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High School Activities Ideas

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Photo of a large high school and its football field.

There are many fun activities you can plan for your high school to provide students with fun, exercise, and camaraderie. This is a guide about high school activities ideas.



Here are questions related to High School Activities Ideas.

Question: High School Activities and Fund Raising Ideas

I'm on Student Council this year (yay!), but I need ideas for raising money (fundraisers) and for awesome high school activities to get kids to participate (help?)

By KayLa from Lethbridge, AB


Most Recent Answer

By Anne Norman H.10/15/2014

Google the C.O.W. Project at Washington Township High School, Gloucester County NJ - very cool group! About empowering kids!

Question: High School Activities and Ideas

What sort of activities or things could I do to make my high school a fun school?



Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]07/24/2013

At the highschool where I substitute teach, there is a club that is devoted to sponsoring fun activities. They organize special spirit days where kids dress up -- eg. Wear green to support the pro football team; they have watermelon helmets to purchase (paid for ahead of time) and then the free watermelon to eat, and then some sort of football related activities in the gym at noon.

Or say, for Valentines, dress in red and white, buy a "crush" (the orange pop) for your secret crush, and it get's delivered to them, sale of giant heart shaped cookies, and a dance in the gym at noon hour; dress up for Hallowe'en, and a talent program in the gym for the afternoon. There are all kinds of things to do. It just takes someone to spearhead the organizing. Talk to one or two of your teachers who would be interested in helping you organize such a "leadership" or "spirit" club, get some like minded people to help you out, and go for it. Likely setting a goal of one activity day a month would be good. You might also work in fundraising for worthy causes - having a walk-a-thon for Heart & Stroke, selling "helping hands" for a charity, having a hot dog sale for playground equipment for the elementary school nearby, or whatever. Special food sales, dress-up days, fun contests, all make school interesting and fun to attend.

Question: Funny High School Activity Ideas

I'm in charge in my school. I want do to a camp, but don't how to do the most intelligent activities.

By Denesh

Question: Fun High School Activities Ideas

I have a a problem. I'm in charge of high school lunchtime activities. I have no clue! Please help.

By Lexy from Perrydale, OR

Most Recent Answer

By Justine10/01/2010

At my school we had an Oreo licking contest and another day we had a speed dating game where you could meet new people.

Question: Ideas for High School Olympic Games

Our high school is planning on having Olympic games, which will be a grade level competition. It will be an indoor/outdoor event. However, we need game ideas? Things that can be fun, safe, and competitive, maybe even give the audience a laugh. Please help me by suggesting some ideas. Thank you. Your suggestions are truly appreciated.

By Mandy

Question: Ideas for Senior Class Activities

I am running for senior class president next year and I was wondering if anyone has done any really fun or cool senior activities? Anything will work, even if it's not just for seniors. Thanks!

By Volleychika144 from Valley Center, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Becca05/07/2009

You could have a scavenger hunt. Use things that pertain to your senior year and hide them. Leave clues to where things can be found. See who can find them all the fastest. Or you could see who found the most within a set time limit.

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