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Frugal Planter Ideas

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recycled bike planter

Find creative, inexpensive ways to plant your garden flowers and vegetables. This guide contains frugal planter ideas.


Solutions: Frugal Planter Ideas

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Tip: Making Planters from Plastic Trash Cans

When the city converted to robot trash and recycle pick-up, I had five extra 32 gallon Rubbermaid trash cans. I have limited space for gardening, so I cut the bottom half of the trash cans off, drilled three holes (about 3/4 inch) on the bottom of the sides for drainage. I am now growing veggies in the large containers I created.

Now I have five top halves left over. Two of them I have started two compost piles (with lids) at the back of my yard. I turn the compost by simply picking up the plastic trash can upper, setting it down next to the pile, and forking the compost into it. I can turn the pile regularly with ease.

If you want to dress them up, you or your artistic kids (or grand-kids) can use some of that new Krylon spray paint that sticks to plastic. Perhaps camouflage them to blend in with the background. Use your imagination.

By Cebtoo from San Antonio, TX

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Here are questions related to Frugal Planter Ideas.

Question: Frugal Planter Ideas

Ideas for inexpensive planters. Post your ideas.


Most Recent Answer

By Rosemary [4]05/04/2011

I recently bought 3 secondhand washing machine tubs and painted them up. They have plenty of drainage and are strong and a good size and look great. These are inexpensive as repair people who use other parts of the machine are happy to be rid of them and saves them going into landfill, might even be able to pick them up for free.

Question: Cutting a Rubbermaid Trash Can to Make Planters

With what did you cut your Rubbermaid trash cans? I have tried various things and nothing works.

By Audrey M


Most Recent Answer

By Jean J.05/14/2011

I have used a very large bread knife with big saw-teeth. I would mark real well first and cut to inside of line in case ink doesn't come out.Go slow I found it very easy to start but hard to keep cut straight.I got bread knife for dollar at garage sale. I saw one that someone had used leather punch and laced around top edge to spruce up and add touch of house color by front door. Good luck.