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Clean Games for Adult and Teen Parties

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What's in the Bag?

Fill a brown paper bag with SILLY clothes, glasses, hats, etc. and pass it around a circle to music as you would musical chairs. The one stuck with the bag, takes something out and has to put it on. Gets a lot of laughs!

Gift Take Away

Another fun game is to have 4 wrapped gifts. Each person writes their name on 4 scrap pieces of paper and you draw names. When all 4 are claimed it becomes a TAKE AWAY. EX: I want Jane Doe's gift. The last 4 drawn gets to keep theirs.

Guess the Definition

One last fun game is to use the dictionary. Divide into teams of 3. Find a definition of a word not commonly used. 2 of the team makes up a false definition and the 3rd tells the correct one. Others guess who gave the correct definition. Example: tintinabulation (the tinkling sound of bells pealing). This sort of quiets things down but is a lot of fun.

By Sharon, KY



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