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Making A Monkey Baby Quilt

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I am looking for a picture of a monkey, very basic to make a monkey quilt for new grandchild. Anyone have one?

Karen from Winona



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By Ginger. (Guest Post)07/30/2008

Sometimes I find & use simple coloring book pictures.

By wichypoo (Guest Post)07/27/2008

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll get right to it!

By Kim Churchman [3]07/24/2008

Google 'Monkey' and choose Image for what type search. Print something off, grid it and go.

By Di [14]07/24/2008

I can't send you one, but I can tell you what I do. I do a LOT of embroidery but don't want to pay the price for one or two patterns. I go to bookstores and discount stores and buy those giant coloring books that have lots of pages. You can find all kids of pictures in a coloring book. I use tracing paper and a transfer pencil to get the pattern I want, then just iron it on. The pictures in coloring books can be enlarged or shrunk as needed and you can find simple ones or complicated ones, even some from kids cartoons. Just remember that when you iron on the transfer, it's going to be backwards to what you see. Also, you can Google 'free coloring pages' and find lots of simple patterns. Have fun! Di in Oregon

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