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Disney World Frugal Travel Guide

Disney World

There are a number of ways you can save money when visiting a theme park. This page contains Disney World frugal travel guide.


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Tip: Use Up Disney World Meal Plan

Just returned from a trip to Disney World with my family. We stayed on the property and were able to take advantage of the meal plan, which seems expensive at first but is a money saver. The plan gives you one snack, one counter service meal and one sit down dinner per day.

On the last day, we realized we had several counter service meals that we had not used and found out by asking that we could cash them in for snacks - 1 counter service meal = 3 snacks. We purchased Mickey cookies prewrapped and brought them home as gifts instead of just leaving the dollar amount at Disney unused.

By Jeannie from Williamsburg, PA

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Disney World Custom Vacation Map

Save time and frustration on your Disney World vacation by preplanning the rides and places of interest that you want to see. Then order the FREE customized keepsake quality maps of each of the parks. These come direct from Disney World so they are perfectly accurate, visually beautiful and very high quality, all at no cost. I just received mine and they truly are beautiful!

You select the restaurants, entertainment, and attractions. They mark out all the stops for you and then mail you a customized map! The maps are so visually realistic that you can clearly tell where buildings and landmarks are. This is fantastic for everyone, but especially for those of us who have been before and want to save time seeing only specific things. Check it out. If the link doesn't work, just do a search at the Disney site for customized maps.

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Here are questions related to Disney World Frugal Travel Guide.

Question: Food Savings While Visiting Disney World

This will be my daughter Mackenzie's first time going to Disney in Florida. We saved and saved for this trip. I found a FANTASTIC deal on the non stop flight there and back for $76.33 and we got a 4 star hotel for $31.00 a night. Passes for Disney were a huge chunk out of our money, but again I found a fantastic deal on those. 6 days of passes for 215.00. We are super, super excited about this trip.

The reason I am writing to all of you is to ask for cheaper ways to eat while we are there besides packing our lunches. Maybe some of you know of little places that you maybe have been while you were there or just thriftier ways to get our meals and we do need to get those little souvenirs. : ) We are going when it will be the hottest, but again that saved us money. We leave at the end of August.

Any tips please send them.

Thank you,
Tracey from Gregory, MI

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Best Answers

By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 07/25/2007

The counter service type restaurants inside the parks will have the cheapest food although still can be expensive, but portions are usually generous so you can share. My biggest advice is have some water bottles or some sort of sports bottle for each family member that you can refill with water. Drinks in the parks are very high and you don't want to be drinking sweet stuff all day anyway. If one of you carries a backpack, fill it with some cereal bars, fruit, etc. to snack on. If your hotel provides a complimentary breakfast, eat big so that you can snack for lunch and then have a nice dinner.

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By Jill 3 61 07/25/2007

I grew up with four brothers and my parents took us to Cedar Point every year. One thing we did was in the middle of the day we got our hands stamped and went to the hotel to swim and cool off. If you have a younger one, he may need a nap. While we were there, we had cold meat sandwiches and whatever snacks my mom brought on the trip or bought at the grocery there. We all enjoyed the break and cooling off in the pool. We went back to the park refreshed and ready to finish out the day till closing time!!

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 07/25/2007

Sounds like everyone has some great ideas! My best advice, eat breakfast in your room before you leave (pig out!), take bottles of water and snacks for the day, and eat a nice chain place for dinner. Tell your daughter she can have one "yummy" at the parks, like an ice cream as a treat, that will be expensive enough. I can't agree more to get that fridge in the hotel room. Worth every penny! (And I remember lots of drinking fountains in the parks!)

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Question: Purchasing Tickets to Disney World

We are planning to go to Disney World. Does anyone know if I can have someone in Florida buy tickets to Disney for me, or do residents have to show ID?

By Lee from Waterford, WI

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Most Recent Answer

By Lee 6 111 10/20/2010

Not worried so much about getting tickets, It's just that Florida resident tickets are so much cheaper. Just trying to save a buck.

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Question: Thrifty Disney World Vacation

We are going to Walt Disney World on Oct 22, 2010. Any tips on this?

By Judy from Xenia, OH

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Most Recent Answer

By Noella 11 381 10/16/2010

Try to eat outside the park most of the time or take your own food. Restaurants inside the park are twice as much as those outside the park. A $3.00 McDonalds hamburger outside will be $6 to $6.50 inside the park.

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Question: Planning a Trip to Disney World

We are planning a Disney World trip for the week after Thanksgiving 2014. It will be my 3rd time going and the first time for my dh, dd, and ds. (MIL and FIL's first time too if they decide to come with us.) We are planning on letting the kids know this Christmas and having that be the "big" shared gift with a Disney shirt, stuffed animal, rolling backpack, and book for each of the kids, as well as using other "gift giving opportunities" throughout the year, i.e. birthdays, to acquire more things they will need or want to take. We are planning to stay in one of the resorts as well as using one of the dining packages.

My questions are these:

  • What are the best things to pack? (2 or possibly 4 adults and 2 kids, 6 and 8 at the time of the trip, and not sure if we're flying or driving yet.)
  • What are suggestions for restaurants to make reservations for using the dining package? (1 snack, 1 quick service, and 1 sit down per day)

Thanks in advance for the great advice I know is soon to come!

By Jessie

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