Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue


Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

We heard a lot about this from relatives that had read this article. Thanks for the heads up Rosa! (11/15/2001)

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I would like to thank Rosa for posting her traumatic experience to alert other concerned pet lovers. My 10 month old Siberian Husky, Rainier, ate most of the Gorilla Glue and started showing immediate signs of vomiting, no bowel movement and lethargy-like movements. Fortunately I noticed these symptoms 2-3 hours after he most likely ate it.


The vet told me give hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting and it should all come out. By morning, he was worse. He was having dry heaves, slimy clear saliva as vomit and no bowel movements. The vet told me to give Pedialyte and a laxative and call him later in the day. At this point Rainier was laying and not moving, just panting. I thank God I had my modem replaced at the same time this was going on. I read about your experience and immediately printed it.

I called my vet, explained my concerns about Rainier and headed to the office. My vet read the printout, took x-rays and decided to go in. As of an hour ago, the vet found a glue ball the size of a basketball in my poor Rainier's stomach! The bad news is part of his stomach was black and had to come out, which complicates his recovery. I will know in two to three days if he makes it. I plan to write to the makers of Gorilla Glue about including detailed warnings of accidental ingestion and medical interventions. (09/17/2002)


By yearyt

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

The last bottle I saw in the hardware store, there still is not a warning on the bottle. I wrote to them when this was first posted in 2001.
Susan - ThriftyFun (06/07/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My blue heeler Max got into some Gorilla glue. I found the bottle on the floor of my workshop. I did not know if he swallowed any, or just chewed on the bottle. He was vomiting blood a couple days later, but had shown no other signs. When we took him to the vet they kept him for several days.

The x-rays showed his colon was compacted with big globs. They gave fluids and enemas until he was able to pass it all. I think we are luckier than some, after reading up on it , but we thought we were going to lose him, blaming ourselves for being careless with the glue. This was a month ago, and he seems to be fine now. If you see where they chewed on a bottle, my advice would be to get to the vet as soon as possible.



By Keith B.

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My 1 year old Boxer Roxxi ate a bottle of gorilla glue. We didn't know that it was her until she started to throw up that night. She continued to throw up all night long so we took her to our Vet in the morning. They did an x-ray of her belly and saw a very large mass. They had to do emergency surgery on her to remove it. The mass itself weighed 1.8 pounds and looked like a brain. She had close to 30 staples used to hold shut the incision. The Dr. said that the incision on her belly was the same size which was close to 8-10 inches.

Luckily, they were able to remove the mass before it expanded into her intestines. Basically within 12 hours the gorilla glue had expanded and filled her entire stomach. If we would have waited any longer to get her help, who knows what would have happened. We didn't know what the gorilla glue would do to the dog because there are really no warnings on the bottle. When the Vet called their help line, they told him that if the dog ate the glue they would definitely have to do surgery. I really think they need to put better warnings on their bottle so people know to get to a vet immediately if something like this happens.


So, for something that only cost us $3.00 for a bottle of glue, ended up costing up $560 for the surgery. I will never have another bottle of that stuff in my house! (10/17/2005)

By Amber

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I am very happy to say that Angel (she is not an angel) LOL , very mis named! :-) but love her dearly! She will be 5 years old on Valentines day, and weighs 140 pounds! I too called the gorilla glue company, and the man I talked to was not very nice. My vet also called the company. The man I talked to did tell me to send him a copy of the bill,and he would see if the company would pay the bill, but - since there is a warning on the bottle ,may be harmful if swallowed, there was nothing they would do.

I do like the glue, but believe me, when I have any in the house, I make sure it is no where that any of our critters can get to it. I have seen ads the past few months, where Gorilla glue is now making a glue tape too! I sure hope there is a better warning on the tape! I have not bought the tape, and not sure I will either, until I get a safe to put it in. Not even sure what I would tape, that would be out of the way of our critters. Our vet said as long as there was the warning, harmful if ingested - they had themselves covered. Angel has been no angel! But I am so glad that this warning was posted, and may have saved some lives of other loved pets! (11/22/2005)


By Rosa

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I just want to thank you all for this site. If not for you, when my Weimeraner Misty, chewed the bottle of Gorilla Glue we would have waited for it to pass like the "nice lady" on the phone told us to. Instead we took her to the emergency vet and they did surgery and removed a 1.5 pound mass of glue. Our vet also said she had never seen anything like this and was going to warn other owners about the glue. Misty is still in the hospital, on IV, but we are hoping to get her back for Christmas.
Thank you all again. (12/23/2005)

By Gerty

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Hi Gerty,
So glad that you read this and were able to save Misty. They do have a warning saying to seek medical attention but not why or how serious it is to pets. I think it must taste good or something because dogs seem to be the victims.


To anyone else out there, keep any Gorilla Glue or Gorilla Tape locked up away from pets or children.
Susan from ThriftyFun (12/23/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue


It's April 2006, and my dog is just now recovering from surgery to remove cantaloupe sized glob of gorilla glue from her stomach.

Any updates would be greatly appreciated. I find it amazing that the information I find on this issue, are posted on non-pet related sites like this one. The bottle still does not contain an appropriate warning.

Thank you.
Editor's Note: We've written to them twice about complaints. They did at least put a warning to keep out of the reach of children and pets. It might take a letter writing campaign or some negative publicity to help with this. We first heard about it years ago. (04/17/2006)

By Kay

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My son-in-law's dog knocked a bottle of gorilla glue from a shelf and ingested it two days ago. The local vet didn't know what to do and referred them to the University where they did emergency surgery yesterday, removing a cantaloupe sized mass. I think there should be specific warnings about the glue expanding after it is swallowed.

Editor's Note: I encourage everyone that has had problems with their pets eating Gorilla Glue to ask them for a specific Pet warning. Here is their contact page:


It has been years since we first let them know about this.

By Kathy

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I think we need to take this to another level. Why is there not a warning on Hershey's chocolate products stating that ingestion by dogs may be harmful or fatal? These manufacturers really think they are above the law to allow something as harmful as chocolate to go unmarked!

Come on people, we're adults here. A product that is marked as harmful or fatal if swallowed is obviously dangerous. Is it really the manufacturers fault if an adult allows something toxic to be ingested by their pet? NO!! It is not up to the government or "Big Business" to keep us safe from obvious dangers. (04/29/2006)

By Oscar

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My Jack Russel ingested Gorilla Glue four weeks ago. After being told by one group of Vets that the mass I was feeling was normal anatomy, I took her to a Vet with a Endoscope. A simple X-Ray showed a mass the size of a grape fruit (no exaggeration, I placed the mass along side of a Grape Fruit).

I agree that Gorilla Glue should post on their MSD or label that for what ever reason animals seem attracted to the taste, and let them know to look for masses in the stomach.

I am hoping that we are on the way to recovery, she will spend the next two+ nights at the vets. (05/18/2006)

By Michael B.

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Has this been found to happen in children (human)? I would think that if one child ate it (and that is more common then pets, I am sure!) there would be hoopla demanding a better warning.....even if it just says seek medical attention. Most responsible retailers would agree to that! (05/18/2006)

By Kelly

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Our daughter lost her 18 month old puppy Ginnie today because of ingesting Gorilla Glue. It swelled up, ate through her stomach and intestines, caused seizures and brain damage. Keep this stuff locked up. (09/04/2006)

By MO Mom

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Cary, NC

I am a concerned consumer...and an upset father. Can you help us?

Lucky and Tyler,
Lucky is a one year old Golden Retriever and Tyler is two year old Boxer. I love my dogs very much. It broke my heart to see both of my pets sedated and getting prepped for surgery last night. By 7:00PM, both animals were in cages and I was preparing to say goodnight, perhaps for the last time.

They both ate Gorilla Glue,
in the garage. As the directions say, the expansion of the product when it comes into contact with moisture is extraordinary. I can only imagine what it would feel like expanding in your stomach.

I am aware of the warning labels and the harmful effects of many similar products when accidentally mishandled; however, I am extremely concerned that when we arrived at the VHS Hospital here in Cary and spoke with the nurse, Gorilla Glue has had a frequent history of dogs ingesting it. I have read the directions and warnings, and used Gorilla Glue several times, never once thinking that my pets would be interested in chewing and eating the glue.

I am sure you know what your warning label states regarding the harmful effects to pets and people, but do you think we can do something to prevent this from happening again. Not only am I upset about my dogs, (puppies still), but I am soon to be a father. No one can prepare for every emergency, especially with children, you simply take the necessary precautions and work diligently to keep them safe. Emma Delaney Brush is still safe for now, but I am thinking of not having Gorilla Glue in my home. Lucky and Tyler are recovering, but I am asking for your help. The cost is phenomenal, $2,500-3,500 per surgery.

I am a careful person, I plan my days, my vacations, my future, but I did not plan for this. I know how this may set a precedent for people asking for more and more, and here in the United States, many take advantage.
I know there are other cases of pets, even children having accidents like this, can you help out?

Jesse B.

Polyurethane glue dangerous to pets.
Keep polyurethane glue, such as Gorilla Glue, well away from dogs. At our animal hospital, we have had three cases in the past year in which dogs have ingested this type of glue. The glue does not adhere to the tissue in the stomach, but it does expand, cure, and become rock hard. We removed a volleyball-sized ball of polyurethane glue from a Rottweiler. We have never had a case of a dog eating any other type of glue.
-- Andrew Taylor, Bolton Veterinary Hospital, Bolton, Connecticut

Asa Christiana Replies: Peter Ragland, president of The Gorilla Glue Company, echoed Mr. Taylor's caution and pointed out that the Gorilla Glue label warns users to keep the stuff away from children and pets for the reasons Mr. Taylor states.


Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Our 9 month old lab ate an unopened bottle of gorilla glue recently. She started vomiting the next day, but seemed to be feeling a little better the next day except for a white slime coming of her mouth. When she quit eating, we took her to the vet and explained the situation. The vet had read an article on gorilla glue and said they would need to do surgery the next day. The surgery cost $1500. Our dog stayed at the vet for 3 days.

We are now following the vets instructions which require us to feed him a special food for his stomach and keep her stitches from getting wet. The blob removed from her stomach was larger than a big cantaloupe and she would have died if not for the surgery. Keep gorilla glue away from your pets or small children. We don't blame the company, but there probably needs to be a better warning label on the bottle which explains what the glue will do in the stomach when ingested. (01/01/2007)

By Frank

Finally a Warning on their Site!

I went to their website today and there is a warning, although a bit hidden. http://www.gorillaglue.com/firstaid.htm

Click on "Click Here for More Information" and there is a warning about it causing gastrointestinal distress and blockage and seeking help immediately. There is at least now a First Aid link at the top of the site but the information about the problems with it are still buried. But, 6 years and finally a note on their website!

Susan from ThriftyFun (01/29/2007)

By ThriftyFun

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My 18 month old rottweiler who is a certified therapy dog just got out of surgery where a huge glob of gorilla glue had to be removed from her belly. We have two other dogs that we are watching like hawks and praying that they didn't eat any of the glue. Lady's surgery was $3000. The other dogs ate, drank, and are acting normally. We are horrified at this.

Fortunately when my husband and the vet called the company they were told the dog needed emergency surgery. If the other dogs end up in trouble because of this glue, we're looking at a $9000 bill here. Thank God my 1 year old granddaughter didn't get into the glue. But I have to think that the company would be more responsive had children been involved. Looking at this website , it's obvious that this glue should have stronger warnings about it on the label. I don't keep ammonia out because I know how serious it is as a poison. I would have locked up the glue, if I had any idea that something like this could happen. (02/21/2007)

By Miki Hayes

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I am the poster on 4/17/06. I did not get the same response from the Gorilla Glue company. I was told to keep an eye on her.

She has $2700 surgery with an incision from nearly the full length of her underbelly.

After much research, I discovered that this product has the helpful poison warning in Canada. Check out this pic.

But - had I seen that I would not have bought this glue. Would you have? So that's their motivation to keep the warning off the label. Increased sales.

Nice huh...

Sad to say, the glue did not even work as I had hoped. It expands way too much for most uses outside of wood. Especially when ingested.


By Kay

RE: Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My blue heeler/cocker spaniel Odie ate some Gorilla Glue the other day and my dad took him to an ER Vet and they wanted 2500 to do immediate surgery on the dog. My dad didn't trust them though because awhile back we have a cat with a tract infection and they didn't do much besides charge us 300 to put him to sleep. So my dad didn't feed him that night and prepared as if he would have surgery the next morning. So we took him to the local vet we've been going to for years and the doc said nothing was wrong with the dog.. We started feeding the dog whatever it really wanted so he would poop, so we would know something is going through him. He's eating and pooping regularly and his poop looks fine. So not all cases lead to surgery but always check with your vet because this Gorilla Glue is fatal. Just wanted to share my story. (03/18/2007)

By Sara S.

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My cocker spaniel/blue heeler Odie ate Gorilla Glue about a month ago. At first he was vomiting and then he seemed alright .. Slowly over the month he has quit eating and gotten really picking about what he eats. We've taken him to the Vet to get it checked out about the Gorilla Glue and eventually had to get it removed.

Just wanted to share what I know now. Gorilla Glue is not toxic and will do most of it's expanding within the first hour. The first vet said his stomach acids would eventually break the thing down. After stressing out for a month we got the glue removed. He ate about a teaspoon and it expanded to the size of a softball. He has an cut about 6-8 inches long. He's on a liquid diet until next Thursday.

Questions or anything. S.e.Stinson07 AT sbcglobal.net (04/27/2007)

By Sara

RE: Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My 6 month old pit bull puppy got into Gorilla Glue on May 10th at my barbershop. He only ate a little, he was fine for a month; nothing wrong, no throwing up, going to the bathroom, eating, playing. I called the company to see how to remove the glue from his legs and chest. They said there is no solution to get the glue off so over the next few weeks (the glue was hard as a rock) I had to peel the glue off of him.

It was like waxing him, this poor little guy, I felt so bad for him. I called the vet and they told me to watch him if he throws up -not eating or not going to the bathroom to take him right in,but he was doing the same as always with no changes. On June 14th, he didn't want to eat, he would want to sleep all day long and not playing. This was all of a sudden.

I took him right to the vet. My doctor is great, he did some tests and found out he had a big mass. Well, he operated within 20 minutes, he took out a mass as big or bigger then a grapefruit. I almost died when i saw it. The whole staff has been great with him, they said he never barked once. He is just a loving mama's boy.

He is just coming home today, the 18th of June, I can't wait. Thank God, so far, so good. No temp, no infections. He will have to eat baby food for 4 weeks ,very little amounts a few times a day. I called the Gorilla Glue company and they really didn't want to bother with this. The glue should have a big label on it, but it doesn't. Something has to be done about this glue it's not right.

I just wanted to share my story with other people. If your dog eats the glue, take him right to the vet right away no matter what. I am lucky to still have my baby boy. (06/19/2007)

By Smokey

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Our Dog had emergency surgery today from eating gorilla glue she would have died if we had not brought her in.
Editor's Note: So glad that you were able to get her to the vet in time. It's horrible stuff for pets. (07/27/2007)

By Aubry P.

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

We had to put our dog down last Monday because he ate gorilla glue. He ate a whole bottle that was up on a desk in our garage. We didn't have the money for the surgery and it was so risky so we had to put him to sleep. I would have never imagined that this would have happened.
Editor's Note: So sorry to hear about your poor dog. Our condolences are with you.

They should have a big warning in RED on every bottle that it is fatal to pets if eaten. It's been years that they have known about this and have changed their warnings a little but I wonder how many pets have died. (08/04/2007)

By Billie Jo

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Hi, I wanted to thank you for posting this forum! This helped me to help a dear friend of mine who caught her 9 month old border collie that got a hold of 4oz of gorilla glue, licking happily, with a wagging tail. OMG, of course she panicked and took her to Vet ER, after her vet told her to take her puppy to ER! We had no idea that this glue would expand inside the stomach and that it's not toxic. Thankfully the ER Vet was very knowledgeable and patient. I looked up your website and told my friend, via text messaging, what to expect and send her this website.

They had to wait for about 4 hours for the glue to stop expanding. Gosh, it was bigger than a large cantaloupe...her blue merle border collie, had 15 inch incision. It cost her a fortune, but very thankful for her sweet puppy that she'll be okay. Eating rice/chicken or ground beef for a while. I send this link to friends of ours, as a warning and to be aware of this gorilla glue and what impact it will do for our lovable creatures, dogs.
Again, thank you for this forum, it was life saving and very informative! (09/01/2007)

By DeafPoet

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Thank you Rosa and everyone else. You saved my two dogs. 8 month old Maltese and 9 month old Yorkie.

Yesterday afternoon while I was doing errands I left them in my kitchen and fenced in. I was only gone two hours. They must have been playing and knocked into the table, causing the Gorilla Glue to fall to the floor. They are not big enough to reach it otherwise. When I came home, half the bottle was empty with chew marks. At first look, it appeared that most of the glue appeared to be stuck to the hair on their face, muzzle and paws. I clipped it all off. They acted normal otherwise, so I didn't worry much.

After dinner and about 10:00 pm, the Maltese started vomiting her water, and then her food.

I then Googled "dog ingested Gorilla Glue" and I found this. Because of that, I immediately took them to the emergency vet (it was a Saturday night). They both had x-rays and then surgery to remove the mass. The only thing I can say is incredible after I saw what they took out. The glue had expanded to fill their entire stomachs. It cost me $4500 for the emergency care of my two babies, but they are now safe and will be home tomorrow hopefully. Here is a pic below, they are best friends.

Again, thank you to all who posted messages and please everyone get the word out. This is not well known and the emergency clinic I went to had never experienced it before even though they have been in business for years. (09/30/2007)

By Lynn

RE: Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I had to put my Australian Cattle Dog, Bikini, to sleep last night. She ate Gorilla Glue 3 days ago and began vomiting blood last night. My husband and I took her to an Emergency Vet clinic to see if she was OK. The X-Ray showed that her stomach had expanded 4 times bigger than a normal stomach. The surgery was going to cost $3600 and we couldn't afford it. Unfortunately, we had to put her down. She wasn't even a year and a half. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. We stayed with her while they were euthanizing her, so she knew we were there with her.
Editor's Note: I'm so sorry about your loss. The Gorilla Glue company should have more stringent warnings on their bottles. I refuse to buy their product until they have explicit warnings about it if it is eaten. We've had posts about this for years and years, since 2001. Fortunately Rosas post has saved a few lives. So sorry Bikini wasn't one of them. (10/14/2007)

By Jessica

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Our 1 year old dog got a hold of a bottle of Gorilla Glue and chewed off the cap. I wasn't sure how much she had ingested and thought since she was throwing up that she was getting it out of her system. The next day she was still getting sick and after feeling something crunching under her rib cage, in the soft tissue I had to take her in immediately to the Emergency Vet. The x-ray showed that her stomach was greatly distended. They did surgery right away and pulled out a softball size mass. The surgery and night at the Emergency Vet cost us $2000.00 not to mention the pain and suffering to the dog. I hope other people do not have to go through this. (02/07/2008)


Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My 4 month old lab got into the glue last night. My vet wasn't familiar with it, and told me as long as she was eating and going to the bathroom she would be fine. Well that was at 4:00pm yesterday, around 10pm last night she started throwing up every hour. I brought her back to the vet after reading these posts - and I am now waiting to hear the news. I hope she is going to be OK!
Editor's Note: It's really too bad that this long after there have been serious problems with Gorilla Glue that vets don't know how serious it can become. Hopefully your pup will be okay. (03/04/2008)

By Daisy

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

In reference to several posts admonishing and mocking others for demanding a warning label on this product:
I'm not here to condemn anyone for not having a more prominent warning label up. And yet, if a product is not only known to be harmful but to attract a dog to it, I don't see how anyone can be on the offense towards people who are trying to get these warnings passed through.

Chocolate is a household product that contains theobromine, which is a diuretic and cardiac stimulant. There are varying degrees as to which chocolate is more harmful (with baker's chocolate being the most harmful and milk chocolate the least). Thankfully, due to continued client education and awareness, many dog owners are aware that chocolate isn't good for dogs. They may not understand the degree to which the chocolate consumed may be affecting their dogs, but they at least are aware it could be problematic.

For a household item as semi-obscure as "Gorilla Glue," which I honestly hadn't heard of until a dog was presented at the vet clinic I work at after having consumed it, I don't think it's out of the question to make a notation on the label that it is harmful if ingested and the effects.

I'm guessing none of the people who have posted on this board were giving the glue as a treat. I'm also guessing that none of the people would have knowingly allowed their dog access to the glue, even if they were unaware of the potentially detrimental effects. However, if there had been more of a clearly stated warning on the product itself, I'm also guessing that the glue would have been stored differently and the gravity of the situations understood more quickly.

My sympathies to all who have lost a pet to consumption of this product. (03/26/2008)

By Therese

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Our 8 month old boxer puppy got into a bottle of gorilla glue. He threw up all day and I thought he was just getting rid of it. When my son came home around 4:00p.m. he found the dog huddled at the edge of our property hardly breathing. We called our vet and he said to get him in immediately. They did an x-ray and found that most of his stomach was filled with a hardened, expanded form of this glue. He was rushed into surgery and is now on his second day of recovery. The surgeon told us we were literally minutes to an hour away from the dog dying.

This company needs to put a more obvious, harsher label on their bottles. We had no idea this was as fatal as it could be. They also need to put on the label what to do if ingested by an animal or a small child. God forbid that a child would swallow this. Apparently it tastes like maple syrup and peanuts. Umm.....something dogs and children might be attracted to? I think so!

Thanks for posting this warning. Pet owners everywhere need to know to put this glue up and away from any pets or children. Treat it as if you had a firearm in your house.

Jo Ann F. (04/10/2008)

By Jo Ann M. F.

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Sorry about your loved pets.
Thank you for telling us about this product.
It scares me to think about this. I just
went into office room and put the Gorilla Glue I have
in a locked file cabinet. I will take it out to trash
I could not afford surgery for my pet at this time
and sorry for all your pets suffering. (04/17/2008)

By Annie Rios Hill

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I think it's ridiculous that you expect there to be more of a warning on the label. You clearly saw the label's indication [Harmful if swallowed]. The warning label didn't need to be any more specific. You should have had the common sense to think [harmful if swallowed + my pet = sick pet]. You sound to me like an irresponsible pet owner who is looking to blame someone else for their mistakes.
Editor's Note: There wasn't even that when we started this warning. Because of this post, many veterinarians have been educated about this product. It could simply say "WARNING: Glue expands if eaten, seek immediate medical attention". Sorry, I think the company is responsible for good warnings on their products. Even on their website you have to search for the information. (04/27/2008)

By Brian

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Please, to all pet owners and people with children- keep Gorilla Glue locked away and out of reach of animals or children! It is deadly stuff! Today our Jack Russel Terrier puppy got into a bottle of gorilla glue and ingested only about 1 oz. Despite the small amount, a huge mass was removed from her stomach, small intestines, and esophagus! There was a danger of the glue ascending up the common bile duct and causing pancreatitis as well. This is why it is so risky not to have the surgery to remove the gorilla glue if your dog has gotten into the stuff. My vet said that the stuff apparently tastes sweet, so that must explain why dogs are drawn to the stuff. So to all you fortunate people out there who have not had an encounter with Gorilla Glue- beware! Keep kids and pets far, far away! (07/06/2008)

By Ashley in NJ

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

We just came home yesterday afternoon and noticed our dog had gotten into the gorilla glue. We do not know if he had eaten any or not, but he acted fine at first, then the next afternoon he threw up, we looked to see what he threw up and it looked like the dried up gorilla glue.

I immediately went online to check it out and saw this website. We rushed our dog to the vet, and said everything looked okay but they wanted to take x-rays. Since Tyson was running around, had normal bowel movements and ate a whole bowel of food prior to leaving we are waiting now to see if anything changes.

In any instances, was there any gorilla glue stuck inside the dogs mouth? Tyson didn't have any glue in his mouth and we were curious in other cases, where the dog had to get surgery, if there was glue stuck in their mouth.

Also, If our dog acts normal, with regular bowels and eating habits is there a time when we know everything is okay?

By ssc0074atUNTdotEDu

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I too am experiencing the same problem. My 7 month old Bull Terrier, Lilly ingested Gorilla Glue accidentally. It was left sitting out after fixing one of my son's toys. I immediately called the emergency number on the bottle. The representative said that I should wait till morning (this happened around 7:30pm) to call the vet and she would probably need to have an x-ray to check for a blockage.

Well, needless to say, this did not sound right to me so I called my veterinarian. Lilly was taken in to surgery by 10:00. In a matter of 2 hours and 30 minutes it had expanded to the size of a large grapefruit in her stomach and had started eating away at her stomach! I can't imagine what pain and agony she would have went through if I had just waited like the representative had told me, or if she would have even made it.

We are not totally out of the woods yet, there is still a danger of infection. I pray that hopefully Lilly will recover from this! I cannot fathom why this is not clearly stated on the package how dangerous this can be if ingested by our pets, let alone our children. (10/10/2008)

By Cindy

RE: Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

This is exactly what happened to my dog. When I called the manufacturer, I was told that I should have been more careful where I placed the glue. Some people have sued Gorilla Glue. Rosa, you should sue them too. They've had hundreds of cases like this and do nothing about it. They just don't care!

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

I needed some glue to fix a basket that was on the floor. I go to my husbands drawer and find gorilla glue. Not knowing that gorilla glue wasn't just like glue and much much more powerful, I used it on the basket. I go into the kitchen to wash my hands, then walk out into the living room to find my little westie licking the basket with the wet gorilla glue. I didn't put very much on the basket. But seeing that and knowing that couldn't be good, I immediately called the number on the back of the glue. They said to take him to the vet that it expands.

Wow, I thought I was just using glue to fix a basket not thinking it could put a massive ball inside my puppy. I call the vet immediately and I take him in. They say that he hasn't thrown up or anything and they are giving him stuff to make his bowls move to try and flush his system. They said since he wasn't like chewing on the bottle or anything that he is probably fine and they are watching him. They said if he isn't throwing up or anything then there is no need for the ex-rays. But after reading all of this, I feel I should have them do the ex-ray just to be safe. What do you all think? (01/12/2009)

By Dog lover

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Hello. My dog Jasper is currently in the hospital recovering from major emergency surgery having ingested the product. Here is a picture of what was removed. His stomach was completely distended and the VET had to 'chip' away to get it all removed. So far it appears that my other two puppies have faired better than Jasper, as they got into the glue too. His surgery and recovery will be as Rosa and others posted so we are not out of danger yet.

Luckily I was home today to observe his behavior otherwise Jasper could have died, according to the Vet within 12-24 hours. I concur with other comments that the label is VERY mis-marked in terms of the danger this product can cause and the medical/vet attention that is needed. Once Jasper fully recovers the Gorilla Glue will have cost upwards of $2500! Thank you all for your valuable comments. (02/04/2009)

By Liz

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Well, our dogs got into the gorilla glue tonight. Thanks to all the posts, we realized the urgency to get them to the vet right away. Hopefully, everything goes OK. It will cost us about 1500 per dog. We can blame the glue company all we want, but lets face it, the responsibility falls back on us. If you cut your arm off with a saw, do you sue the makers of the saw? The company didn't leave the glue on the table and the company didn't force the dogs to eat it. I feel for everyone who has faced this problem. It sucks. (02/06/2009)

By Chris

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

This is appalling. Please, please be careful when disposing of it. Wild animals also eat things and likely no-one notices if they're in pain. Perhaps the makers should be made responsible for safe disposal. (02/13/2009)

By Marg. England

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My dog is going into surgery within the next hour.

I had talked to the Animal Poison center at:

They charge you a $60 consult fee but then they give you a case number and a direct phone number for your vet to call. This is great because then you have one vet informing the other vet in their own language exactly whats going on with this product. They knew right away about the issues when I called and told me to take her right away to the vet.

My big question is not about warning labels, more about that stupid flavor. I've seen several places where it says the stuff tastes like a mixture of maple syrup and peanut butter. Why don't they add something to it to make it taste bad. Bleach should be kept away from animals too but it doesn't attract them either.

The big issue is not that it's poisonous but that it tastes good AND is poisonous.

BTW: The ironic part about all this for me is that I'd bought the gorilla glue because the bird rescue group I work with uses it all the time on bird perches and cages and stuff so I thought it was safe to have around animals and had never really looked at that tiny warning label on the back. (02/26/2009)

By Gypsy

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

On Easter Sunday I arrived at home to find my dog Mia eating Gorilla Glue. She had broken through the door to the utility room, climbed a pile of laundry, up onto the washer/dryer, and reached up to pull the Gorilla Glue off of the second shelf over the washer/dryer.

I looked at the bottle for warnings, not helpful, seek veterinary assistance...I would think that is a given. I proceeded to look up the website. It was just as helpful. So I called the ER vet, stuffed the dog in the car, and drove up to the emergency door like a mad woman.

Mia needed surgery. She is a larger dog and ate a large amount. The surgery took almost 5 hours and cost $3,935.00 by the time she was released from the ER Tuesday night. She's on the mend, which is all that I wanted.

The vet told me about what an issue this is, how good it smells to dogs and how much they like the taste. We had just bought it a week ago to fix something and stored it in a room, up high, where no pets are allowed. She liked the smell so much that she (a good dog!) went to all that trouble to get to it. Why can't the makers do something about the smell or taste or both? I don't blame them for my dog being bad, but it would help prevent other dogs from temptation.


By April

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Thank you all for your posts! Our puppy came out of surgery today and hopefully he will be okay. Luckily he was in surgery within five hours of eating a fourth to a half of a two ounce bottle of Gorilla Glue. They found two massive chunks in his tummy and had to be cut open from top to bottom.

There was a half hour window that he ate the Gorilla Glue in. It was in a tool box on the floor that was not zipped all the way closed. He had hardened glue all over his mouth, ear, and his paws. His pads and nails were glued together with his hair. I googled "my dog ate Gorilla Glue" and found this site, which helped me understand the urgency of getting him help. I called an emergency vet that instructed us to induce vomiting, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING! This causes problems with their lungs if aspirated. He only threw up a little mucus and foam (we used hydrogen peroxide).

Within 45 min he was throwing up blood, over the next couple of hours, he vomited blood nine times and became sleepy or lethargic with strange breathing. The er vet wanted $2600 for surgery alone, we quickly, and with their help found a low cost clinic, as we did not have $2600, and they did the surgery and an overnight stay for $1029.
Thanks again for this forum and all of the posts, it has been most helpful! Please think twice about anything that could harm your pets. We are, and we are removing everything they could possibly get into, no matter how far fetched it seems. (06/17/2010)

By Dana

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

My dog is going into surgery right about now and i am heart broken and sick with worry. She is an 11 year old Jack Russell, molly and couldn't be a bigger part of the family if she started talking, we love her so much! I had no idea she had ingested any glue when I found the bottle with the cap chewed off, my dog chews everything she can strip a golf ball in 15 minutes, she usually doesn't swallow things but not all manufacturers make their product taste like maple! What is that about?

Our vet diagnosed her based on this info so thank you for this informative website. She showed no negative symptoms until a few days ago other than weight loss. (I found the chewed up bottle over 3 weeks ago) all the vet could see from the x-ray was that her stomach looked really full and knowing she hasn't eaten we new something was wrong. Her only other symptoms other than not eating or drinking is that for the last couple of days she has been very lethargic, very unlike her so she has been suffering silently poor little dog. I hope and pray we don't lose her!

I love her so much we are all sitting with heavy hearts waiting for the vet to call after surgery. I think we should electronically picket this company until the do something to change the taste of this glue! Seriously how much would that cost them to put an additive in there that would make it taste bad or spicy hot? Anything that would stop this heartache! So far I have spent $2,400 and wont know how much more until morning if she makes it that far. I feel so very guilty that I brought/bought a product that has caused my dog so much misery. I will never ever buy anything from gorilla glue again.

Thank you for reading my story, I am so worried and sad and just wanted to vent to others who have experienced this pain. (08/25/2010)

By Angie Nelson

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