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Blondie No-Bake Cookies
I think it is a lovely recipe, especially because it says bag and can. Thank you for posting the recipe!


Small metal container, funnel shaped with a handle and lid.

What is This?
This is a vintage Silver Plate Basket Vase. I am not sure if the lid is original to the piece. There is an example of one at this link:


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Finding Vintage Sewing Patterns? Ebay at the above link, has many many vintage sewing patterns for sale.


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Getting Rid of Weeds in the Lawn?
With regards to weeds, I have only had luck with the use of vinegar or salt and digging up the thistles, myself. I do sympathize with you about the weeds. About the children going barefoot, I would be hesitant about that. Long before you ever lived there, someone...


Two women around a patio table.

My Frugal Life: What My Mother and Grandmother Taught Me
Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is very inspiring :)


Pink pastel dinner plate.

Finding Promotion Pink Pastel Dinnerware from...
I have this set of dishes. There are 6 to 8 dinner plates, at least 8 soup bowls, 8 mugs and 8 ramkins. I can sell them very inexpensively if you want to come for them. I am in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, right across from Buffalo, New York. 5 minutes drive...


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Why is Food Now Sticking to My Pampered Chef Baking Stone?
The food is sticking to the oil that has built up. I scrub mine with a green pot scrubber pad and lots of soap everytime I wash it. Nothing sticks to it ever. Give it a shot!


My Frugal Life: Food On Hand
Gods blessings on you Lucy. You are very resourceful. May you always have abundance in your life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Cat looking up at camera.

James (Orange Tabby)
Your fur baby is beautiful!


Rocky (Wild Burro/Donkey)
He is beautiful, thank you for sharing him!


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How Do I Clear Standing Water in Bathroom Sink Drain?
re: The worse scenario would be leach bed lines have tree roots interfering or if you have those older tiles that might be broke and needing upgraded. I had to have new weeping tiles put in around the foundation of my house. I have a basement. My bathroom sink...


Scully (Tabby)
Scully is a beautiful boy and so handsome! Thank you for sharing him with us!


Make Repairs with Scraps of Fabric
Good idea MCW. Maryanne over in Fort Erie :)


Holiday: Christmas Eve
Your house looks lovely with that soft glow lighting and the things on the porch. Very pretty. Thank you for sharing your Christmas Eve with us :)


Cat wearing hat with antlers.

Mr. Calhoun (Manx)
He is the best! So sweet and handsome. Thanks for sharing him with us. :)


Mr. Kitty
Sandi, I am sorry you have to leave Mr Kitty. He is a sweet companion!


Ragdoll Frankie (Cat) and Pinto Bean (Dog)
Just the cutest! Thanks for sharing them!


Sissy (Long Haired Domestic)

In Memory of Sissy (Long Haired Domestic)
Thank you for sharing her story with us and for your kindness to her. It means a lot.


Will Puppy's Ears Stand Up?
My German Shepherd/Husky mix dog never did have stand up ears. I thought about that, too, when he was little.


Paris (Domestic Longhair)

Paris (Domestic Longhair)
So glad you have Paris and she has you!


Mickey (Cat) And Winnie (Dog)
They are the sweetest pair! Thanks for sharing them with us. :)


My Frugal Life: It's Crazy What They Throw Out
A word of caution regarding items sitting outside or even from some thrift stores, second hand stores. Bed bugs are a terrible problem in lots of cities and are showing up in fancy hotels and stores. Please read up on bed bugs as they dont kill easily, are...


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Reusing Paper Towel Tubes
Theres a lot of germs on those toilet paper rolls.


April The Cat
So glad you found each other!


Sassy (Chipmunk)

Sassy (Chipmunk)
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us about Sassy!


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Removing Hairband from Wet Hair
Thank you Donna for sharing this! A hair tie will hold in long hair while swimming, so this tip is perfect.


KiKi (Cat)
My kind of cat that KiKi!


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Combine Expensive And Cheap Coffee
Thanks for the great tip! Enjoy your coffee!


Maggie (Maltese Terrier)
Maggie is a very sweet girl :) Thanks for sharing her with us.


In Memory Of Mr. Kitty
Mr. Kitty was a lovely boy. :) The only way I got through my losses was to know that my pets are not suffering anymore. He enjoyed all the time he had with you and you did everything for him.


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Uses for Jam or Preserves
I love these ideas, thank you!


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Make Your Own Panty Liners
Good idea and nice of you to share it with us!


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Use Film Canisters for Spices
You might want to check if the plastic content is safe for food, thanks. :)


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Use Onion Bags as Bird Feeder
Feeding Garden Birds Mesh bags, a warning: never put out any food in mesh bags, although peanuts and fat balls often sold this way. Birds feet can be trapped in the mesh, causing terrible injuries. Birds with a barbed tongue, e.g. woodpeckers, can become trapped...


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Moving Furniture Around Your House
MartyD: that is a great idea as well! I had to move the table from a carpeted area so had to use something smooth.


Cooking hard boiled eggs in a rice cooker.

Cook Hard Boiled Eggs in the Rice Cooker
Nice idea and handy but the only thing I can think about is how the chickens defecate sometimes on the eggs. I doubt if that totally washes off. Then that possible contaminate is in your rice.


Domino and Lizzie, house cats

Domino and Lizzie (Cats)
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.


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Styrofoam Egg Cartons for Ice Cubes
Just think of the contamination from chicken feces from poorly washed eggs, in those cartons.



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