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12 Year Old Party Ideas

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What's a good idea for a 12 year old daughter's party? She's very mature and so are her friends. Please help.

By Zahynia from Pataskala, OH


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By JoJo02/06/2011

Hi, I have a daughter who is 11 years old and will be 12 in a few weeks! She is going on Holiday on her actual Birthday, so I was only going to do something small for her party! What we have decided to do is, go to our local beautician who has offered to give the girls makeovers and new hairstyles! After that we will head home and get some snacks in and play little mini games like, eating cream with maltesers of a plate without using your hands and trying to cut a bar of chocolate and eating it using a knife and fork before someone rolls a six on a dice then you will swap! Then rent a movie out and watch that, and my daughter insisted on doing makeovers in the dark so they will do that before going to sleep, and the next morning they will chill out and go to town and do a bit of shopping where there I have secretly booked a limo to come and drive the girls about then take each one home! I know I said I was going for something small, but it's her twelfth and its her first Birthday she wont be with me for it! I hope this helped!

By Louise B. [5]10/19/2010

Go through these ideas in the archives with your daughter and see if anything sounds like fun. I see there is also a 13 years old party idea list. She may like something rather low key like a sleepover, pizza and movie night. If not, there are many ideas suggested. Have fun!

By Tammie [15]10/18/2010

A tea party is great at this age. Have the girls dress up to include white gloves, updo hair etc, and serve finger foods. Cake in the shape of a tea pot, and different flavors of tea to sample. White table cloths and soft music. Include the moms. Later the girls can spend the night. It is really fun especially if the adults gather and it is a great time to get to know the parents that you dont know.


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Archive: 12 Year Old Party Ideas

(format_html)What are some good ideas for 12 year old birthday parties?

<p>Mari From Rosedale, MN

<P><font class="titleblue">Feedback:</font>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

Why not have a skating party or a bowling party its all fun and you can have boys and girls come to it. That's what I have done for my daughter a few times (05/03/2006)

<p>By Margaret S.</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

Have you guys ever thought of a jump house? (02/24/2007)

<p>By Carley</p>

<h3>Wing it</h3>

A fun idea is have a sleepover and order pizza and stuff. Get ice-cream and lots of snacks, maybe watch a movie, play cards (Cheat and Slap Jack, rock! It's fun I swear),
listen to some music, have make-overs and fashion shows, and stuff like that. If you're quiet then your parents can just go upstairs and they don't have to worry about you, or vice-versa.
The next day have pancakes for breakfast or go to the mall. (03/05/2007)

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

OKay, I have some ideas for girls who are turning 12, for my b-day party, we went to the mall. There was about 4 groups and a parent with each group. Each group had a list of things to find
around the mall (like get a straw from the food court). So it was really like a scavenger hunt around the mall. It was really fun and was a low price! (03/28/2007)

<p>By Sammy</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

GO Rollerskating (01/05/2008)

<p>By Destiny</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

If your having boys and girls over have a little fake prom. (01/11/2008)

<p>By pretty14yearold grl</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

If you have a trampoline, you can invite over 4ish people and sleep on it! I did it once it's so cool! (07/13/2008)

<p>By Devon<3</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

<p>Here are some activities I have done for previous birthday parties.
<li>Depending on how many people come to your party buy that many different party favors. Lets say 7 people are come to your party buy 7 different party favors. At home, look for bags of different sizes.
Start with the first (and smallest) bag and put what you think the best prize is in there (an tape it up). Keep doing this until you think that the layers of the bags with prizes in them go
from not-so-great, to best. When it's your party get in a circle and pass around the "bundle". Play music and when the music stops, the person with the bag in their hands opens up the bag and gets
what's inside, so then that person is out. You do this until there are 2 people left. Your guests are or aren't allowed to trade goodies, depending if you are feeling nice or not.

<li>If it is in the winter, make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Use Marshmallow Fluff to hold it together.

<li>For a theme (in the winter) have a beach theme. In the summer, have a winter wonderland theme.
<p>Hope some of these helped! (08/27/2008)

<p>By IB</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

Have a dance party and make CDs for your friends. (08/27/2008)

<p>By IB</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

For boy birthday parties, you can do like 10 of your friends that are boys and have water gun fights XP. Then you can play Jack Pot which is wicked fun, but I am not gonna bother writing how to play.
Then play spin the bottle! XP joking. Anyway, you can have a hot dog eating contest or a chocolate milk chugging contest. That would be fun for you lugs I bet. You can
pretend you are girls and have a contest to see who seems the most like a girl. Then, if you have siblings, see who is the best at imitating their siblings. Have the guys w/out siblings be the judges.
If you all have siblings then you are all judges. That's all I've got. If you are wondering how the heck a gigrl knows all this, I am a complete tomboy. Like seriously, I won't wear a skirt.
and my hair is probably shorter than half the boys in the country. So yeah.

<p.Love, Cookie Monster (08/30/2008)

<p>By Cookie Monster</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

Here's an idea, have a spa party! Do manicures and pedicures and if you have a hot tub, relax and turn on the bubbles! Maybe even sip lemonades in champagne glasses! (09/04/2008)

<p>By Hannah</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

I think a pinata is a great idea. Here's my tip if you are having a big party leave disposable cameras around the place and tell people they can pick them up and take photos you'll end up with heaps
of photos of different people and lots of memories! (09/17/2008)

<p>By Rube</p>

<h3>my party</h3>

As the guests arrived my big brother stood at the door and asked all the gals who had dressed up as pop stars if they were on the guest list. It was well funny because half of them didn't know him.
Then he took them all to the living room and they waited for me to make my entrance. I was upstairs and I was singing they all heard me then I came down the stairs looking like a superstar!
We had karaoke for the rest of the night then they slept over. Great fun for no money! (10/07/2008)

<p>By Ellen</p>

<h3>RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas</h3>

I took my daughter to a hotel with many of her friends when she turned 11. We got a hotel with waterslides and a hot tub, etc., because it was a cold winter and our house isn't huge. They got to buy stuff
at the gift shop as their "loot bag" (e.g., stuffed animals). They had their own room where mine adjoined. They rented movies but even took our video game systems to hook up to the hotel TVs.
They did each other's nails, etc. In the morning they went to the fancy restaurant downstairs for waffles. It was a good time.

<P>Now she is having a basement party with boys, so I don't know how to plan for this, her 12th. (02/28/2009)

<p>By Tgirl</p>

Archive: 12 Year Old Party Ideas

What are some good ideas for 12 year old birthday parties?

Mari From Rosedale, MN

RE: 12 Year Old Party Ideas

Why not have an 80's era party? The girls can dress up with big hair, neon colors, fishnets, etc. and have a costume contest. Then you could turn a room into a dance floor with fog machines, bright balloons, and music from the 80's and now. Then you could finish it off with a movie from the 80's like Pretty in Pink. Hope you like the idea. (12/13/2009)

By Mads4

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