lift.


Mahogany Cabinet Door

Refinishing Mahogany Furniture?This is a page about refinishing mahogany furniture. Refinishing mahogany furniture that you already own or that you picked up at a sale is absolutely doable. You will need to have patience and follow some simple steps to achieve a beautiful finished piece.


Zero Gravity Chair

Improving the Appearance of a Zero Gravity Chair?This is a page about improving the appearance of a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chairs are known for their comfort. However, if you have one of the tubular frame and fabric styles you may want to dress it up to blend in with your decor.


Unfinished Wood Furniture

Caring for Unfinished Wood FurnitureThis page is about caring for unfinished furniture. Bare wood needs some oil to keep it from drying out and getting stained.


Outdoor Furniture

Saving Money on Outdoor FurnitureThis is a page about saving money on outdoor furniture. Patio and lawn furniture can be very expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to forgo having nice, functional yard furnishings.


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Converting 2 Sofas into a Sectional?I have 2 sofas (leather, oversized) that I want to convert into a sectional. Any ideas?


Wooden Garden Furniture

Maintaining Garden FurnitureThis is a page about maintaining garden furniture. Garden furniture can be a costly investment. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your furniture.


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Refinishing a Teak Table Top?I have a teak dining table that is over 20 years old. I have always "oiled" it with teak oil and olive oil. It is beginning to look like the finish is coming off. How do I refurbish it?


Staining Wood Furniture

Staining Wood FurnitureThis is a page about painting wood furniture. Staining new or used wood furniture can create a whole new look.


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Putting Self Stick Shelf Paper on Furniture?Is it possible to use shelf paper on a desk, if it's wood with like a plastic feel to it? Will the paper stick? I want to resurface my desk shelves and also paint the desk.


Staining Table

Refurbishing FurnitureThis is a page about refurbishing furniture. Give your home or apartment a new look by refurbishing your furniture.


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Finish on Oak Table Turning Orange?I have a solid oak dining table and sideboard that has gone a bit orangey. How do I get rid of this orangey colour and get a more natural brown colour?


painting furniture

Making Old Furniture Look NewThis is a page about making old furniture look new. Restoring the beauty of your older furniture or yard sale finds can be a fun and economical past time.


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Repairing Lacquer Finish on Furniture?I recently bought a used table and chairs that have a white lacquer finish on them. The extra leaf for it has yellowed and I'm wanting to know if anyone knows how I can get it white again.


Storing Wood Furniture, Tan Wood Dresser

Storing Wood FurnitureThis is a page about storing wood furniture. Attractive and sturdy, wood furniture can be found pretty much every home. Whether you own more than you can have in your house or you have recently acquired new furniture, sometime you must store your wood furniture.


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Polyurethane is Not Drying on Dining Table?I have sanded, stained, and put the first coat of polyurethane on it my dining room table. It is the fast drying type. It doesn't want to dry and is tacky after a whole day of drying time. Why is this? The leaves of the table dried, but not the table itself. I don't get it.


Caring for Your Mattress, Upclose photo of a mattress.

Caring for Your MattressThis is a page about caring for your mattress. Your mattress is a critical part of getting a good night's sleep. Properly caring for your mattress will keep it comfortable and help it last longer.


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Painting Sauder Furniture?Can you paint Sauder furniture? I know you "can" paint it, but will it look OK?


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Refinishing a China Hutch?I have a very old antique hutch like piece if furniture that used to be my mom and dad's when I was a child. It was given to me by my aunt many years ago. My problem is this, when we got it, it was all stained but a nice honey color.


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Painting Teak Wood Rocking Chairs?Are you able to paint teak wood once it has oil on it? I do not like the oil look. What can I do?


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Sleeper Sofa Repair?Can I buy new supports to hold the slats in place on my sofabed?


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Stripping a Pickle Wash from Cabinets?How do you strip a pickle wash from cabinets?


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Preparing a Varnished Piece of Furniture for Painting?I have an old shoe cupboard which is stained and varnished, but could do with a new lease of life. I was thinking of changing it to a cream "distressed" look, slightly shabby chic? How easy is this to do? Any tips appreciated.


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Best Protective Finish for Outdoor Wood Furniture?I'm planning on splitting a oak log to build a outdoor garden bench; what should I use for a finish? Would polyurethane be a good choice?


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Restoring Nap on a Velvet Couch?How can I restore the nap on a velvet couch?


Help With Furniture Placement?I need help decorating my family room. The dimensions are 17 x 15. We want to provide comfortable seating for 6 that is easy to maintain, i.e. low dusting maintenance and durable stain hiding colors/fabrics (we have 2 boys.)


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Improving Particle Board Furniture?We have cabinets with lattice work and the boards inside are particle board. They are extremely dusty. I would rather not use contact paper to cover the them because it doesn't stick very well. What could I do to make them look better?


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Buying or Making a Loft Bed?We are considering getting our daughter a loft bed for Christmas, but I'm curious if it might be cheaper to just buy the materials and build one? If anyone knows which might be cheaper it would be greatly appreciated!


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Using Painter's Wax to Refinish Furniture?I am interested in painting my bedroom furniture to give it a new look. I was reading about a product called Painter's Wax. How do you use it and where can I find it? What type of results can I expect to get? Thank you!


An antique chair being restored.

Make It Almost New AgainThere are antique collectors and there are those who just enjoys incorporating the old piece into today's world. These are the people who can snatch up great bargains that the others have left behind. If you're not afraid of refinishing, repairing, or re-purposing battered antiques, then you have a gold mine awaiting you at the next swap meet.


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Staining Kitchen Cabinet Door Inserts?How do you finish kitchen cabinet doors, the inset only? I don't want to paint, but use stain, etc. Thanks.


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Removing Excess Wood Stain

Removing Excess Wood StainI recently stained my son's wood play kitchen, but didn't remember to wipe off the excess stain. The surface never fully dried and remained sticky, so I needed to remove the stain and start over. I tried numerous things to remove the stain and finally tried Paint Erase Stripper Gel, which worked really well!


Thrifty Ways to Clean Up and Repair Your Patio Furniture

Thrifty Ways to Clean Up and Repair Your Patio...Before you stow away your patio furniture for the winter, take some time this fall to clean it up and make any necessary repairs. Check out how using these everyday household products can make this sometimes unpleasant task easier and more economical.


Patio Furniture

Saving Money on Outdoor FurnitureTips for saving money on outdoor furniture as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. As you know, outdoor dining tables with their umbrellas cost a fair piece of change.


An antique chair being restored.

Take Better Care of Your PossessionsMy husband is a professional appraiser and furniture restorer. I am often in his workshop while he is working to repair a piece of what was once lovely furniture.


Refurbished chairs in a zebra print.

Zebra Furniture MakeoverI'm the type that likes to use what I got. In this case what I got was two side chairs that didn't match my living room. I decided to make it match with my carpet.


Chair Refinishing 3

Repainting Outdoor FurnitureI decided to repaint my outdoor furniture this summer! They were a charcoal grey originally. I decided to go black, making matching new chair covers easier. I used Walmart's ColorPlace exterior paint in satin black. This paint can be used on all kinds of surfaces.



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Finding an Original Photo of a Lane Cedar Chest?I am refinishing an old Lane cedar chest, style 610115-E. I need an original photo or ad so I can see what it looks like.


Caring for an Unfinished Vintage Lane Cedar Chest? - walnut top on cedar chest

Caring for an Unfinished Vintage Lane Cedar Chest?This is a Lane cedar chest from mid-century. The wood of the lid is unfinished, unvarnished, bare wood. The tag inside says it is walnut. The lid is getting more dried out and has some watermarks in places. What is the best way to care for and clean this family heirloom so it will last?


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Refinishing Wood Trim on Sofa?I have a new sofa. The wood trim was much darker than my other furniture. I decided to paint and glaze it to match. The match is very close, but the new color isn't complementary with the upholstery. I want to get back to original color. Is it best to repaint and glaze or strip and restain?


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Formby's Furniture Refinisher Left Table Sticky?I found an old end table that I think is oak. I used Formby's Refinisher to strip some of the old finish and fill in some scratches. It looks great, but the surface is still sticky. I'm not sure what to try, a light sand?


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Refinishing Furniture Without Sanding?How do I refinish areas of a kitchen table or end tables (solid wood) that have worn thin. I believe the current finish is not varnish, but a polyurethane finish. I would like to do this without sanding as I have only local areas that show (arms, small areas on tops) distress.


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Restoring Exterior of a Steamer Trunk?The project steamer trunk has very thin black leather over the wood. The original shipping labels and owner identification are intact, but the leather is brittle, peeling, and in some spots totally gone. What are my options to restore the exterior while preserving labels and owner ID?


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