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Duplicating a Pattern Without Tracing Paper

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If you would like to trace off a craft pattern and don't have any tracing paper, just take a pencil and shade the back side of the paper with the pattern below it, and then trace around the pattern. The pattern will be duplicated. This may not work on everything, but you can trace onto another paper or a piece of wood with this method.

By Harlean


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By Doreen05/20/2009

Lay the item on a flat surface. Lay a new piece of foil over the top of the item. Gently rub your hand over the foil and it will make an imprint of the item you want to copy. I learned this trick from an older Japanese lady in Hawaii about 30 years ago who ran a tailoring business.

By Debbie Ducker [1]10/15/2007

or hold your pattern up against a window with your blank paper on top and simply trace!

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