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Storing Clothes in a Damp Basement


How do I keep clothes dry in damp basement? I want to pack them away, but am not sure how to keep out mold and mildew smells and dampness. Every time I pull something out it smells and feels damp, or it's plain moldy, especially leather.

By pattygene from Alton, IL


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06/29/2009 Flag

You could try Space Bags. The company says they are airtight and waterproof as well as reusable.

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By Janet 11 720 06/30/2009 Flag

A large plastic container with a good cover on it should work.

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By Barbara Petty 15 106 06/30/2009 Flag

Have you tried using those storage bags that you remove the air with a vacuum cleaner? I believe they are called Space Bags. You can pack lots of clothes, blankets, winter coats and such in these bags, remove the air, and they get flat as a pancake! So you can store many many items, in a small space. These bags are waterproof too. If you placed a dryer sheet in each bag, the clothes would smell nice.

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By CYNTHIA HELMICK 7 07/01/2009 Flag

Space bags are perfect just make sure your garments are ironed and completely dry and use a used dryer sheet (but not over done) especially when storing in a damp basement and in a spacebag.

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By Lilac 20 1,329 05/22/2011 Flag

Unless you use spacebags I wouldn't do it. Personally I wouldn't do it anyway. If you get spacebags you might be able to find room upstairs.

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