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Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas for Awards Banquet

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I need ideas for inexpensive centerpieces for a Boys/Girls Club awards banquet that will allow us to incorporate all club colors: royal blue, white, lime green, orange, pink, and purple! Yikes!

By Marie W



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By Nightsong [35]01/28/2013

How about white carnations? You can put the cut stem in water in which cake color has been added and dye them the different colors. Aflorist mght do it for you. Carnations themselves are not too expensive. Or you can make home made flowers using colored tissue paper.

By Elgie [5]01/28/2013

Balloons of course. You can get balloon sticks (you twist the bottom of balloon around the special base and it holds it in place) rather than using helium, arrange in whatever you want as a holder (can ols cut sticks in different lengths.and then buy" curling" gift ribbon in those colors, curl long strands and bunch all the colors and tie to base of of balloons. Can do all this ahead of time if using the sticks.

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