November 10, 2011

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Two crossed candy canes and a tree shaped cookie cutter.

Recipes Using Candy Canes?This page contains recipes using candy canes. Using candy canes in holiday recipes is fun. You get to enjoy that pepperminty flavor in a number of treats. It is also a good way to use up leftover candy canes that are getting sticky.


Homemade popsicles.

Homemade Popsicle RecipesPopsicles are a fun treat to eat make. Making your own popsicles is easy and allows you to create healthier options. This page contains homemade popsicle recipes.


A dog using a dog door.

Training a Dog to Use a Dog DoorThis is a page about training a dog to use a dog door. Having a dog door can be convenient for both you and your pet. However, not all dogs will feel safe using it right away.


Pumpkin soup inside a pumpkin.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving RecipesFor some people, Thanksgiving isn't all about the turkey or ham. There are many delicious vegetarian dishes that you can served at your holiday meal. This page contains vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes.


A group of external hard drives.

Backing Up Your Computer FilesThis is a page about backing up your computer files. Many people store irreplaceable information on their computer. Not having a backup of your computer files can be costly error.


Partially knit sock over a woman's foot with needles in place.

Knitting SocksThis is a page about knitting socks. One of the most popular things to knit is socks. You get to pick the yarn fiber content, color, weight, and can adjust the pattern for a custom fit. Hand knit socks are also a great gift idea.


Woman with purple rubber gloves cleaning the was with a sponge.

Cleaning WallsPeriodically we need to clean spills or marks on the walls. Or perhaps you are deep into your spring cleaning regimen and want to wipe down the walls. Either way, there are easy ways to do it that will not damage your painted or other type wall surfaces.


A dog jumping up on a woman.

Training a Dog Not to JumpThis is a page about training a dog not to jump. Many dog's think that jumping up is a great way to say hello. To avoid muddy prints on your clothing or being knocked over, it is a good idea to discourage jumping.


Homemade snow globe.

Making a Snow GlobeThis is a page about making a snow globe. There is a simple joy in shaking a glass globe full of water and "snow". You can make your own snowy scene to enjoy by making a homemade snow globe.


Gift basket with green ribbon.

Making Your Own Gift BasketsThis is a page about making your own gift baskets. Gift baskets are as fun to make as they are to receive. The choice of the basket or similar container can also help define the sentiment and theme. You can customize the contents for the person and the occasion.


Rice Krispie treats with sprinkles.

Rice Krispies Treat RecipesRice Krispie treats are easy and delicious. They are also a great treat to make with kids. This page contains Rice Krispie treat recipes.


A man introducing his dog to a father and child.

Introducing Your Dog to New PeopleThis is a page about introducing your dog to new people. Some dogs are leery of strangers and others may be protective of their owner and home. It is important that you keep these things in mind when introducing your dog to someone new.


Pineapple plant with fruit.

Growing PineapplesThis is a page about growing pineapples. Pineapples are sweet, delicious, and easy to grow. Your climatic region will dictate some of the growing considerations, but you can still successfully grow and harvest this popular tropical fruit.


A dog and it's owner walking on the beach.

Teaching Your Dog to HeelThis is a page about teaching your dog to heel. No one enjoys being pulled down the street when they walk their dog. Teaching your dog to heel will make walks more enjoyable for both of you.


Pear melting out of a block of ice.

Freezing PearsThis is a page about freezing pears. Fresh pears can easily be frozen for future use in a variety of recipes. So if you grow your own or have stocked up on sale fruit, consider freezing your excess pears.


Woman dying her hair at home looking into a mirror.

Removing Hair Dye from a Bathroom SinkMany people that dye their own hair have had the challenging task of removing hair dye from their sink. Hair dye stains in your sink can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing hair dye from a bathroom sink.


Wrapped Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day Gift IdeasComing up with a new, unique, and personal gift idea for your mother can sometimes be difficult. You want it to be special and preferably a surprise. This page contains Mother Day gift ideas.


Birthday card in the shape of a cake with candles.

Homemade Birthday CardsThis is a page about homemade birthday cards. A homemade birthday card is not only fun to make, but it is a gift in itself, to receive. Children can make cards for friends and family. You don't need expensive tools to handcraft cards, just basic supplies and lots of imagination.


Parents and Child Playing a Video Game

Spending Less on EntertainmentThis is a page about spending less on entertainment and finding enjoyment from low cost activities.


A cat door installed in an old door.

Teaching a Cat to Use a Cat DoorThis is a page about teaching a cat to use a cat door. A cat door allows more freedom for an indoor/outdoor cat and is a great solution for having a litter box in an out of the way place. Getting your cat to use the cat door may not be as easy as you would like it to be.



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Spenard Glazed Rhubarb TurnaboutA yummy, old fashioned recipe.


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Tuna Macaroni CasseroleThis is a great stand-by recipe that I use sometimes when I am in a bit of a hurry but want a healthy meal.


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Egg and Cheese SandwichesThese are a little unusual, but they are very good! Makes several sandwiches.


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Cherry Cheese DessertYou can use cherry pie filling or just about any other kind of pie filling you like for this recipe.


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Sausage and Potato CasseroleThis is a very simple recipe for cold weather enjoyment. Place all the ingredients into a glass casserole dish and bake. Couldn't get any easier than this and it is much better second day.


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Frozen Cranberry SaladGood holiday salad!



Boy Hiding Amongst Potato Heads

Photo: Where's William?Can you find him? It may be a challenge! This is a family portrait of the Potato Head family that includes a very good friend, William. This little guy just loves playing with his buddies, the Potato Heads.


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Carrying a Purse Can Save You MoneyI was taught, when a little girl, the value of a purse and how to make it a fashion. How does buying a purse save you? Never buy a bag or piggy bank for more then you can save up, is the first rule.


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Ways To Protect Bulbs from WildlifeAs a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and also an Advanced Master Gardener I frequently have people ask questions about keeping their gardens from being eaten by wildlife while not harming the wildlife.


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Gravel For Protecting BulbsDig a hole for your bulbs, press gravel at the bottom of the hole and along the sides, put the bulb into the hole then put more gravel on top, cover with dirt. Squirrels and other wildlife cannot get at the bulbs.


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Homemade Dry Erase BoardStaple a dollar store vinyl shower curtain to a piece of plywood for a quick and easy dry erase board.


Straight on view of finished card.

Button Wreath Christmas CardThis button wreath with red gems creates a beautiful card decoration.


Purple Sky Viewed from Apartment Complex Ground Floor

Scenery: "Inception" Building (Los Angeles, CA)My husband and I were having dinner at our friends' home when they mentioned part of the movie "Inception" was filmed there. I went outside and tried to capture a photo that gave a shape-shifting and disoriented feeling, just like the film.


Two saucers with crushed sugar in the bottom one.

Crush Sugar Cubes For Granulated SugarThis might sound funny, but I will explain. Being a diabetic, I recently discovered that the sugar cubes are portion controlled and better for me than artificial sweeteners, which make me sick.


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Have Wife Choose Her Own GiftThis is not very romantic, but it worked for my grandmother-in-law. Her husband used to buy her electric kettles, saucepans, etc. when she wanted something for herself. So she came up with this plan.


Large dog crate with blue litter box.

Training a Cat Not to Sleep on Your HeadMy cat tried this as a kitten, as well as, waking us to play at all hours of the night. What I did was get a large dog cage and put a small litter box on one end, a padded stool for him to sleep on on the other end, with water and a bit of dry food under that.


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Cut Frozen OJ Containers in HalfI love freshly made orange juice. I purchase it in the frozen concentrated 12 fluid ounce size. Since I'm the only one that drinks it...


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Bone Meal And Screens For Deterring Wildlife From BulbsWe have had the same problems. Last year when we planted tulip bulbs, we prepared the area with bone meal deep underneath the bulbs, as we are convinced that the bone meal is what they smell, and want to dig up.


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Be Cautious When Cleaning Bathtub StainsThis may be more classified as a warning to those of us with fiberglass tubs, but here goes. Be very careful with the toilet bowl cleaners, CLR, and anything that reads that it could etch your toilet bowl, as you will remove the finish a little at a time.


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Homemade Herb ButtersHerb butters can be quite expensive if purchased at a deli or market. A frugal way to enjoy delicious flavored butter is to make your own. It's this simple.


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Planning a Healthy Frugal MenuIt is easier and more efficient to plan your menus rather than cook whatever comes to mind. When you plan your menu out, it is easier to keep your meals balanced and healthy, and to plan for variety.


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Color Coded Computer CablesWhen you unplug your computer as you are revamping a room, or planning to use it in another room, here is a solution to tearing down and setting it back up.


Turkey cutout, colored in blue with cape and eye mask placed on top ready to be glued.

Thanksgiving Turkey In DisguiseDisguise Tom the Turkey so that he is not caught for Thanksgiving Day Dinner!


opening chestnut on tree

Garden: Chestnut TreeMy husband and I just happened to see this chestnut tree on a spontaneous nature walk. Had we waited a few days to take that walk, we would have missed this photo opportunity.


Face Rock Silhouette Reflections in Bandon, OR

Scenery: Silhouette Reflections (Face Rock,...The sky was sunny and bright and my husband and I knew we didn't want to stay inside, so we decided to explore a "new" area! We hopped in the car and headed towards the little tourist town of Bandon, Oregon.


Infinity scarf, finished and around neck of creator.

Infinity ScarfThis is a recycled craft that would make a great holiday gift. I created this infinity scarf from a long dress that I no longer wanted. I used a cutting mat and rotary cutter, but you could use a ruler and scissors.


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Homemade Headboard IdeasA cheap door can make a good headboard. Laid on it's "side", of course, and attached to the wall. Gardening fencing, or garden decorations of metal look good also. Just attach to the wall.


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Refill Your Popcorn At End Of MovieWhen seeing a movie at the theater, I usually end up buying a large popcorn for an additional 75 cents more to get a free refill, but I never really refill it. So, you not only paid big bucks for a movie, but you just lost an additional 75 cents.


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Rejuvenate Hard Bread in the MicrowaveHard French bread (or other) can be made fit to eat by putting in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. If the bread is VERY stale and hard, then sprinkle some water on the bread to help soften it.


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Getting Rid of Tent CaterpillarsOne way to get rid of these caterpillars is to simply crush them. This method is outlined in this video. He's doing it with gloves on, which would be a little gross.


Black test strip container with some coins in front

Repurposing Testing Strip TubesHaving to test my sugar daily leaves me with these wonderful little tubes that seal down really well. They are smaller than old film tubes, so you can't put quarters in them.



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Buying Saline Solution?What is the difference between saline solution for eyes and saline solution for contacts?


Pygmy marmoset on person's finger with article about same in background.

Pygmy Marmoset?Has anyone ever seen such a monkey? It is finger sized. If you have been to Brazil or Peru, especially, perhaps you are familiar with this species. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Shopping for Olive Pimento Cheese Spread?I would like to buy olive pimento cheese spread in the jar. I can't find it in the store anymore, only old English and pimento. Does anyone know where I can find it? Is it still made?


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Storybook Themed Parade Float Ideas?I need some ideas for a float that has a storybook theme. It is for a football team.


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Keeping Squirrels Out of a Tree?I have a ornamental pear tree in front of my house. The squirrels make so much mess. Is there a way to stop them from coming on the tree?


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Shopping for Wonder Balls Candies?Where can I buy the Wonder Balls candies?


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Sears Kenmore Elite Not Dumping Ice?I have a Kenmore Elite Model 106.58972700 and it does not make ice, but has frozen ice in the top waiting to be dumped. Now the meat part seems to be freezing in the drawer of the refrigerator. I am not sure if the two are from the same trouble.


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Junior Leavers School Party?I am looking for ideas on organising a junior end of year school leavers party. Any suggestions?


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Lemon Tree Scale?How do I cure scale on my lemon tree?The branches have a green slime and a fungal scale 30mils in diameter on average is present on the branches.


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Treating a Dog with a Thorn?Could I use Watkins salve to draw a thorn out of my dog's paw?


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Eliminating Cockroaches Without Toxins?We have cockroaches in our apartment. Is there a way we can safely exterminate them, as we have two babies less than five months old in the house?


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