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Fuzzy Insoles for Shoes

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I can't find furry innersoles to put into my shoes. Can someone recommend an alternative to buying them? I work outside and even with thick wool socks and thick soles on my shoes I get cold feet.

Lorraine from Bristol, CT



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By Terry (Guest Post)01/29/2009

Dr. Scholl's used to make the BEST fuzzy insoles. Nice and soft. Unfortunately, they don't make them any longer. They have natural fleece insoles at

By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)01/15/2009

Find a second-hand car sheepskin seat cover and cut it into the right shape (use a foam insert for the shape) or if desperate, a car sheepskin wheel cover might work.

By (Guest Post)11/17/2008

Thank you all so much for the input regarding my question. Dr. Leonard's has exactly what I am looking for but, I will continue to keep in mind all the other answers. Again, THANK YOU

By Louise B. [4]11/16/2008

Felt insoles are also a good thing. They are available in workwear stores, I think, and provide insulation on the bottom of your shoe. They are intended for inside rubber boots or work boots, and make a tremendous difference.

By jean (Guest Post)11/15/2008

I found fuzzy insoles in a catalog I received in the mail. The website is, and put "lambswool insoles" in the site's search box to see if they are what you want.

By Janice C. [18]11/15/2008

Keep your rear end warm, and your feet will stay warm too. A nurse told me there's a long artery running down your leg to your foot. Keep that blood flow warm and your feet will stay warm. I sit on a microwavable cushion in the winter - ah, that feels good.

By Karla11/15/2008

In addition to adding the furry innersole - make sure that your shoes or boots have enough room to wiggle your toes, your feet will actually stay warmer! Not so much that the shoes slide around on your feet though. When your toes are confined it doesn't allow insulating air to get between them and help keep them warm. My husband had frost-bite on his feet as a child and has a lot of problems with them being cold. Also use only wool socks instead of cotton. Cotton holds moisture and makes your skin clammy.

By AuntyC (Guest Post)11/15/2008

For warm feet, try a product called "Toasty Toes". It lasts 8 hours. Also, they have battery socks in the hunting section of stores. There's nothing more miserable than cold feet.

By Patricia Nicholas [13]11/14/2008

Pick up the sheep skin bedding used in dog kennels, it's just a small sheet of sheepskin on a fabric backing. You can get it at any pet supply store or even Walmart and it's under $20.00. Trace your insole from your shoes onto the backing and cut out. It will fit best if you cut it on the inside of the line to make it slightly smaller. You should be able to get quite a few out of one sheet. We use the "PetRug" by PoochPlanet. It is 24" x 40" and is machine washable. It makes great slippers too if you can sew.

By Dorina (Guest Post)11/14/2008

You can pick up the fuzzy or fleece fabric at Walmart or a fabric store -- get a half yard and cut to fit your insole. I would cut a few so I could wash them and have another to replace it with.

I would also try Dr Scholls online or to see if I could find them there.

Even try a hunting catalog - or cabellas website.
Good Luck!


If it were me, I would just get some furry/fuzzy fabric of some kind, and cut an insole to fit the inside of the shoe/boot. If you do it this way though, it will make the inside of your boot smaller; if you have laces, you could loosen them to compensate for the loss of room inside the boot.

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