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I'm a Cleveland Browns Fan and I have a big problem. Over the years friends of mine have bought me Football Jerseys of players who are no longer playing with the Browns, hence making my jerseys useless. I would like to remove the painted on numbers and names, but I don't know how or what to use. The jerseys are either 100% polyester or 100% nylon. Any suggestions?



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By Brenda 25 63 09/15/2005

I can't help you, but some of my favorite jerseys have former players and old numbers on them and I think they are more valuable for the history they represent, along w/showing how long I've been a fan!!!

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By Steven (Guest Post) 11/13/2005

i have a jersey that the numbers are wearing off.. i wear it every sunday for gameday... and i dont want to get rid of it or buy a new one because i love this jersey....does anyone know of a paint or anything i can use to fix this???

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By mema (Guest Post) 12/16/2005

how do you remove numbers from a jersey?

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By Chuck R. 7 67 02/02/2006

If the number is a soft plastic type material you might try alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover) to soften it. Remove by scraping with a butter knife.

To fix number, try painting on Plastidip. But I don't know if it dries soft or hard. It's used for dipping the handles of tools in. Or try using a water proof paint, like an oil paint perhaps.

These are just ideas, I have not tested them.

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By Rachel (Guest Post) 10/14/2008

I would like to know if there is any paints to paint the numbers again because mine looks horrible.

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