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Budget & Finance

This page contains tips and advice about saving money and setting up a budget.

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Teaching Children to Save Money, Child Saving Money Saving Money 
How to Create a Budget, Woman Calculating Her Budget Budget 
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Raising Your Credit Score, A pile of credit cards. Credit Cards 
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Paying Bills on Time, Bills and Calculator Paying Bills 
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Credit Score Credit Rating 
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Finding a Good Retirement Community, Houses in a retirement community. Home Selling 
Elderly Housing - Retirement and Independent Living Communities Retirement 
Saving Money on Auto Insurance, A car accident. Auto Insurance 
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Selecting a Broker or Financial Planner, Happy Couple Talking With Financial Consultant Bankruptcy 
A new home. Home Insurance 
Elderly Housing - Retirement and Independent Living Communities Tips for Seniors 
Saving Money on Health Insurance, Health Insurance Paperwork Life Insurance 
Saving Money on Web Hosting, Closeup of URL and Cursor Links 
Saving money in a jar. A Penny Saved... 
A person doing financial calculations using a pencil and calculator. Financing 
How to Save Money Auto Loans 

Maximizing Savings When Shopping Online

I normally use several techniques. I was wondering do you have any other ideas to save more?

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Medical Education in China

Are there medical schools with English programs for MBBS or BDS in China?

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Cable TV or ROKU

I live in an apartment complex on the first floor and now pay for Cable TV. I found several websites on ROKU. One was their channel lineup and another one was how to hook up a ROKU. I have two HDTV's in my apartment.

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Inexpensive Internet Services

I found that I use Netflix way more then cable TV. My cable is $95 a month and I called to cancel the cable. They told me if I cancel the cable they will take $20 off my bill. If I cancel cable and phone $37, but I need internet to watch Netflix.

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Sharing Living Expenses With Girlfriend

My girlfriend and I have been on and off for 5 years and have recently started taking marriage classes. We are talking about moving back in together so we can save money for a wedding. I pay $400 a month where I'm at. She pays $878 in rent plus another $500 in car and utility bills.

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Getting Dental Care Without Insurance

I need teeth pulled, a root canal, and my partial fixed.

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Get Cash Back at Stores

When I am shopping and using my card, I ask for some cash back. I do this now instead of ever using an ATM that would charge me to take out my own money!

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Zero Down Home Loans

How can you buy a home with nothing down?

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Soak Important Paperwork Instead of Shredding

Sometimes I put papers in the sink with hot soapy water and let them soak. They are easy to tear and mix into tight balls. When dry, these balls will be impossible to break apart for any information.

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Dental Work With No Insurance

I need a tooth pulled and have no insurance.

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Dental Work Without Insurance

How does that work? I don't have the money right now. I need my teeth fixed. I need cleaning, filling, Xray, and an exam now.

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Sharing Living Expenses With Girlfriend

I rent a home at $ 1,200 a month plus expenses of $220 or so for utilities, not including food, gas, etc. She paid nothing for 4 months, then asked what I expected. Her salary is about 27K, mine is 40K, and I asked for $400, plus 1/2 electric and water per month. She claims this is not "normal" or fair.

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Low Income Dental Work

I need to have what's left of my teeth pulled and then be fitted for dentures, but I'm on a low, fixed income. Where can I find information about this in Washington? I have no insurance.

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Sharing Expenses With Boyfriend

This could end our relationship. It's been over a year now since my bf of 2years got his own apt. He "stayed" with me about 6 months prior to getting his own place because he wasn't ready financially. But for over a year now he works full time and makes more money than me.

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Proper Disposal of Used Credit Cards

Over the years I have had several credit cards and saved them after their expiration date not knowing how to properly dispose them. How do I safely dispose of over 50 used credit cards?

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Age Limit for Child Dependent on Taxes

Can you still claim a child who 17 as a dependent?

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Checking your Credit Report
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Living on a Tight Budget

How do I live off of $750.00 a month? How do I budget this amount of money each month? I live in section 8 housing and my rent is 191.00 a month, but I have car insurance and car expenses. What should I save from this low amount of money

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Applying for a TWIC Card

Where do I go to get a TWIC card in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Expense Sharing Problems

My boyfriend moved into my apartment in 2010. He had agreed to pay his ex wife $ 2000.00 a month. I was not involved in this amount. I had my 2 daughters living with me in a 2 bedroom apartment. His 2 boys would come over every weekend. Since he paid out so much to her I didn't push the issue.

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Applying for a Longshoreman Job

Where do I apply for a longshoreman job?

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Downloading Pictures to Craigslist

Could you walk me through step by step to download pictures of my equipment that I have for sale to Craigslist or eBay?

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Completing the 1040EZ

Why is there an age limit on the 1040EZ and other forms?

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Teen Check Cashing

I'm actually 16, but I wanna know if I need my parent or guardian to cash my checks?

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Sharing Expenses With Boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. I have two boys that live with us and he has a daughter that stays 3 days out of the week. He quit a well paying job because he said he wanted to see his daughter more and go to school. Well he never went to school and now he works 30 hours a week at a minimum wage job.

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Low Cost Denture Repair

At Christmas time near San Jose I bit into an olive with a pit that broke, shattered, my front tooth on my dentures. How do I get it fixed with Medicare as my insurance? I am on federal disability. Where can I get help?

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Save Electricity with LED Bulbs

Did you know that by using LED light bulbs instead of regular light bulbs, you can lower your lighting bill by 75%? Also lighting is about 12% of your electric bill (the rest is AC, heat, and appliances).

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Selling Gold

Where is the best place to sell gold in Las Vegas?

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