Making Tire Planters

Tire planter with flowers in it.

Old tires have been used for years to make inexpensive and creative planters. This is a guide about making tire planters.


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Tip: Make Small Raised Beds from Old Tires

Small raised garden beds save energy, water, and growing medium! Looking for ways to conserve energy and not dig more than I have to, I covered a large rectangular area with old garden cloth, large pieces of corrugated cardboard, etc.


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Tip: How To Make Tire Planters

goose tire plantersInformation on making recycled tire planters.

Christopher Lowell's Tire Planter

I have instructions for a tire planter from the Christopher Lowell Show. (Outdoor dynamics for Dummies show).


  • old tire with/without rim
  • sharp kitchen knife
  • chalk
  • potting soil
  • spray paint


Draw pattern with chalk along side wall on one side of tire. Space scallops/ or ^^^ evenly around tire. Start at tread and end close to rim. Cut out with knife, using straight up and down motion, pointing blade away from yourself. This wil separate the tire into two pieces. Place your foot in center of rim and pull one scalloped edge toward yourself, this turns it inside out. Continue until it forms planter with pedestal. Fill with potting soil. Can spray paint planter to jazz it up.

Good luck, I am going to make mine this week.

By Claudia

Editor's Note: Here is a link to Christopher Lowell's instructions, including photos.

Felder Rushing Style Planter

Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences has great insturctions for making a tire planter: "Finding the right tire is essential in making a tire planter. The tire you select should be well worn, and pliable in the shoulder area of the tire (what Felder calls the "sweet spot"), just below the tread. You can tell if the tire is a good candidate by pushing in on the shoulder area with the palm of your hand. If there is plenty of "give" in this area, the tire should be easy to work with. If not, you should find another one to use."

Swan Planters

You can make a swan planter out of a tire. At RonsSwan.com they have a PDF with step by step instructions. They recommend using a scooter tire:
Type of tyre
The kind of tyre you use is important. An ordinary car tyre has steel belting so is near impossible to cut and will have sharp edges. I made Ron from old Vespa motor scooter tyres as they are easier to cut. If you could source some very old car tyres which are textile belted, they would be suitable, but still very hard to cut by hand.

To downlod the PDF go to Download PDF

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Question: Making Tire Planters

blue, red, and yellow stacked tiresWhat do you put in the tires on the top to hold in the dirt but still allow water to go through?

By debiyorke

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Question: Planting a Garden in Old Tires

Old tire gardening again, not getting much feedback yet. I thought of using a pool liner, but after looking up PVC I decided the rubber might be safer. But I just might do heavy aluminum foil. It is not very tough, but you don't have to touch it after placing.


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Question: Making Tire Planters

If I use regular paint (lots left over from reno) on the tires, how do I seal them to protect against the elements?

By Baer

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Most Recent Answer

By debiyorke 1 1 06/23/2014

I bought some Kilz and painted the tires. This seals them and makes the color more vibrant.

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Question: Planters out of Old Tires

Looking for info on how to make planters out of old tires.


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Question: Making Tire Flower Planters

How do I keep dirt in uneven stack flower planters?

    By Germaine Lynnette Blades [1]

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    Question: Finding Old Tires to Recycle in Garden

    Tire tower planters.I am after old tyres. If you want to get rid of any, I would be glad to take them off your hands. I recycle them in my garden.


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