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Board Game Themed Table Decorations


I volunteered to decorate one of the tables for dinner at a church activity. Every idea is different and I chose board games. I will use a Twister mat for the tablecloth and different board games for placemats. I plan on covering the table with plastic so if something gets spilled it won't ruin them. But I would like to do something tall for the middle and I can't think of anything. I am looking for an idea. Any help would be great! Thanks

Tammie from Idaho Falls, ID



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By Janet 1 2 03/19/2009 Flag

There are lots of things you could use for the center.
Kurplunk (probably misspelled),
Mousetrap game that had a lot of pieces to assemble.
Ants in the pants. With the blue plastic pants
Build a house of cards but cheat and tape them together so they don't crash down as soon as the table is bumped.

Or if you can find/make a stand or use a lazy susan the possibilities are endless. I love your idea.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 03/20/2009 Flag

Any game that you can stack or involves stacking like Kajanga(tower that you take pieces from until it falls)a couple of barrel of monkeys stacked. If you did it on a lazy susan, stick them down. Or something even easier would be a clear tall vase filled with assorted board game pieces or maybe a multi twig branch set in Chinese checker marbles or checkers with game pieces hanging off by fishing line or string.

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By Di 14 53 03/20/2009 Flag

If you want place cards, use the cards from Candy Land or Monopoly and write the names on them.
I almost always see small (12 or 18 inch) Christmas trees at the second hand store. If you put the Candy Land board in the middle of the table, you can put the tree on it. Decorate the tree with lollipops, gumdrops, etc. Use the little Candy Land markers to stand around the tree. PS, I love your idea.

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