Organizing Crayons

Crayons in disarray.

What would childhood be without that bucket or box of brightly colored crayons? Keeping these artistic tools organized so that your children can have fun coloring and creating new artwork is a common parental challenge. This is a guide about organizing crayons.


Solutions: Organizing Crayons

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Tip: Plastic Dartboard for Crayons

A plastic dartboard used for storing crayons.This was not being used anymore because the kids could not get the darts to stick on it. They would throw the darts at the board, and the darts would hit sideways and fall to the ground. It was only being used for decoration since I like the orange and yellow colors on it.

One day I was sharpening pencils on the table, out on the patio. I put an errant crayon on the this plastic dartboard. It stood straight up. I put another one, and then another one! Yaaa, a new use for this toy that no longer worked!

The kids were amazed and delighted. I think they like the feeling of placing the crayons on the board and seeing them stand up. I think it is just cute and you can see the colors you need to color with at a glance!


By Robyn from Tennessee

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Tip: Muffin Tin For Crayons

Crayons sorted by color inside small pots in muffin pan.I've seen some people use muffin pans with mini metal plant pots inside to hold the crayons vertically and to separate colors. Accessible, colorful, functional.

Also, if you have the time, you can break the crayons into pieces and melt them in the muffin pan (use the special shape pans for more fun) to make new crayons and bring them back to life.

Source: http://homeschoolblogger.com/

By Jennifer B. from Leland, NC

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Tip: Makeup Organizer for Crayons

I solved my daughter's problem of too many crayons, ink pens, and colored pencils by giving her a makeup organizer. This organizer has three zippered pockets, and folds into a square with a handle. This way, she can just grab it and go. All her supplies including a crayon/pencil sharpener and scissors are organized, and ready to go.

By Laura from Golden, CO

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Tip: Pull Primary Crayons for School from Large Set

My son is entering Kindergarten and on his school supply list was 4 boxes of 8 primary crayons. K-Mart was running a special on a box of 24 Crayola crayons for .25 cents. A box of 8 was .89 cents. I bought 3 boxes of crayons and had one perfect set at home. I pulled the 8 primary colors out and put them into a snack sized zip lock bag and put the rest of the crayons in his own box. The boxes never last anyway. :)

By kghsave

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Tip: Use a Lazy Susan for Crayons

I use a lazy Susan type revolving plate to organize crayons. On the plate, I put small plastic boxes used to store paper clips, only without the lids. Each box is a different color.


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Tip: Replace Frequently Used Crayons

Since it's Back To School time, there are office staples available for insanely low prices. A few years ago, I supervised a daycare and this time of year, I would stock up on as much as I could afford for the next year - scissors, glue sticks, and especially crayons are so cheap right now. I would buy 3 or 4 big boxes (like 64 and up) and a case of 24 count crayons.

When we ran low in our crayon containers, the big boxes would provide the unusual colors, but the basics (red, blue, black pink, green, etc.) would get used more often. I would throw in a 24 count for the quickly used colors more often than the 64 count. This is a good tip for church meetinghouse libraries as well.

I stock up at home too. I have a shelf dedicated to office storage, so when my kids need a new notebook or some other school supply during the school year, I already have it on hand. I buy Crayola brand crayons. I know they are more expensive, but here's the reason why. The cheaper crayons leave tiny specks of wax, kind of like what is left over when you use an eraser. The wax specks are a pain in the neck to clean up! But Crayola wax stays on the paper instead of making a smeary mess to clean.

By Marie from Idaho Falls, ID

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Tip: Store Crayons In Baby Wipe Container

I run a day care and we put all crayons in an old baby wipe container. We also have one with markers, and one with colored pencils. If you have a digital camera, take a picture of what is inside and put clear contact paper over it. Then glue or use double sided tape, to stick the picture to the outside of the container. Then the little ones can see what is in the container.

By Mell from Traverse City, MI

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