Men's Cologne Reviews

What is a good cologne for men?

Erin from McKinney, TX


Men's Cologne Reviews

Try Giorgio Armani and Kenneth Cole Black, these 2 will turn

heads, guaranteed. (12/07/2006)

By Tom

Men's Cologne Reviews

I like BOD Man. Its super cheap, under $10, and my girlfriend

loves it! There are at least 5 different scents available.



By Niraj

Men's Cologne Reviews

Very Sexy! for men by Victoria's Secret. (12/08/2006)

By Elizabeth

Men's Cologne Reviews

A good, light musk scent. Is there anything yummier? I have been

seen following (at a respectful distance) a man around the grocery store, happy in his "backdraft"! (And I'm 76!)


By Exasperated

Men's Cologne Reviews

Polo by Ralph Lauren is a classic and it is fabulous.


By Beffy

Men's Cologne Reviews

My husband and I both love CK1 by Calvin Klein. It's a fragrance for a man or woman. It's got a citrus scent to it, but is light, not strong. It smells really good on him and I've been told by others that it smells good on me too. My husband usually buys me a bottle of it at Christmas and we end up sharing it throughout the year. (12/11/2006)


By Lisa

Men's Cologne Reviews

You really have to smell it on the man! There are many good scents, but they smell different on each person. My son likes Curve and Fierce (Abercrombie and Fitch), I like Gio, on my husband. But there are so many to choose from. I went to the cologne counter at the mall and had a smell test! Good luck.


By Tina

Men's Cologne Reviews

I love the Bod man and every Axe scent I have smelled, Polo is wonderful and so is Stetson. (12/11/2006)

By micksgirl

Men's Cologne Reviews

My husband, teen, and I all agree. Old Spice! (12/11/2006)

By Glinda

Men's Cologne Reviews

If you don't care about cost, the sexiest smelling men's cologne is Paul Sebastian! It's not musky smelling at all. I will follow anyone wearing this cologne just so I can smell it! (12/12/2006)


By sjackie2000

Men's Cologne Reviews

I always like Old Spice, English Leather, Paco Rabone. All will change according to wearer. (12/13/2006)

By kelleno

Men's Cologne Reviews

Issey Miyake
Grey Flannel
Very Sexy
Romance for men (07/25/2007)

By tfaaita

Men's Cologne Reviews

I like the woodsy scented colognes like Fahrenheit and Burberry London. They are 2 of the best in my opinion. (08/13/2007)

By Anthony

Men's Cologne Reviews

Dunhill Desire (Red)
Rochas (Man)
Eternity (CK)
Cool Water (Davidoff)
Kouros (YSL)

Lady killers. (09/14/2007)

By Ahmed

Men's Cologne Reviews

Kenneth Cole Black
Burberry of London
Azzaro Chrome

These are nice. (10/13/2007)

By TRock

Men's Cologne Reviews


There you go! (10/24/2007)

By shahbaz

Men's Cologne Reviews

Gucci "pour Homme II"
Lacoste Silver
Burberry "Touch"


Yves Saint Laurent "L'Homme"
John Varatos "Black"
Zenga "Intenso"

Hands down my fav. Check them out. (12/29/2007)

By David

Men's Cologne Reviews

I love Bvlgari BLV the most, it's fresh, floral, and sweet yet uniquely masculine. (12/31/2007)

By Saleem

Men's Cologne Reviews

The best stuff out there right now is the new Armani Attitude. I knew I made the right decision when the young woman at the counter complimented me on my choice. (02/11/2008)

By Joe

Men's Cologne Reviews

The top 3:

Bvlgari Aqua
Issey Miyake
Ralph Lauren Romance

By Darius

Men's Cologne Reviews

The best for the occasion:

  1. Acqua Di Gio - casual outings and weekends with friends
  2. Kenneth Cole Black- for that formal night or night out on town

  3. Eternity summer - excellent seasonal scent for summer
  4. Lacoste Red - good for all times! (03/14/2008)

By Ryan S

Men's Cologne Reviews

Vera Wang
Black by Kenneth Cole
Romance by R Lauren

a cologne I have been using since the early 90s when it came out: Issey Miyake - for me it always tops the list, but lately I have swayed towards Vera - the fragrance is almost hypnotic!


By A Khan

Men's Cologne Reviews

The most compliments I have ever received from beautiful women was when I was wearing John Varvatos Vintage! Not just the typical "You smell nice", but I received a lot of "You smell
sexy!" Comments. Absolutely worth the price! (03/29/2008)

By James

Men's Cologne Reviews

Hands down best smelling cologne for 2008 is "For Him" by Narciso Rodriguez. The perfume for women is also great "For Her". It's just a little confusing because the black box has the pink


perfume bottle in it and the pink box has the black version of the perfume. Either or both smell great if you want to purchase a gift for yourself as well as for your girl. (04/09/2008)

By Tommy

Men's Cologne Reviews

Versace Man Eau

Men's Cologne Reviews

It depends on the season and your body chemistry.

In autumn and winter is all about:
Guerlain - heritage (musky, spicy, amber)
Creed - Tabarome (if you can get hold of it) (leather, tobacco)
On a budget try Quorum and Paco Rabanne XS

All smell great with a sweater and are deep and mysterious, guaranteed to interest classy women.
They will all make you smell like a man, feel like an alpha male and definitely stand out from the a-sexual, jock Acqua di Gio/Cool Water crowd.

In spring and summer its easy to fall into the trap of wearing a generic, cheap smelling citrus cologne because you want something light. The idea is to not smell like Axe or Lemon pledge. Go for Gucci pour Homme II,Guerlain Vetiver Sport,
Hermes Eau d'orange verte (buy the EDP), or Bulgari Aqua.

Smell good, smell sexy, and stand out.


By Billy the kid

Men's Cologne Reviews

I saw this and it peeked my interest as an IT person because it was called Domain.

By Tanner

Men's Cologne Reviews

Best are right here:

Unforgivable by Sean John


"Jake" by Hollister

These three give you the perfect combination. You have fancy and formal with Unforgivable, sexy with Jake, and everyday casualness with JOOP! (06/04/2008)


Men's Cologne Reviews

Prada for Men is the one and only unique smell out there and I mean it in a good way. (06/26/2008)

By dema.

Men's Cologne Reviews

I agree with a lot of the choices everyone has said so far. I have or know of the majority of them.
Here are the ones I wear:

  • D&G Light Blue Pour Homme
  • Versace Man Eau Fraiche (The ladies go nuts for this scent, believe me!)
  • Armani Acqua Di Gio ( Simply great stuff!)
  • Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male (A little bit overused by some guys, but a great scent regardless.)
  • Bvlgari Aqua
  • Burberry Summer
  • Armani Attitude
  • Hugo Boss: Selection
  • Z Zengna
  • Acqua Di Parma:Colonia Assoluta (A unique scent. Not for everyone.)
  • Canali
  • Valentino V
  • Gucci Envy (I get a lot of compliments when I wear this scent)
  • Lacoste Pour Homme
  • CK Euphoria (Doesn't last as long as I'd like, but an amazing fragrance.)

By Shade

Men's Cologne Reviews

Actually I see that Yves Saint Laurent makes the best perfumes ever for men. BODY Kouros is really charming and special. M7 is nice as well, but with an eastern style (Oud blend), but I like it as I'm Arabian.

M. Micallef also is a really special and perfect perfume manufacturer with a good experience, but a little bit pricey!


By Khalid

Men's Cologne Reviews

  • Burberry London
  • Weekend
  • Summer
  • Kenneth Cole- Black
  • Curve by Claiborne
  • Lacoste red/green
  • Boss- Hugo Boss
  • Polo Sport
  • Blue
  • Explorer

In my opinion these are all good, they are sweet smelling somewhat strong, but they are very nice. (09/21/2008)

By Tim

Men's Cologne Reviews

Oh man! There are a few new ones that are definitely worth buying such as, Diamonds for Men by Armani; I highly recommend this one. I came out of Macy's and some girl asked me what I was wearing. I bought it the next day!
The other good new ones that I liked and am buying very soon are: The One-D&G and Deseo by Jennifer Lopez.(10/07/2008)

By JoeyB.

Men's Cologne Reviews

Versace Man Eau Fraiche is hands down the best and longest lasting men's cologne on the market.

My top 5 are:

  • Versace Man Eau Fraiche
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction
  • Bvlgari Aqua
  • Lacoste Essential
  • Lacoste Style in Play

By Detroit313

Men's Cologne Reviews

  • Issey Miyake Original and Blue
  • Givenchy Very Irresistible
  • Polo Double Black
  • Armani Attitude
  • Marc Jacobs Men
  • Paul Smith Extreme
  • Paul Smith London

I get compliments on all of these all of the time.


By Ben

Men's Cologne Reviews

As a gauge, I'd like to mention I'm a 32yr old male and take tremendous pride in how I look and smell every single day. When I was younger (teens, early 20's) I'd wear:

  • Eternity (anytime)
  • Cool Water (anytime)
  • Curve (anytime)
  • Fahrenheit (night)
  • Drakkar (night)
  • CK One (anytime)

Nowaday's I wear:

  • Bvlgari Aqua (night)
  • Allure by Chanel (night)
  • Reaction by Kenneth Cole (anytime)
  • Lacoste Essential, green (anytime)
  • Lacoste Style in Play, red (anytime)
  • Unforgivable by Sean John (night)
  • Very Sexy for men by Victoria's Secret (anytime)
  • Black ice by H2O (anytime)
  • any of H2O's colognes are great.
  • any of Banana Republic's colognes are also great.

My personal all time favs are Black Ice, Very Sexy, Lacoste

Essential, Bvlgari Aqua, Eternity, and Cool Water. (11/03/2008)

By papagus

Men's Cologne Reviews

My Favorite Colognes:

  • Green Irish Tweed by Creed
  • Acqua Di Gio by Armani
  • The Third Man by Caron
  • Boucheron Pour Homme
  • Escada Pour Homme
  • Unforgivable by Sean John
  • HM by Hanae Mori
  • Pasha by Cartier
  • Pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta
  • V by Valentino
  • Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche
  • Versace pour Homme

By elpidio

Men's Cologne Reviews

I am 35 and have been wearing many cologne's since 18. When I was younger I wore:

  • CK1-anytime
  • Polo Sport-spring and summer
  • Nautica-summer
  • Eternity, Escape-anytime
  • Pleasures-spring fall
  • Issey Miyake-summer
  • Cool Waters-spring summer
  • Fahrenheit-winter night
  • Joop-winter nights
  • Carolina Herrera-winter spring nights

Many of them I mentioned I have received good compliments.

Now I use:(with may good compliments)

  • Kenneth Cole-black-used in winter and nights
  • Acqua di Gio-used in summer

I need to keep up with the new ones out there. Smelling fresh and clean is what women like. (12/24/2008)

By Steve

Men's Cologne Reviews

The only two you need: D&G Light Blue, and Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme.
Drives the ladies wild. (12/26/2008)

By Tim

Men's Cologne Reviews

I got a bottle of Kenneth Cole RSVP for Christmas. I wasn't familiar with this particular cologne, so I opened it and took a whiff, and then another and another. In the past week the compliments have not stopped.

Friends don't let friends wear Acqua di Gio. Every guy and his brother wears that one now. (01/02/2009)

By Steelerssuck

Men's Cologne Reviews

So glad I found this page! My contribution: Dunill for Men (black box). I've gotten compliments from strangers with that one. One came from a desk clerk at a hotel I was staying at.

She looked at me and said "yummy". (But that might not have referred to the scent.) (01/08/2009)

By Doug from Toronto

Men's Cologne Reviews

  1. Gucci by Gucci
  2. Chanel Allure Sport
  3. Chanel Allure Edition Blanche
  4. Gucci Pour Homme II
  5. YSL L'Homme

I really like Chanel Allure Edition Blanche. (01/09/2009)

By Ian

Men's Cologne Reviews

Tuscany and Dirty English, to me they seem to be the two stand

out scents. (01/19/2009)

By hs200

Men's Cologne Reviews

  • Ralph Lauren Explorer - fall/winter/spring
  • Issey Miyake - winter/spring
  • Clinique Happy - summer
  • Bora Bora - fall

It all depends on mood and situation. (01/19/2009)


Men's Cologne Reviews

Surprised no one has mentioned "Diesel Fuel For Life". Too many compliments. Jean Paul Gaultier is great. (02/06/2009)

By Austin

Men's Cologne Reviews

Here's my well rounded list of my personal colognes. Any one of these will do the trick! Trust me on that.

  1. Armani - Acqua di Gio
  2. Armani Code
  3. D&G Light Blue
  4. D&G Classic
  5. D&G The One
  6. Gucci by Gucci
  7. Gucci Envy
  8. Polo Double Black
  9. Versace eau fraiche
  10. Versace pour homme
  11. Canali Men
  12. Canali winter
  13. Creed Irish tweed
  14. Creed Love is Black
  15. Killian Straight to Heaven
  16. Chanel Platinum
  17. Vera wang
  18. Bvlgari black
  19. Bvlgari- Bvlgari
  20. John Varvatos Vintage
  21. Azzaro Chrome
  22. Jean Paul Gautier for Men
  23. Yves st laurent l'homme
  24. Hugo Boss Selection
  25. Calvin klein Euphoria
  26. Lacoste Essentials
  27. Givenchy pi neo
  28. Issey Miyake
  29. Issey Miyake- Intense

I have gotten the mosts compliments on D&G, pi neo, Armani

Code and Aqua, Jean Paul Gautier, Canali, and Versace.
I asked many women the question is it better to wear different

colognes for different situations like events, seasons, clubs, dinners, movies, etc. and most say they don't care. As long as the guys smells nice they're happy. So I would just emphasize my

search on something that just "smells nice on yourself".


By Chris

Men's Cologne Reviews

Gucci Rush is the all time best cologne. Women drool over it and

its very hard to find because it's not made anymore. But one

smell of that stuff and you will agree, I have 4 bottles saved

back :P (02/15/2009)

By Arcamedies

Men's Cologne Reviews

It's hard to take anyone serious who uses Acqua Di Gio or Fierce.

Of course there are always going to be those who need to be told what to wear.

But, for the gentlemen who desire class and sophistication all you need to do is proceed to the Chanel counter and grab:

  1. Allure for Men
  2. Platinum Egoiste
  3. Pour Homme
Be a man, don't go with the flow. Let the Aqua di Gio people over do it. No self respecting person should ever wear Aqua Di Gio, Fierce, Calvin Klein, or Prada. It's Chanel all the way with a few lighter scents of Bvlgari and perhaps Lauder for men will do you fine. (12/27/2009)

By Mangini

Men's Cologne Reviews

When choosing cologne, you have to smell it for yourself and see if it's for you. Then you have to try it and see how it reacts on your skin. My collection consists of:

  • Chanel Allure Homme
  • Creed Erolfa
  • Sean John Unforgivable
  • Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme
  • Creed Green Irish Tweed
  • Creed Millesime Imperial
  • Versace Man Eau Fraiche
  • Yves Saint Laurent Jazz
  • Yves Saint Laurent Live Jazz

This list is in chronological order from the scents I like the most to the scent I like the least. All scents are different for different occasions. If I want to go on the formal side, Chanel Allure Homme and YSL L'homme is the way to go. If I want to go a little more casual I would go with Creed Erolfa and Versace Man Eau Fraiche.

My advice for those looking for a fragrance, smell away! If YOU like it, chances are someone else will like it too :)

Cheers! (03/16/2010)

By gmoney

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