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Chloe (Pekapom)

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Chloe (Pekapom)

Chloe (Pekapom)

Chloe is 2.5 years old. She is a Pekapom (half Pekingese, half Pomeranian). I had just started dating a new girlfriend, and one night we went to a place that was kind of like a farmers market/flea market. In the parking lot on our way in a lady approached us with this 6 week old darling puppy and we couldn't say no. I am no longer dating the woman but we are best of friends and jokingly, share custody of "our little girl", Chloe.

She just loves to chase and be chased. That puts such a smile on her little face. As with any dog, she loves it and gets so excited when she sees me getting her leash. She knows she is going for a walk with her daddy.

The pic is after a long day of fun and adventure.

Better late than never, tomorrow (9-24-08) is her big day. She is getting spayed.

By Alexander from Belair, MD

Editor's Note: We didn't get this posted right away due to the number of pet photos we have been receiving lately. Better late than never!



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Hey, my name is Chloe. Good job with that. =)

By jan king [1]10/22/2008

She's SO cute!! A big sloppy doggie kiss for her from Kato the Wonder Dog!

By Annie Rios Hill [14]10/20/2008

Chloe looks as sweet as her name. Adorable cute lil face. Hope all went well in the surgery, give her a hug n kiss from me and Honey (he is a poo-mix), Annie
ps Great to hear that you two are able to share as it probably makes Chole's day to see you both.

By Pat Giles10/16/2008

Chloe is a precious little girl! I'm delighted to hear that you had her spayed - too few people do that for their animals. Give her a big kiss from Missy's (dachshund/beagle) mom and God bless you.


Daddy tells an adorable story about a sweet poochie poo's adventures :-) Glad to know of the shared custody and hope Chloe is feeling tip top after girlie surgery ;-) Give her a kiss from Rachel and I :-)

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