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Printable Pattern for Toddler House Shoes

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I am looking for free printable sewing patterns for toddler house shoes.

Anita from Prattville, AL



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By Josh09/12/2008

Some great ideas for toddler crafts can be found here:

By kathy (Guest Post)03/05/2008

Look up "free baby slipper patterns" online. There are 5 or 6 basic designs, most made like the expensive Robeez leather ones. I have made many in fabric. Baby -size I get out of one sale washcloth! also has free tutorials and lots of fabric ideas. You can get a package of the non-slip sole material at most big fabric stores. I have even used colored non-slip treads cut from work gloves at the Dollar stores and places like Big Lots!

By melody_yesterday [213]02/13/2008

i just found this - if you don't like the original you can always alter it a little to suit your needs.
I think they are sorta cute !

By melody_yesterday [213]02/13/2008

Not sure how any of these that are listed are but here they are!
Would you be a doll if any of them work out & post back? And if you get an image to upload of them - that would be great too!

RE: Printable Pattern for Toddler House Shoes

By Mary Lou [14]02/13/2008

Are house shoes like slippers? If so, try googling "free toddler slipper pattern"

RE: Printable Pattern for Toddler House Shoes

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