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Tomato Blooms Die and Fall Off


I have some beautiful tomato plants growing, I have only 6 tomatoes on them. All of the other buds start to form, they turn the proper yellow color, then they turn brown and fall off. Hence I am not getting any tomatoes. Why?

Hardiness Zone: 9a

By titaniumhen from Northern CA


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By PENNY K 14 562 08/17/2009

Was it very hot? I have read this year that if it's too hot, tomatoes won't get pollinated. Now I've decided to try this if I'm ever faced with too hot weather. If very hot weather is predicted during blossoming and pollination weather, I will take a q tip and pollinate by hand early in the morning when it's not too hot. You can find detailed descriptions of hand pollinating on web. I don't know if it would work, but I'm going to try it.

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By PENNY K 14 562 08/17/2009

Is that what's called fusarium wilt? I think it might be, so next year use plants resistant to that and put in different location. Also make sure tomatoes have all necessary nutrients, water the ground gently not the leaves so dirt doesn't splash up, maybe use a plastic mulch.

Although, I noticed my neighbor was using one of those upside down kits purchased as a ready to go unit, hung upside down from the balcony, and still had the brown wilt on the bottom because I found the plant thrown away with the damaged tomatoes.

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By Mary Warren 7 12 08/24/2009

Try using 1/4 of a cup of epsom salt to 2 gallons of water. Go around each plant pour about 1 gallon per plant. It will start producing tomatoes. If you add 1/4 cup epsom salt to soil before plant, you will have tomatoes to give away.

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Archive: Tomato Blooms Die and Fall Off

My tomatoes have some yellow leaves, but what I am concerned about are the blooms. They come out, then die and fall off. I have no fruit developing. What could be the problem?

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By SCB2002 from Fort Worth, TX


RE: Tomato Blooms Die and Fall Off

I buy this bottle of spray every year and spray all the blooms on all my vegetable plants, if I don't they fall off. It is called Tomato and Blossom Set Spray, it is for all vegetables. Use it once a week as new blooms develop. It comes in an 8oz. ready to use bottle. You get it at any Ace Hardware Store or some grocery stores, mainly where they sell gardening supplies. You don't spray the whole plant, only the blossoms. Good luck. (06/05/2009)

By momcady1945

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