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Create a Garden Tunnel

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Create an easy garden tunnel for your kids. Use 10 foot long, 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe and push each end into the ground to create an arch. The arch will be about 4 feet wide at the bottom, and about 3-4 feet tall. Make another arch about every 2 feet apart. Attach plastic garden fencing to the frame with cable ties. Morning glories will cover the tunnel quickly; you can also plant pole beans and other climbing vegetables. This is an inexpensive way to create a natural fort for your kids!

Garden Tunnel for Kids Garden Tunnel for Kids

By Betsy


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By luna09/09/2010

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen, I wish mine were small enough for it but I may have to do it anyhow.

By Cookie [1]09/09/2010

This is the best idea ever! This will be my first garden project next April. I love Thriftyfun!


By Candy Killion [8]06/02/2010

Repeating what everybody else has said. This is so very cool! Great idea.

By Annie Rios Hill [12]10/03/2005

Good idea and looks like a cool spot.

By Sue from Boston (Guest Post)10/03/2005

I LOVE this idea, and the pictures are great ! My 12
year old son still loves to build forts in the house out of whatever he can find, but this would be fabulous for my front yard.... only trouble is, the yard is all shade, I wonder what else I could plant that would climb so well in the shade... I've got
all winter to plot it out... Thanks for such a fabulous idea !

By Ruth Kennedy [4]09/30/2005

that is soooooooo 4 grandsons would really enjoy that.....thanx,

By Joyce [12]09/30/2005

I love the idea i am going too have too try it. My grandkids will just love it.

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