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Ideas for a Church Valentine's Party


I am having a Valentine's party for a youth group at church for a bunch of teens. I'm 22, and am just helping out. It is a small church. They need some activities so I was going to throw a party for the group. Any cheap ideas and games would help me out. Thanks!

By Mary from OK


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By Suntydt 75 877 01/14/2010

My suggestions would be have a free style dance time. See if someone has a Karioki (sp) machine and give some people a chance to show off. Or if you have a piano and a piano player you can go that route. Really anything that involves everyone. I take it you really aren't trying to set a dating type of environment so don't focus on that kind of mingling.
Charades never goes out of style for large group entertainment.

I remember one church I attended had a valentine grab bag. Everyone attending brought one Valentine card and put there own name on the out side of it. All the cards were tossed in a pillow case. Everyone was able to reach in and pull one card. As long as they didn't pull their own card everything was good. If they pulled their own card they handed it to the person holding the bag and pulled another. Then their card was tossed back in the case and the cards were mixed up again.

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 01/15/2010

When I think of Valentine's Day and church, and young people, I immediately think of the ultimate Valentine: Jesus Himself.
If I were planning this party, I'd focus everything around John 3:16. It was God's love for each and every one of us that brought Jesus to share Himself with us. Every young person (and every not-so-young person) really needs to be aware of this fact.
for place mats, cut out hearts and crosses of similar size and contrasting colors. Glue the crosses over the hearts. Carman's "Mission 3:16" would probably be an excellent choice for background music. If the kids want it louder, all the better!
Sorry, that's about all I have. I suppose you know what your young people like as far as food and drinks go. Enjoy, and God bless!

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