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Decorating Ideas for a Jungle Themed Dance

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We're having a jungle/safari themed dance. How should we decorate it?

TT92 from Ottawa, On



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By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)07/26/2008

I would see if any parents can lend you palm trees that they may have potted in their gardens. Clusters of them throughout the hall will give a tropical jungle feel. Failing that, maybe hire some from office supply stores?

By Marie (Guest Post)07/25/2008

Check because they have AWESOME stuff for CHEAP! If you sign up for their e-newsletter, they will send you offers for free shipping. Right now, they are having a MONSTER sale on party decorations!

By Kim Churchman [3]07/24/2008

Hibiscus flowers everywhere, fake of course!

By Elaine (Guest Post)07/24/2008

This may be hard to explain but I will do my best. I just saw at my friend's house a few days ago .........very large palm trees, about 6 feet tall. They were used on a float for their town celebration. This is what they did. The took a carpet roll (very tough cardboard) and anchored it to a base that was perhaps 12" by 12". Then they took the brown lunch bags and scrunched them down over the tube to make the trunk. I think she said she used about 50 but I am not sure. Then she just bought a green umbrella to put on the top. It was darling! Hope I made myself clear. I am sorry but do not have a pic. If I talk to her in the next few days, I will have her send it to me.

By Corinne (Guest Post)07/24/2008

Tiki torches aren't exactly cheap, but a few on either side of the entrance to the party can set the mood. Twist green crepe paper streamers until they crumple and string those about as vines... some can hang straight down form the ceiling or ceiling fans. You can even staple some construction paper leaves on them if you want. Rafia is a cheap craft item you can also use to hang off of things, choose brown and green colors to make the ceiling seem like a jungle canopy.
In high school we had a jungle themed dance and they made a gigantic tree out of butcher paper, forming it around a large pole of some sort. then they hung (real) palm branches around it.
Browse the dollar/thrift stores for cheap monkey toys, attach them to the corners of the room, (up high enough your guests wont try to make off with them-unless that is ok with you *shrugs*)
While you're at the thrift store, buy some Hawaiian shirts (if you can find some) to lay out on the refreshment tables, as a background for the food/drinks.
Plastic frogs can be bought by the dozen from China Trading Company and catalogues of the like. Pin/glue/tape them all over the tree branchs and vines
Find ways to utilize anything leopard print, zebra print, peacock feathers, etc. Rubber snakes?
Have fun!

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