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Making Pop Bottle Fish

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Pop bottle fish with colorful streamers for its tail.

Pop bottles can be recycled into fun craft projects. Making a fish from an empty pop bottle is just one example of the many possibilities. This is a guide about making a pop bottle fish.



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Question: Empty Pop Bottle "Fish"

I would like to know how to make fish out of plastic pop bottles.

By Pat from Dunnellon, FL


Most Recent Answer

By NoRulesArt [40]11/16/2009

Look at this:

Question: How to Make Pop Bottle Fish?

Does anyone know how to make pop bottle fish? Thanks.


Most Recent Answer

By Marg [3]12/04/2011

Here is the craftygardener link for making pop-bottle fish. Very cute.

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Archive: Empty Pop Bottle "Fish"


Empty Pop Bottle
Empty Pop Bottle
Empty Pop Bottle

I got this idea out of a magazine. All you do is cut the bottoms off of the soda pop bottle (I used the 20 oz. size).

Shape it like a fish's tail. Thread a needle with thread or fishing line (don't forget to tie a knot so it won't go through). Run it up through the top of your fish so you can hang it up. Staple the tail shut. I put streamers at the end of each tail. Paint it and hot glue on fins (I used 2 pieces of the bottom of the pop bottle for each fin).

By Luv2craft from Normalville, Pennsylvania

RE: Empty Pop Bottle "Fish"

Cute idea! What kind of paint did you use, that would stick to the plastic? (11/09/2005)

By sunhat

RE: Empty Pop Bottle "Fish"

How cute! What a great craft idea and a way to recycle all of those soda bottles we all seem to have. (11/10/2005)

By MissyD

RE: Empty Pop Bottle "Fish"

I used acrylic model paint. It seems to work the best. The colors show up very bright. (11/10/2005)

By luv2craft