High School Graduation Gift Ideas

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

A meaningful gift will be appreciated for this important milestone. This guide contains high school graduation gift ideas.


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Tip: High School Graduation Gift Ideas

The oldest grandchild on my husband's side of the family graduated this year, so I came up with a gift idea to give her a good start at college. I emailed the relatives to ask for recipes, household hints, and study tips. I asked them to email their reply. I then uploaded them onto a thumb drive for the computer (My own recipes are filed on my computer, so it was easy to organize). I separated the replies into categories like a cookbook and uploaded them onto the thumb drive to give to her as a graduation present.

I am saving the files I created on my computer under "College Cookbook" - we plan to make this a tradition for the grads in our family. We will give this to our grad at our summer family reunion, along with a laundry basket with nonperishable food items she will need to make the contributed recipes, cleaning supplies, and office supplies.

I am also a commuting college student - one thing that helps me is my "office in a bag". A pencil bag with scissors, pencil sharpener, stapler, paper punch, highlighters, pens, pencils, a REALLY GOOD eraser, etc. sure helps me stay organized!

I have a notebook to write personal notes from each family member (then when she is homesick, she can remember how much we love her), as well as household and study hints we think of at the last minute. It is a very economical, personal gift that will be extremely useful to a college Freshman, and a nice gift doesn't break the bank for any of us!

By Marie from Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Tip: Graduation Gift: Business Cards

This has become my favorite gift for graduating high school seniors or kids presently in college. Have professional business cards made for them.


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Tip: Gas Cards for Graduation Gifts

This year, I am giving pre-paid name brand gasoline cards to graduates. If I, as an adult am finding it hard to swallow the current gas prices, I can't imagine too much more welcome a gift for high school or college graduates who are responsible for maintaining their vehicle or paying for the fuel they use.

By Ronsan from Southwest Missouri

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Question: Choosing a High School Graduation Gift

My boss's nephew is graduating high school this month. I got an invitation. What would be a good graduation gift for him? I haven't had a high school graduation invitation in years and am out of the loop. Help!

By Jacketbacker

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By Jacketbacker [30] 05/23/2011

Thanks. I did cash. No time to hunt a card, and don't know if he will be working or in a dorm or what, so figure cash will work best. Not even sure what will be near to him in school.

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Question: Gift Ideas for Son's High School Graduation

I need help for a grad gift for my son who is graduating from high school and has everything. I would like to get him something a little personable in the $150-$200 range. He has the watch he wanted, not big into jewelery, and my mother got him the school ring. He's very much into computers, gaming, and paintball. I really would appreciate some ideas. Thanks.

By Jody from Chatham, ON

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By Lelia Jo Cordell [51] 05/13/2010

I was going to suggest new games for his video gaming system, but I also like MarySescapades' college survival manual.
Other useful items for the new college student are rolls of quarters for the laundromat and vending machines, phone and grocery gift cards... gas gift cards if he drives, or bus passes if he doesn't. He might not want to keep a lot of cash around, but a pre-loaded credit/debit card in the amount you mentioned might work. Unless he prefers email, you also might consider stationery and stamps. You could put these kinds of things in his own laundry bag or basket, and maybe add quantities of single-load detergent... unless you already know he'll be bringing his laundry home to Mom, lol!

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