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Graduation Party Centerpiece Ideas

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A personalized centerpiece for your graduate can be fun to create. This guide is about graduation centerpiece ideas.



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Question: College Graduation Party Centerpiece Ideas: CPA

I would like some ideas for a centerpiece for a college graduation for someone with a CPA degree.

By Ellen

Question: Table Decoration Ideas for a College Graduation

I need ideas for decorating round tables for a college graduation.

By Wanda

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou08/07/2013

Get some inexpensive mortarboard style grad hats (try a party store). Turn upside down. Put in floral foam (the dry kind) to fit tightly inside. Add long tinsel picks in school colors, curly ribbons like the kind you stick on parcels (let some ribbons fall over the sides of the hat, go for sparkle and shine. Silk flowers to fill in. If you want a candle, cut the center out of the foam to fit the bottom of small to medium size glass vases or other glassware before adding other decorations. Add the candle by sticking to the inside bottom of the vase using candle stick or plasticine. Decorate around the candle center with the kind of decorative items I mentioned before.

Question: Graduation Party Centerpiece Ideas

I need ideas for cheap but elegant centerpieces. I am graduating from college after 20 years. I plan to have a luncheon and my colors are purple and maroon.

Simban from Huntsville, AL

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Ann (Guest Post)06/15/2008

My daughter is graduation from high school in two weeks. I'm using a margherita glass, filling bottom with colored stones from the dollar store in her school colors. Took her pre-school graduation picture, and her high school picture, printed them out on card-stock, with a nice saying, made a fan out of them, stuck them in the glass, and wrapped tulle around them with curling ribbon. They are adorable. I made 3 of these. I am also using old vases that I have and buying carnations in her school colors to put on the other tables.