Saving Money on Daily Facial Cloths

Daily Facial Cloth

If you use daily cleansing facial wipes, you know they can be quite pricey. This is a guide about saving money on daily facial cloths.


Solutions: Saving Money on Daily Facial Cloths

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Tip: Save on Facial Cleansing Wipes

Seeing how everyone is interested in saving money, I've discovered a way to save on the facial cleansing wipes which are so convenient to use. I definitely wait for a BOGO sale, then stock up on them.

I keep a pair of scissors in the bathroom and simply pull one out and cut it in half and slip the other half back in the package. Using both sides, one half is plenty to use in the morning and the other half in the evening, thereby doubling your product. Works for me!

By LouCat from Dayton, OH

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Tip: Cut Olay Daily Facial Cloths in Half

I was going on a trip and trying to conserve space. I realized by cutting my favorite facial cloths in half, they will make them last 60 days instead of 30!

By glimmer62 from ME

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Tip: Beauty Washcloths

I find the Olay and Ponds beauty washcloths to be expensive so I cut them in fourths and they clean great for a lot less money.


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Tip: Cut Cleansing Cloths to Save Money

Regarding those samples of facial cleansing cloths you receive in the mail or buy at the store... I find that they are too big and I waste a lot of the cleanser on them, so I cut each cloth into 4 equal squares. They are just big enough to wash my whole face without wasting any of the cleanser on them. This gives me 4 times as many to use!

By Laura T

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