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Can You Paint Latex Paint over Enamel?


Does anyone know if you can paint latex paint over enamel? Or is it you can paint enamel over latex? I cannot remember. One way you aren't suppose because it doesn't stay on good, because there's no bonding.

Donna from Millbury



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By Sharon 9 116 06/14/2008 Flag

Since enamel is a very smooth paint you have to rough it up first by sanding it.

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By Randy 2 06/14/2008 Flag

I run the batchmaking department for a large paint manufacture. The rule of thumb is that, given proper surface preparation, for exterior use you can apply quality latex paints over oil-based, but not the reverse. However, if you have many layers of oil based paint, stick to using oil on oil. For interior use, generally you can use one over the other. Some manufacturers of latex products will recommend a primer when going over oil-based paint.

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By Harry (Guest Post) 06/15/2008 Flag

I would call on the phone your local paint store such as Sherwin Williams or other paint store listed in the yellow pages. I have used oil based paints in and on the exterior but some paint companies are doing away with oil based paints and are selling water based only.

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By sonatamom (Guest Post) 06/15/2008 Flag

From personal experience I know that latex does not bond well to enamel paint. You can sand the enamel-based surface lightly, or prime it with something like Benjamin Moore's "Fresh Start," and that will cedrtainly help, but the surface will still be prone to chipping, especially if it's in a high traffic area (like kitchen cupboard doors, for example). Painting with enamel can be a pain, for sure, because of the clean-up and odor (although there are new low-toxicity enamel paints available), but nothing beats it for durability. Good luck!

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By Armen Rego 10 06/15/2008 Flag

Give the surface a light sand, make sure to wear mask so not to inhale the dust. Clean the surface from dust and dirt, coat it with a good quality primer, then paint away.

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By Pam 1 04/19/2010 Flag

I already first coated my storage cabinet that is built in, so part of it is concrete. My first coat is enamel for the wood part and latex on the concrete. Now can I paint over it with latex to match the whole thing? Help please.

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