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Indoor Birthday Party Locations

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I'm starting to plan my son's birthday party. Because of the large family my husband and I have, we can not have it at ours or anyone else's house.

I want to reserve a location soon, as his birthday falls on a popular Saturday in June for weddings. It gets above 102 degrees here sometimes, so the park is out of the question, unless I can think of ways to keep it cool.

Cecelia from Fresno, Ca



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By Paula Jo Carr Mebane, NC (Guest Post)12/26/2007

I too came from a very large family, for holidays we rent either the town hall basement with kitchen, or a senior citizen meal site with an attached kitchenette located near town.

If a kitchen isn't needed how about asking the YWCA or the YMCA if they rent a large space...perhaps the children then could use the pool and other facilities.Keep us posted on what you end up doing please, I would be very interested in knowing.

By Noella [9]12/26/2007

Sometimes the local hospitals have rooms that can be rented fairly cheaply also.

By Kim Churchman [3]12/26/2007

Look into renting an Elks or other fraternal lodge. They have wonderful big rooms, chairs, kitchen, everything for very reasonable. My girlfriend's wedding was very frugal that way.

By Christine Biernat [5]12/26/2007

If you want to have pizza on the menu, a lot of pizza parlors will let you have a large room or space for free as long as you purchase some pizza. You can even bring your own cake!

Happy new year!

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