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Rid-Ex Alternatives for Your Septic Tank

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Rid-Ex Alternative

There may be a way to save money on the maintenance of your septic system. This guide contains Rid-Ex alternatives for your septic tank.


Solutions: Rid-Ex Alternatives for Your Septic Tank

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Tip: Rid-Ex Alternative for Your Septic Tank

Instead of using Rid-ex for a monthly solution for a septic tank - use baking soda and yeast and flush down the toilet.

By Natalie B.

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Here are questions related to Rid-Ex Alternatives for Your Septic Tank.

Question: Alternatives to Ridx

What is an alternative for Ridx for a septic tank?

Doris from Moore, SC


Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]06/12/2008

I also was told NOT to use Rid-X by the man who pumped our tank. He says lots of times it doesn't dissolve and you end up with a big chunk of it at the bottom doing nothing. Of course, that could be our northern climate. He also said to limit anti-bacterial cleaners as they will kill the good bacteria too. And to use liquid soaps when possible.