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Organizing Clothes

Organized Clothes in Closet

Organizing your clothing can be very helpful, no matter what the reason. This is a guide about organizing clothes.



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Tip: Getting Rid Of Old Clothes

I usually clean my closet and chest of drawers out about twice a year. I take out all the things I can no longer wear and older things. I have a yard sale with these things plus other odds and ends collected around the house that are no longer wanted.

After the yard sale, I carry all of the things left over to Helping Hands (a local charity). They use some of it for victims of fire, tornadoes, and the homeless and needy, the rest goes in their store for sale to the public. It helps out Helping Hands, and it lets me get rid of unwanted clothing and things.

By Paula from Kosciusko, MS

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Question: Organizing Clothes Without a Dresser

How do I organize my clothes if I don't have any dressers? I have a huge room with nothing but a TV stand and a TV. I also have a radio which is sitting on the floor. I have a big closet that's already full of clothes on hangers and clothes also on the top racks in the closet. How can I organize my room in a cute way? I wish ThriftyFun could give my room a makeover.

By candypoo88 from Jackonville, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Sandra Zinner Cook04/26/2011

Buy those colored cubes that they put toys in. They look like milk crates. Stack them up in an interesting way.

Question: Organizing Clothes That Can Be Worn Again Before Washing

Does anybody have any ideas on what to do with clothes that you have worn, but feel like you could wear them again before washing? These items always get flung over a chair in my household.

I don't really want to hang them back up or put them back in the drawers, but I'm not sure of a good place to put them so things still look tidy. Any suggestions?

By StellBell from WA

Most Recent Answer

By Frances Adams05/10/2011

If you have a covered porch, you could put it on the coat hanger, and hang outside where it could get the sun and fresh air. That is what I do to hubby's hunting clothes that he doesn't want washed just yet.

Question: Organizing Shoes and Clothing With Limited Space

My family (husband, myself, 4 year old son and a 10 year old daughter) moved into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with my mother to save money for a house. However, I need ideas on how to organize our shoes and clothes using only two closets and minimal space.


Most Recent Answer

By Brenda04/14/2009

I did a search on how to fold clothes. You'd be surprised how much space I saved by changing the way I folded my clothes!