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Thawing a Frozen Septic Drain

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How do I thaw a frozen septic drain?

By Annelle from PA


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By annelle snyder [10]01/09/2010

Thanks for your feedback. I was away for a week and when I got back the main drain to the septic system was frozen. The pros who thawed the drain opened the 'elbow' cap, drained the standing water in the drains (since I had done the hot water thing for several hours) and then melted the ice with a hose. Time: 20 minutes Cost: $275...ouch! The good thing is now I know how to do it! Expensive lesson!

By gretta [6]01/09/2010

How funny, my husband just ran hot water down the sink drain in the bathroom because the toilet was sluggish in its flushing this morning!

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