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7 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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I need ideas for a 7 year old's indoor birthday party.

By Mary from Chicago, IL


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By Michele [17]01/28/2010

Growing up in Brooklyn, most parties were inside. We always played musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey. Another game we played was the parent who is hosting the party would put about a dozen items on a tray, for instance a rubber band, paper clip, a pen you get the idea. The kids would have 5 seconds to look at the tray, then would have to write down as many items that they remembered. The person who can name the most won. Maybe you can get a bunch of party hats and have the kids decorate them. When my son was turning 6, I had a sponge Bob party for him. I bought a bunch of yellow sponges, google eyes, felt and other craft odds and ends and I had the kids make their own Sponge Bob. Hope these ideas can help you out!

By justine 01/25/2010

First off is it for an boy or an girl party? You can rent an magician for the day to show them magic. Again for boys you can do that and have an party for him at chuck e cheese and make it simple. Or you can do an party at the local zoo and rent out an space. For an girl you can always do an princess theme and rent an princess lady come out and they do face paintings and games or an tea pot party for the girls.

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