October 13, 2011

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Furniture polish being sprayed on wood furniture.

Removing Furniture Polish Build Up from Wood...Those wonderful furniture polishes can often leave a dull buildup. There are methods and products you can use to remove the buildup and restore the shine to your furnishings. This is a page about removing furniture polish buildup from wood furniture.


Stack of Pancakes in Syrup

Homemade Pancake Mix RecipesThis page contains homemade pancake mix recipes. Pancakes are a great way to start the morning. Having the mix ready to go makes it much easier to enjoy this quick breakfast.


Someone loading dishes into a dishwasher.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent RecipesDishwasher detergent is a necessary but expensive household item. Making your own detergent is a simple way to save money. This page contains homemade dishwasher detergent recipes.


A homemade doughnut being coated in sugar.

Homemade Doughnut RecipesThis page contains homemade doughnut recipes. Doughnuts are a delicious treat for breakfast or as a snack. Making your own doughnuts gives you the freedom to make whatever flavors you enjoy for less money.


A woman typing in a credit card number for an online shopping purchase.

Online Shopping TipsThis page includes online shopping tipsg. More and more purchases are made on the internet nowadays, allowing for convenient price comparison and delivery and payment options.


Wooden Spoon Stirring Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn RecipesThis page contains homemade kettle corn recipes. Kettle corn is a treat that isn't just for the fair and Saturday market. You can easily make yummy kettle corn at home.


Upclose photo of egg noodles.

Homemade Egg Noodles RecipesEgg noodles are simple to make and require very few ingredients. They are great in soup and are a great noodle to use in casseroles. This page contains homemade egg noodle recipes.


Spilled ink on wood surface. There is also an open bottle and a pen.

Removing Pen and Ink Stains from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing pen and ink stains on wood furniture. Ink spills on wood furniture can be very difficult to remove especially if it penetrates the finish. Before you just grab the nearest cleaner make sure that it is safe for your furniture's finish.


Generic Blue Spray Bottle

Homemade Febreze Recipes (Fabric Freshener)Febreze does a good job of reducing unpleasant odors. However, if you use it often it can be expensive. Save money by making your own. This page contains homemade Febreze recipes (fabric freshener).


Money hidden in a china sugar pot.

Hiding ValuablesMany people worry about where to safely store their cash, jewelry, important paperwork or identification or anything else that you want to keep protected in your home. This is a page about hiding valuables.


Bungalow style kitchen cabinet with glass paned doors.

Cleaning Glass Doors on Wood FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning glass doors on wood furniture. Whether you are cleaning an antique china cabinet or the glass doors on a kitchen cabinet, care must be taken not to damage the surrounding wood.


Closeup of Three Hummingbirds at a Feeder

Homemade Hummingbird Food...Hummingbird food can go bad quickly. So it is important to change it often. Store bought foods can be expensive and contain dyes that are not good for birds. This page contains homemade hummingbird food recipes.


Organizing Your Web Browser's Bookmarks, Bookmark menu on a computer.

Organizing Your Web Browser's BookmarksThis is a page about organizing your web browsers' bookmarks. When bookmarking pages on the internet, it can be helpful to organize them. Keeping them organized will help you find that website more easily the next time you need it.



Teaser for Marshmallow Witches

Marshmallow Witch TreatsThis quick little Halloween dessert is easy to make so it's great for parties or just for fun. Kids and adults alike will love to munch on these sweet treats.


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Hot Blackberry SauceThis is a real hedgerow treat!


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Chauncey's Smothered ChickenCheap and easy, and so delicious! This dish makes its own wonderful gravy, perfect served with rice to soak it up.


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Gigi's Easy Potato SoupIt finally turned a little cool here in south Texas with the much needed rain that came and stayed all weekend.


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Roasted GarlicRoasted garlic has such a wonderfully sweet and mild flavor! Not only does it enhance many recipes as a substitute for raw garlic, but it is awesome when freshly baked and slathered on crusty bread.



Young man in the snow in Arizona

Scenery: Snow (Arizona)This picture was taken in January of 2006 in our front yard in Scottsdale, Arizona - where it "never" snows. We heard rain and headed for the windows to take a look since it doesn't rain much either.


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Playing Scrabble with a ThemeRegular Scrabble, although great, can be made more fun with a theme. Give bonus points when someone comes up with a word directly relating to the theme.


Hummingbird Feeding at Sage Flowers

Hummingbird Feeding at the SageThe Mexican sage is a wonderful and very beautiful plant. Hummingbirds love to feed off the nectar in the blossoms. We have several planted around our gardens, and we are treated to hummingbird sightings on a daily basis this time of year.


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Belt As Barrette HolderTo save space and keep your hair barrettes separated, clip them on a belt and hang where convenient.


Dead Tree in Foreground of Landscape With Water

Scenery: Beautiful Central TexasI spent one week a couple of summers ago giving in to my pleasure of photographing nature at it's finest. This is what I came up with!


Handkerchiefs in a Basket

Photo of Lady's Handkerchief BasketMy grandmother always carried a pretty, crisply ironed handkerchief to church or on a special occasion; she tucked it in her purse or carried it in her hand. I have collected many handkerchiefs and had put them away in a dresser drawer.


Pink stir fry in  a pot.

Substitute Salad Dressing for Missing IngredientsI had all the yummy ingredients for stir fry, chicken, surimi, fresh, steam-able and canned veggies, bean sprouts; the works. However, I didn't have any Asian or soy sauce.


Research Before Getting a New Puppy - adult and puppy Dalmatians

Research Before Getting a New PuppyDo some research before getting a puppy. Would you be surprised to find your 12-24 month old child still needs diapers?


Giraffe and Young Woman

Inquisitive GiraffeMy wife, Sue, getting a suprising admirer!


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Display Collectibles Instead Of StoringCollectables need to be shown and not stored away. It seems a shame to collect something we love and not show it. Displaying them is a way to say "this is what I love and this is what makes me, me".


Cut Pineapple

How to Peel a PineappleThis is a great way to peel a pineapple. By doing it this way you save more of the fruit, rather then wasting it by cutting in too deep, it also looks nice cut into slices.


Sparky the Dog Laying on Bed

Sparky (Westie)Sparky is an 11 year old Westie. We bought her when she was 10 weeks old because my 6 year old son wanted a sibling and we were unable to have another child.


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Tea Tree Oil for AcneIf I feel one coming, I instantly get out the tea tree oil. It's not going to make it go away completely. It's a much faster "go away" process than when I don't use it, and stops many from forming.


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Hiding Valuables SafelyI keep several fire and water safe boxes in my home. One is a large one for larger size valuables, although I make sure I don't have many of those.


Pattern for Dracula costum out of 2 sheets

Pattern for Dracula CapeI have made capes out of twin size black flat bed sheets. They're $5 at Wal-Mart. Just find the middle of 1 edge of the sheet, and cut straight to the opposite corner on the bottom. Do the same on the other side.


Muffin tin filled with grated zucchini.

Use Muffin Tins to Freeze Shredded ZucchiniWhen you've shredded zucchini to freeze, use your muffin tins! Simply lightly pack each hole with the shredded zukes. Cover with plastic wrap if desired and put your muffin tins into the freezer until solid.


Cat Laying on Fax Machine

Gizmo (Calico Cat)How often do we feel just like this while waiting for that important fax? This is Gizzy, our 2 year old. My husband named her Gizmo after she had laid her ears flat out once as a kitten while watching a bird.


Deer in Weekiwachee Wildlife Preserve, FL

Wildlife: Deer (Weekiwachee...This is a picture of some deer in the Weekiwachee wildlife management area in Hernando Beach.


Photo of on screen diary, with calories eaten and burned based on type of exercise done and time spent.

Keep an Online Food DiaryMy girlfriends and I were discussing how we'd like to lose some weight for our friend's wedding in February. I've been using a free website to keep track of what I eat and what exercises I accomplish.


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Keeping Pets Warm in WinterWe have 2 dogs and 2 small birds. During the winter at night we don't heat the whole house. We have an electric blanket on our bed and our dogs have an electric blanket under their bed with a blanket on top, too.


Closeup of Green Frog on Wood Chips

Wildlife: Frog (Coquille, OR)While reaching into my purse for the notepad I write grocery lists on, I screamed and yanked my hand back! I'd felt something wet and slimy! I looked down, and leaping away was an innocent little tree frog.


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Memory TricksHere are a few of the tricks I do to help myself remember things: Have you ever gotten half way to work and realized you forgot something in the kitchen you meant to take to the potluck?


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Cleaning Your Hair Dryer for Longer LifeI've found that my hair dryer will last years if I make sure to clean the lint, dust, and hair from the vented area. If the vent does not come apart you can clean or brush it with a stiff brush.


Monarch Butterfly on Flower

Wildlife: Butterfly GardenI have a very ignored flower garden that has produced some beautiful lantana blooms and has drawn a large family of Monarch butterflies this early fall season here in North Central Louisiana.


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Keeping Track of Sites Using MailI bookmark some sites on the computer, but if I only want to go back and check them out later I just add them to mail to myself. When I find a site on the computer that I want to go back and look at, I open a compose mail and paste the URL to the body of the letter.


Crib with side supported by plastic rod.

Secure Old Baby Crib SidesSome of the older baby cribs have been outlawed or recalled. The sides go down and baby can fall or climb out. They are not usable like they were 35 years ago. I wanted to still be able to use the crib for our 2 year old grandson.


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Baking Soda for Hot Pepper BurnsI like spicy food, so I never give a second thought to cutting up hot peppers in my kitchen. I've not invested in keeping surgical gloves in my kitchen for the odd times that I want to cut up a jalapeno.


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Warning: Old Aerosols Can LeakMy husband and I were having a perfectly good evening, when we heard a strange pop. We couldn't figure it out, looked around, everything seemed okay.


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Adjust Those Bras with Bra ExtendersOccasionally, I find that a bra is a bit too tight, even though it should fit. The answer? Old-fashioned bra extenders! They are strips that you hook onto the back of the bra that give you more "eyes" to fasten the bra with.


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My Frugal Life: Living on Love and a Little MoreWe are frugal not because it is stylish or in style. My husband and I are frugal because he works on a cotton farm and makes very little money, and I am on disability, a fixed income.


Bin with dozens of bottles of nail polish.

Embrace The Nails You HaveThe best thing to do, is take some good vitamins. Also, use some good products such as a base and top coat to embrace the nails you have. Acrylic ruins your nails and fungus can get up there quite quickly.


Recipe cards standing upright on base.

Uses for Recycled Daily Calendar BaseI recently bought some 2011 "One a Day" calendars for 1.00. What I do is tear the whole year pad off, read them, then recycle what I don't want to keep. This leaves the base.


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Ask Companies To Honor Competitor's Free ShippingI got online today and through much searching for an hour or so found what I wanted. Store XYZ offered it at $50 with free shipping. Store ZBA offered it for $45 with 8.91 shipping.


A scarecrow and a pumkin candle holder sitting on a sink.

Scarecrow Candle HoldersRecycle jars into scarecrow candle holders.


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Use Balloons as Party InvitationsI used party balloons as invitations for my daughter's sixth birthday party. We invited about six neighborhood kids to the party.


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Homemade Household CleanerThis is the best all-purpose household cleaner I know of. I make a batch and put it in an old spray bottle that once held a commercial cleaner. I keep the extra in an old gallon sized vinegar bottle.


Waltzing Kittens Playing on a Chair

Latte and Ginger (Kittens)Let me introduce you to the waltzing kittens, Latte and Ginger. They are siblings from a litter of kittens. I had decided to take some pictures of the litter as I was going to advertise them for adoption.


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Brewer's Yeast For FleasEach day I give each of my dogs and 4 cats a brewers yeast and garlic tablet and they have had no fleas all season! That's one bottle for dogs and cats!


Frozen Dismal Falls

Scenery: Dismal Falls (Appalachian Trail)This picture was taken at the Dismal Falls on the Appalachian Trail in November of 2010 after a heavy snow fall. The Falls were frozen over it appeared in action and the areas of running water were forced to make their way around the heavy ice caps.


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Making Salads Ahead of TimeI make a up salads for individual servings, ahead of time. I usually make four at a time and this requires a lot of chopping and cutting up celery, peppers, onions, eggs, etc. at one time.


View of Ballynatray Estate from Across the Water

Travel: Ballynatray Estate (Ireland)We had gone down that day to the edge of the Blackwater River, County Cork, Ireland, with our Grandsons to view the ruins of Temple Michael, a very old church.


Peacock Displaying it's Feathers

Peacock (Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, IN)This gorgeous peacock was just one of MANY that roamed freely about Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. It was by chance that I turned and noticed this guy standing beside me proudly displaying his feathers.



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Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend?My best friend is studying in the UK. His birthday is next week, he's turning 22. I would love to send him a gift that he would love and that would say I miss you and happy birthday. He adores cars, especially Cadillac cars.


Tan puppy on  a leash.

What Breed is My Dog?I got him from the Orange shelter and they said he is a Border Collie mix. He looks like a German Shepherd. What do you guys think?


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Safe Movie Download Sites?Does anyone know of any safe sites to download movies to my laptop? Thanks.


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Cactus Pad Recipes?How do you prepare cactus pads? I bought one and do not know how to prepare or eat one.


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Daycare Business Name Suggestions?I need a daycare name with Candy in it. Any suggestions?


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Pruning Cherry Trees?When is a good time to trim a cherry tree?


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Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker #6781 Manual?Please can someone help me to find a copy of the instruction manual or menu for the Kitchen Pro bread maker, model 6781? Thank you so much.


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Getting Rid of Rat Odor in Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers?How do you get rid of rat odor or the smell of the poop that has been removed? The smell is where my cooking pans and cake dishes are stored and in the drawers. I have tried all the different refreshing sprays.


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"Say No to Drugs" Theme Parade Float Ideas?I need an idea for a red ribbon float for a parade. The Theme is " Say no to drugs". Any ideas?


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Milk Stains on Leather Purse?How do I get milk stains off a leather pocketbook?


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Are Chinese Elms Poisonous to Dogs?Are the leaves of the Chinese elm or its branches poisonous to dogs? And if so what problems do they cause?


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Ear Ache Relief?My 10 year old has an ear ache. Tylenol is not working. I have no heating pads and no rice to make one. What can I do for him?


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Permanently Darkening Vililigo Spots?I have always had a patch (guess that's what you would call it) of vitiligo


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Removing Black Marks on Iron Soleplate?How do you remove black marks off the bottom of a electric iron?


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Instruction Manual for Oster Breadmaker Model #4839?I am looking for an instruction manual for a model #4839 Oster breadmaker. I purchased it at a rummage sale.


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Are Mothballs Harmful to Plants?I put moth balls among my bulbs and it seems that whatever it is that was digging among my flowers digs no more. My question is will the moth balls be bad for the plants or bulbs?


Faint lighter lines on wall.

Shaving Cream Left Light Lines on Painted Wall?Last weekend I had a party that got a little crazy and some kids covered my whole bathroom with shaving cream and it left a faint line where it had been sprayed. I was wondering if any of you knew if there was a product that could be used to get rid of these faint lines?


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Stone Jar Pickling?How do I pickle beans in a stone jar?


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Removing Permanent Marker from Tupperware?How do you remove a name written with black permanent marker from a vintage piece of Tupperware? We have tried Goof Off, Goo Gone, finger nail polish, baking soda paste, hair spray, alcohol, Barkeeper's Friend, Comet, and the name still remains.


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Asking a Friend to a Sadie Hawkins Dance?How do I ask a guy to the Sadie Hawkins dance as just friends, without it being weird?


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Obtaining a Copyright?How does one go about getting a copyright on a t-shirt design? Is it necessary?


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Are Computer Giveaways and Jobs from Home Legitimate?I get things all of the time in my Yahoo account, ways to do surveys, make money, free dinner, etc. Are any of these real or just scams? I have been trying to find way to earn money on the computer, but I am scared of these.


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Planning a Parent and Toddler Joint Birthday Party?My child will be 3 years old in November and I, the mommy, will be 30 years old in November also. I wanted to have both parties on the same day to cut costs, but I wanted to go with two different themes. What do you think? Any help in this area will be appreciated.


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Adding Coconut to a Tandy Cake Recipe?I make a peanut butter tandy cake recipe. I would like to convert the recipe into coconut chocolate tandy cakes. I plan to omit the peanut butter and use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Would anyone know if I can add coconut to the batter recipe without any other changes to it?


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Making Housecoat from Towels?Does anyone know how to make housecoats from bath towels? Thanks.


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Overwintering a Gerber Daisy?I have a Gerber daisy outdoors growing in my garden. Can I dig this daisy out and grow it in the house during the winter? I believe that this is a perennial.


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Finding Free Furniture and Clothing?Where can I find free beds and dresses for my children?


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