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This page contains tips and money saving advice for painting projects around the house, including color and paint choice, painting textured walls, preparing a surface for painting, and more.

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Discounted Paint at LowesWhenever I visit my local Lowes home improvement store, I check out the discounted paint rack. These are 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails of tinted paint that someone did not purchase.


A painting a wood table using a roller.

Painting Over Varnish Without SandingIt is often recommend that you sand any surface thoroughly prior to painting it. Painting over varnish without sanding is not a best practice but it can be done.



Painting Over Contact PaperThis is a page about painting over contact paper. Sometimes it is more tempting to paint over contact paper than try to remove it.


Painting Walls

Painting Walls in a Mobile HomeMobile homes, especially older ones, have walls that are not the traditional drywall construction found in stick built houses. This is a page about painting walls in a mobile home.


Painted Laminate Countertops

Best Sealant for Painted Laminate Countertops?This is a page about best sealant for painted laminate countertops. Whether epoxy or poly urethane is going to be the best sealant for the countertop finish you want, may best be determined with a test.


Two paint brushes one tinted blue.

Painting Over VarnishPreparing a varnished wood surface properly before painting is important. This page is about painting over varnish.


Painting Cinder Block Walls

Painting Cinder Block WallsThis is a page about painting cinder block walls. Cinder blocks are a rather porous material and may require some special steps when painting, for best results.


A beige bathroom with a large mirror.

Bathroom Paint Color to Coordinate With Beige Tile?This is a page about bathroom paint color to coordinate with beige tile. If you trying to choose a paint to go with beige tile, here are some suggestions to consider.


A marble countertop.

Painting Faux or Cultured Marble?With the proper preparation and paint product you can update your cultured marble countertop. This is a page about painting faux or cultured marble.


Painting Over Smoke Stained Walls

Painting Over Smoke Stained Walls This is a page about painting over smoke stained walls. Painting walls stained with nicotine from smoking can be frustrating because it tends to bleed through the paint.


Two women removing wallpaper.

Painting After Removing WallpaperDrywall can be uneven after wallpaper is removed and need some smoothing. This page is about painting after removing wallpaper.


paint can with red paint

Painting Stainless Steel?This is a page about painting stainless steel. Because of its smooth surface there are a couple of steps you will want to take to prepare your stainless steel surface prior to applying paint.



A paint can of blue pain, a roller and a roller pan.

Buying Mistake ('Oops') PaintThis is a page about buying mistake ("oops") paint. One way to save money on paint, if you are flexible on the color, it to buy the paint mistakes at your local home improvement store. Those mixing errors can be good for your pocketbook.


Hand glove holding paint brush

How Much Primer Should I Use?This page is about how much primer should I use? A preparatory paint layer of paint will all be covered up by the final paint, but you don't want dark paint or marks showing through.


Wall prepped for painting after removing wallpaper.

Preparing a Wall for Paint After Removing WallpaperOnce the wallpaper has been removed the wall will need cleaning, repair if necessary, and prep before painting. This is a page about preparing a wall for paint after removing wallpaper.


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Kilz Primer is Very Watery?I bought Kilz primer to cover very dark paint. I was surprised at how thin and watery it was and the part of the wall I painted looks like the paint is trying to separate or run. This happens after I smoothed the paint with my brush.


Photo of a house with vinyl siding.

Removing Paint Stains From Vinyl SidingThis is a page about removing paint stains from vinyl siding. Paint can drip on your vinyl siding when you are repainting the trim.


Painting a Non-Laminate

Painting a Non-Laminate Countertop?Many homeowners have had success painting laminated countertops. Painting a solid surface countertop, such as cultured marble, would require a process specifically for that material, but it can be done. This is a page about painting a non-laminate countertop.


Painting a Refrigerator

Painting a RefrigeratorSometimes remodeling involves changing the color of your refrigerator. This page is about painting a refrigerator.


Woman with lots of painting options

Wall Painting IdeasThis is a page about wall painting ideas. There are ways to embellish your interior painting that can be a unique expression of you.


Liquid Paper brush and bottle

Uses for Liquid PaperThis page contains uses for Liquid Paper. Liquid Paper is a correction fluid, used to cover up mistakes on paper. One good alternative use for it is to touch up white paint. Do you have any good uses for it that others may not have thought of?


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Pouring Paint Without the Mess?How do you pour paint from a can into a tray without making a mess?


A woman painting lower kitchen cabinets.

Painting Lower Kitchen Cabinets a Different Color?You can create a more unique look in your kitchen by painting the lower cabinets a different color than the upper ones. This is a page about painting lower kitchen cabinets a different colour.


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Can I Paint a Concrete Floor in a Bathroom?Regarding the "painting concrete floors" questions; I have a bathroom in my basement, with a toilet, sink, and shower stall. Can I paint the concrete floor in the bathroom? Or will the moisture from the shower ruin the floor?


A can of latex paint.

Can You Paint Latex Paint Over Enamel?With proper surface preparation, latex paint can be applied over enamel. This is a page about, "Can you paint latex paint over enamel?".


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Painting Walls to Cover Nail Polish Stains?I'm painting the walls. My daughter did decorations with nail polish on the wall. I've painted over them with 2 coats of magnolia color, but I still can see the nail polish decorations. By painting more and more coats would that cover it or do I need to do something else?



Using "Oops" Paint

Using "Oops" PaintThis is a page about using "oops paint". You can save money on paint by checking for the "oops" paint; paint that was incorrectly mixed.


A paintbrush that is wrapped in plastic cling wrap.

Using Plastic Wrap When PaintingPlastic wrap can have many uses when painting that will help control the spread of wet paint. This is a page about use plastic wrap when painting.


An old painted concrete floor.

Painting Concrete FloorsThis is a page about painting concrete floors. Whether you are covering up stains or just adding some color to the room, painting a concrete floor can be a big job. Choosing the right paint is important and will ensure your concrete floor looks great after being painted.


Covering the paint can in paper.

Protect Paint Label While PaintingI purchased a quart of paint to do a job and used only 1/4 of the paint. I will be using it again soon.


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Painting with a Foam Roller?Do the small foam paint rollers work well, for painting smooth surfaces, like kitchen cabinets? Years ago, I used a foam paint roller and it created many, many small bubbles on the paint surface. I will be using latex paint.


Paint Color Paint swatches taped to a wall. Tips

Paint Color Selection TipsI read on a Facebook group I belong to that it is not necessary to purchase sample-sized cans of paint, or to order the peel-and-stick 12 inch x 12 inch sheets. What the poster did was to get several cards with the paint chip colors she wanted and to tape the same color chips together.


A woman looking at different color paint swatches.

Buying Walmart PaintWalmart has some great prices on all sorts of items, including paint. But use caution as some customers have had trouble with poor quality and others have had the lids come off during transit.


A can of white paint with a dripping paintbrush.

Adding Color To White Paint?It's easy to add a bit of color to any white paint to make it another shade. An easy way is to get a small amount of brightly colored paint in the proper tint.


A paintbrush being used to paint a white windowsill.

Paint Is Not Adhering to Old Paint?When your new paint is not adhering to old paint, you may have used latex paint on oil base paint. You may need to strip the oil based paint. The surface you are painting needs to be clean and sometimes sanded.


A collection of paint swatches with brushes.

Coordinating Paint Color with Flooring/CarpetIt is much easier to paint your walls than replacing flooring when redecorating. This is a page about coordinating paint color with flooring/carpet.


Hand holding up a stack of paint samples to a magenta wall.

Choosing a Coordinating Paint ColorWhether you are choosing a bold contrasting paint or a subtle variation, it is important to select just the right shade. This is a page about choosing a coordinating paint color.


Hand adjusting horizontal blinds.

Changing the Color of Horizontal Blinds?If you don't like the color of your horizontal blinds, it may be possible to paint them a different color. This is a page about changing the color of horizontal blinds.


Child's outdoor Play Set on grass.

How to Stain a Child's Play Set?After a couple years use, it may be prudent to retain your children play set. This is a page about staining a child's play set.


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Home Painting Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?My elderly mom desperately needs her home that she's lived in for 52 yrs. painted. It's only been painted twice in all those years, I think. What she needs is someone to scrape and prepare the outside, my husband can spray paint it. My mom is very low income and can't afford much. I am looking for help for her.


Blue accent wall in a living room with white sofa.

Painting One Wall a Different ColorAccent walls of a contrasting color are very popular for a modern decorating style. This is a page about painting one wall a different color.



Wet paint brush with yellow paint on top of paint can

Storing Your Paint Brush Between PaintingWhen you are involved in a painting project, you may need to take a break. It's important to store the paint filled brush properly so that you can come back to painting later. This is a page about storing your paint brush between painting.


Ceiling fan with faux wood blades.

Painting a Ceiling Fan?This is a page about painting a ceiling fan. An older ceiling fan can be dressed up with a paint job. You may want to simply paint the blades. But even if you paint the entire fan, proper preparation and paint choice will determine the outcome.


Father and daughter painting the exterior of their house.

Calculating the Amount of Paint Needed to a Paint a HouseThis is a page about calculating the amount of paint needed to a paint a house. To determine the amount of paint needed to paint your house you will need to measure the exterior perimeter dimension and multiply that times the average wall height to find the surface area. Paint cans typically indicate the coverage.


Brick house with maroon tin roof.

Exterior Paint Color to Coordinate with Maroon Iron Roof?Roof color can benefit from being coordinated with the house paint. This page contains suggestions for exterior paint color to coordinate with maroon iron roof.


Particle board painted redish-Orange.

Painting Particle BoardThis is a page about painting particle board. Prepping the wood and using the right paint will ensure a nice, long lasting finish. Here are some great tips for painting particle board.


Person looking at paint chips in front of a computer showing color swatches.

Comparing On-line to In-store Paint Color Chips?This is a page about comparing on-line to in-store paint color chips. If you have compared store swatches to ones on the computer, you know that they rarely look the same. Because monitor settings can vary quite a bit, it is best to use the swatches from the store to ensure you get the color you want.


Paint roller and brush on half painted yellow cement stairs.

Painting StairsIt can be inconvenient to paint a set of stairs completely as they are often needed before the paint is dry. This page contains some tips for painting one side or even one step at a time. This is a page about painting stairs.


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Painted Oil Based Enamel Paint Over Latex?I painted latex over enamel. I realized my mistake later. Then I painted oil based enamel over latex. Now it is scuffing up. How do I fix?


Painting Over Glossy Trim Paint

Painting Over Glossy Trim Paint?A light sanding is a good way to help ensure that paint sticks to a glossy painted surface. This is a page about painting over glossy trim paint.


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Varnishing a Painted Door?Can I put clear varnish on a painted wooden door? They are new doors and I have just painted them with a satin sheen paint. I want to be able to protect them from dirt from dogs laying up against the door without having to clean every day which will wear the paint away eventually


Allowing paint to drip from the strainer into a plastic container.

Straining PaintI had a partially used can of paint, that I took to Lowes to be re-shaken. This caused the dried paint inside the can to be mixed back into the paint.


Newly painted kitchen cabinets.

Painting Kitchen CabinetsIf you kitchen cabinets are old, a coat of paint may help freshen them up and change the look of your kitchen. This is a page about painting kitchen cabinets.


Man Painting a Room

Painting a Room Two ColorsChoosing the right color pallet is important when using two different colors to paint a room. This is a page about painting a room two colors.


An elastic band stretched across the paint can opening.

Use a Rubber Band Across Your Paint CanPlacing a rubber band so that it crosses the top of your paint can provides a way to remove excess paint from your brush while working on your painting project without messing up the rim of the can. This is a page about use a rubber band across paint can.


Man Painting Around
Brown Windows

Painting Trim Around Brown Windows?If you have windows with brown trim, you will need to take that into consideration when deciding how to paint the exterior of your home. This is a page about painting trim around brown windows.


Painting with Roller

Air Bubbles in Wall Paint?Using a roller with too rough of a nap is a common cause for having bubbles in paint after it has dried. This is a page about air bubbles in wall paint.


Painting light blue around a taped door.

Painting Sharp, Straight LinesWhen painting a room with different colored walls or trim, it can be a challenge to have a clean, clear change of color. This is a page about painting sharp, straight lines.


paint brush

Painting Plastic Door Trim?When painting plastic house trim you probably want to do some research and get the proper paint for the job. This is a page about painting plastic door trim.


Bucket of green paint on a drop cloth.

Protecting Carpet While PaintingAvoiding paint spills and splatters on carpet is a major concern for DIY painters. This page has advice about protecting carpet while painting.


A can of old paint.

Decorating With Old PaintIf you have some old paint that needs to be used up, you can paint small areas or mix it with other paint to help complete your decorating project. This is a page about decorating with old paint.


spray paint can

Painting Brass Fireplace DoorsUsing high temperature paint and proper preparation will help ensure success when painting shiny metal fireplace doors. This is a page about painting brass fireplace doors.


A can of paint thinner.

Recycling Used Paint ThinnerSave money by using your paint thinner more than once. This page is about recycling used paint thinner<.


Hunter Green Couch

Paint Color to Coordinate with Hunter Green Furniture?This is a page about paint color to coordinate with hunter green furniture. Picking the right paint tone to complement your furniture will help create a pleasant atmosphere.


Sage Green Chair

Painting Walls to Coordinate With Sage Green Furniture?This is a page about painting walls to coordinate with sage green furniture. The color of the furniture in a room dictates what colors will work best when painting the walls.


Paint Roller being used to paint walls red

Painting Walls RedThis is a page about painting walls red. Red walls can be stunning. Unfortunately it can also be very difficult to achieve a satisfactory result.


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Re-painting a Wall?I need to paint a wall that has been repainted a few times which leaves streaks and botches no matter how many times I go over. The original color is (off white) about 10 years old. Someone suggested that I would need to use a primer first and then repaint. If so, where can I buy the primer and how best to use it?


Counter top on sawhorses outside

Crackle Painting CountertopsThis is a page about crackle painting countertops. The crackle painting technique allows the base coat to show through a crazed top coat finish giving an aged cracked paint effect.


Man painting cabinets.

Painting Laminate Cabinets?This page is about painting laminate cabinets. Depending on the composition of the laminate surface and the kind of paint, you may be able to have the cabinets the color you want to see.


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Preparing Walls to Paint After Removing Wallpaper?We just removed the wallpaper in one of the rooms in our house using the mixture of fabric softener and water. Will wiping the walls down with water remove the residual fabric softener enough to paint?


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Painting a Popcorn Ceiling With Smoke Damage?I had a kitchen fire due to an electrical short in the range hood. I have a popcorn ceiling. The ceiling has been cleaned by professionals, but it still looks black. What type of Kilz primmer do I need to purchase and what type of paint? I know I need to use a 3/4 in. roller.


Choosing a Paint Color

Paint Color Advice to Coordinate with...This is a page about paint color advice to coordinate with furniture. The furniture in any room dictates what colors will work when painting the walls.


Hallway Paint Color Advice

Hallway Paint Color Advice?This is a page about hallway paint color advice. A hallway between rooms is the go-between in your home and is a great place to use transitionary colors to coordinate the house.


showerhead against tan wall

Painting Formica Shower Walls?This is a page about painting Formica shower walls. When you are not ready to replace your shower walls, try painting them.


man painting brick

Painting or Staining BrickThis is a page about painting or staining brick. Sometimes you want to change the color of a brick wall, fence or patio. Preparing it properly and choosing the right product will help the stain or paint adhere to the brick.


Couple Painting Each Room a Different Color

Painting Each Room a Different ColorThis is a page about painting each room a different color. When you like variety in the color of each room in your home, you want a good transition so all the colors complement each other.


Built-in Book Shelf

Repainting a Built-in Shelf?This is a page about repainting a built-in shelf. Wanting renew and update a cabinet that is built in to the wall, can be accomplished with some fresh paint.


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Painting Interior Walls to Look Like Granite?I want three walls on the inside of my house to look like white granite.


Yellow Oil Paint

Using Oil Based PaintThis page contains tips about using oil based paint. Oil based paint is the preferred choice for some painting jobs.


A staircase next to an orange painted wall.

Painting Walls By a Staircase?This is a page about painting walls by a staircase. A paint color can make a difference in the lighting on the stairs and help make a transition to other rooms.


A man painting his house.

Painting the Exterior of Your HouseThis is a page about painting the exterior of your house. Painting the outside of your home is a big job. Because it can be quite expensive to hire someone to do it for you, some homeowners take on the task themselves.


Couple Painting a Room Quickly

Painting a Room Quickly?This is a page about painting a room quickly. Sometimes you need to complete a room painting job quickly. The right tools and techniques can help.


painting a ceiling

Keeping Paint Off Light FixturesThis is a page about keeping paint off light fixtures. Painting around ceiling light fixtures can be frustrating.


Painting Over Stained Wood Door

Painting Over Stained WoodThis is a page about painting over stained wood. To make sure your paint adheres to a previously stained wood surface, you may need to prepare the wood.


Kids Room

Color Advice for Painting Kids RoomThis is a page about color advice for painting kids room. Making your child's room inviting and fun can be started with colorful walls.


painting a room

Using Paint to Make a Room Appear Larger?This is a page about using paint to make a room appear larger. The illusion of more space can be created by the way you use wall color.


spray paint can

Using Rustoleum Paint?This is a page about using Rustoleum paint. Rustoleum manufactures a variety of paints for use on metal and even countertops.


Using Textured Paint

Using Textured Paint?This is a page about using textured paint. Textured paint adds a a unique finish to your walls as well as helping to hide imperfections on damaged or older plaster walls.


Man Using Paint Sprayer

Choosing and Using Paint Sprayers?This is a page about choosing and using paint sprayers. If you have decided to take on a large painting project yourself you may want to consider using a paint sprayer.


Woman Matching Paint Colors

Matching Paint ColorsThis is a page about matching paint colors. Having run out of the paint you originally used, or trying to match up the color on something you never painted yourself can be a daunting task.


Paint Roller and Flowers

Eco Friendly Tips for Buying and Using PaintThis page is about eco friendly tips for buying and using paint. The type of paint you buy and how you dispose of it can adversely affect your health as well as pollute your local streams and groundwater.


Bright orange painted metal cabinets.

Painting Metal Cabinets?This page is about painting metal cabinets. Preparing the metal surface before applying paint will make a lasting finish.


Cans of different colored paint.

Painting a Concrete Foundation?This page is about painting a concrete foundation. You can make your foundation color coordinate with your house and seal the concrete of your foundation by painting it.


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Removing Concrete Paint from Porch?I painted my front porch with concrete paint, however the paint never completely dried. The paint still feels wet and gooey. What can I remove it with? I put sand over it hoping it would just dry with sand texture.


House with a nicely painted front porch.

Painting a Porch?This page is about painting a porch. A part of the house that can get a lot of use and may need paint before painting the whole house again.


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Painting Over Rust?This page is about painting over rust. Preparing the surface before painting will improve your results.


inside RV

Painting the Ceiling in a RV?This is a page about painting the ceiling in a RV. RVs, like mobile homes, often do not use the same construction materials as stick built houses. This often means that the process and products needed to paint walls or ceilings may vary from what you are used to.


Modern laundry room with front load washer,dryer, and ironing board.

Laundry Room Paint Color Advice?Liven up the laundry room with new paint. This page contains suggestions for paint colors and schemes for the laundry room.


paint color chips

Keeping Track of Paint Colors UsedThis is a page about keeping track of paint colors used. Keeping record of the paint brands and colors used in your home will help with future touchups.


Fixing Lumpy Paint

Fixing Lumpy Paint?This is a page about fixing lumpy paint. Paint that has been stored for awhile often develops lumps or a skin.


couple painting

How Can You Tell if Paint is Oil or Latex?This is a page about "How can you tell if paint is oil or latex?" Before you repaint walls or trim you will need to determine whether the existing paint is oil or latex.


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Color Primer: Choosing Colors For Home Decor

Color Primer: Choosing Colors For Home DecorChoosing the perfect color for that room can be a tough decision but I am here give you some tips on how to pick the color that will be perfect for you and your personality.


Painting Tips and Tricks

Painting Tips and TricksThis is a page about painting tips and tricks. Painting is a great way to spruce up your home, inside or out. However, if you aren't careful it can be much messier and more complicated than is necessary.


Painted room

Smart Decorating with 10 Year Old PaintOut of money and couldn't get a job, I decided to rent out my spare bedroom. The walls were riddled with nail holes and it hadn't been painted in 12 years.


Storing Paint Cans

Storing Paint CansThis is a page about storing paint cans. Storing your paint properly can keep opened cans useful for a longer time and save you money.


An elastic band stretched across the paint can opening.

Elastic Band Across Paint PotBy simply wrapping an elastic band around your paint pot, you can save yourself a lot of mess. This has two useful purposes. You can rest the brush on it and you can wipe off excess paint.



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Painting Modular Home Walls?Can you paint modular home walls where the paper has been torn off? What is the process?


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Painting Over a Varnished Floor?How do I prepare to paint a floor that has been painted and coated with a varnish or polyurethane? It is in a historic building and the floors switch between cement and wood, but all were painted this way.


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Making Antique White Paint from White Paint?If I add some brown paint to white paint will I have a nice antique white for my farmhouse projects?


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Best Top Coat for Painted Kitchen Countertops?I am going to paint my kitchen countertops. What is the best (inexpensive) top coat to use? I already painted my bathroom countertop and used polyurethane (from a video I had watched), but it doesn't seem to work well. I want the best finish for the kitchen.


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Decorating and Painting Old Plaster Walls?We have just moved into a old French farmhouse that we're doing up gradually. We have noticed a lot of the dated wallpaper is stained or peeling off and the paint is cracking on the ceilings. We have decided to decorate, preferably paint. What is the best way to prep and paint the walls?


New Paint Not Sticking to Old Paint - white painted door

New Paint Not Sticking to Old Paint?We are trying to paint over the existing paint and although we have rubbed it down the paint isn't going on.


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