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17 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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17 Year Old Birthday Party

Deciding what to do for your birthday can be daunting. You want everyone to have a great time, but are coming up blank. This is a guide about 17 year old birthday party ideas.


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Question: 17 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 17 in a couple of weeks and I have no clue what to do with friends. My parents are taking me to Disney World (don't live in FL though), so I'm not going to do a big party. I'm not sure whether I want to do co-ed or just girls. I'd like to do something a little more special than just going out to eat. But at the same time, I'm not looking for something big or with a lot of planning. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!


Most Recent Answer

By Nicole Barnes01/16/2013

I am turning 17 on March 7, 2013 and I need ideas on what to do. My cake is goin to be Lil Wayne and that what I want my theme to be. I have no idea what to do so if anyone has any ideas gmail me please. mistybarnes96 AT

Question: 17th Birthday Party Themes

I am turning 17 in 4 days and I have no clue what theme I should do. Should I have a kick back? or what?

By Justine

Question: Ideas for Sister's 17th Birthday

Tomorrow is my sister's 17th birthday (1st of February). What steps should I make?

By Sally from Jordan

Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 17 in December and I want to throw a birthday bash! I was thinking of renting a banquet hall, but I want a theme which will help me get ideas. I am a girl. I have various and diverse interests. I am not a girly girl at all. I play basketball, but I don't think I want a basketball themed party. There will be a lot of people from my school.

By Meghan W

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]09/29/2013

Can you afford to rent a banquet hall?

Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas

Hi guys, my birthday is in two weeks (29th of March) and I want to have a party on that day. My mum does not want to spend much (probably only $30). What foods and games should I have? It will be guys and girls. No theme.

By ilukaperi

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