November 16, 2011

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Photo of felt mittens.

Making Felt MittensThis is a page about making felt mittens. Felt mittens make cute holiday decorations. They are a simple kid-friendly craft and there are endless decorating possibilities.


Photo of an angel craft made form used dryer sheets.

Making Dryer Sheet AngelsThis is a page about making dryer sheet angels. Instead of throwing your used dryer sheets away, use them to make these adorable decorations. The finished project resembles a stained glass angel.


A plate of cranberry nut salad with orange zest.

Cranberry Salad RecipesCranberries are good in salads, either fresh or dried. They can be sweet or savory and are often served at Thanksgiving or Christmas meals. This page contains recipes for cranberry salad.


Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Disposing of Compact Fluorescent Light BulbsThis is a page about disposing of compact fluorescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent lightbulb are a great energy saving option for lighting your home or office. However they must be disposed of properly due the trace amount of mercury they contain.


A person washing their hands with soap.

Saving Money on Hand SoapThis is a page about saving money on hand soap. With numerous bathrooms or large families, hand soap can be expensive. Although it is a necessity, there are ways you can save money on it.


Yellow Plastic Container on White Background

Uses for Plastic PackagingThis is a page about uses for plastic packaging. Many items we buy at the supermarket or department store these days comes with plastic packaging around it one way or another. Depending on the shape and size of the packaging, it could be useful for something else.


Two tickets to a special event.

Saving Money on TicketsThis is a page about saving money on tickets. Getting tickets to plays, movies, concerts, sporting events or other special events can be expensive. Here are some tips for cutting the costs.


Laundry Tips and Tricks, Dirty Laundry in a White Basket

Laundry Tips and TricksLaundry is a necessary chore that many people dread. There are lots of ways to speed up the process, remove stains better, and make your life a little easier. This is a page about laundry tips and tricks.


Uses for Coffee Filters, Coffee filter on a brown background.

Uses for Coffee FiltersThis is a page about uses for coffee filters. There are so many uses for coffee filters besides making coffee. They are great for cleaning, crafts, and organizing items just to name a few.


Reusing Dryer Sheets, Cute snowmen made out of reused dryer sheets.

Reusing Dryer SheetsThis is a page about reusing dryer sheets. Why throw out your fabric softener sheets after they are done softening your clothes. You reuse them in various ways, such as cleaning or crafts or even put them back in the dryer.


Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth.

Cleaning EyeglassesThis is a page about cleaning eyeglasses. Anyone with eyeglasses knows that they can require constant cleaning. Proper cleaning will ensure that your lenses are smudge-free.


A cup of hearty minestrone soup.

Minestrone Soup RecipesA classic Italian soup containing pasta, beans and veggies, minestrone is the perfect cold weather comfort food. This page contains recipes for minestrone soup.


An electrical cord plugged into an outlet.

Keeping Pets from Chewing on Electrical CordsThis is a page about keeping pets from chewing on electrical cords. It is not uncommon for pets to chew on electrical cords around the house. For obvious reason it is important the owners prevent that behavior.


A group of kids with their dad preparing tacos for a quick weeknight dinner.

Quick Meal Ideas for Busy FamiliesBetween school, work, fitness, sports and clubs, getting meals on the table can be a chore. Find ways to make quick healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. This is a page about quick meal ideas for busy families.


A shiny pile of gold chains, rings and other jewelry

Cleaning Gold JewelryThis is a page about cleaning gold jewelry. One reason that gold rings, bracelets, watches and chains retain their value is because they clean up easily and beautifully.


Organized Cookbooks on a Shelf

Organizing CookbooksThis is a page about organizing cookbooks. If you love to cook you probably have a small library of cookbooks, each with their own way of sorting the recipes they have. Keeping your cookbooks organized will make it that much easier to find the recipes you want.


A bowl of hearty black bean soup with a sprinkling of cheese.

Black Bean Soup RecipesThis page contains recipes for black bean soup. Soups made with black beans are often spicy and flavorful. They are common in Southwestern, Mexican, Cajun and vegetarian cooking.


Uses for Unmatched Socks, Small Pile of Unmatched Socks

Uses for Unmatched SocksThis is a page about uses for unmatched socks. After the laundry is all done, there always seems to be a small pile of socks that the matches never show up for. Instead of throwing out those mismatched socks, find a way to use them in a different way around the house.


Three Steel Cookie Cutters on a White Background

Creative Uses for Cookie CuttersThis is a page about creative uses for cookie cutters. Cookie cutters can be used for more than just making cookies. Their variety of shapes and sturdy construction make them perfect for use with other foods and many types of craft projects.


Rock Background with Weeds

Getting Rid of Weeds in RocksWhether it's for a walkway or simply decorative, a rock area can easily become overrun with weeds. Eliminating those weeds can be a real chore. This is a page about getting rid of weeds in rocks.


Man Delivering a Fragile Package

Tips for Shipping PackagesThis is a page about tips for shipping packages. Many of us ship packages throughout the year but the holidays can be especially busy for shipping. Save time and money, and ensure your parcel gets there on time and in one piece by planning ahead and packaging it properly.


American Girl Doll With White Hat, Braids and Sweater

Making Clothes for an American Girl DollThis is a page about making clothes for an American Girl Doll. An American Girl doll is an expensive investment. You can save money on additional clothing by making your own.


Plastic cookie cutters in use.

Cleaning Cookie CuttersThis is a page about cleaning cookie cutters. Although cookie cutters can make wonderful intricate designs for cutout cookies, they can be difficult to clean. Metal ones can get rusty and even plastic ones can get dough stuck in small parts.


A slice of birthday cake with a half candle.

Celebrating a Half BirthdayThis is a page about celebrating a half birthday. It can be hard to wait an entire year for your birthday. A half birthday can be celebrated at the six month mark for toddlers or school children who may have a summer or Christmas break birthday.



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Chinese Chicken LiversYou might have had a similar dish at Chinese buffets. I love it. This is my version.


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Ham and RiceEasy and yummy to make!


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Black Bean SoupThis soup is made with my favorite kind of bean, other than green beans, of course. :) This tastes great!


Glass bowl of sweet potato crisps

Sweet Potato ChipsI am always looking for ways to preserve food and make it delicious. I was given a bag of huge sweet potatoes and decided to dry them. My first attempt was not that great to eat as a snack, so a friend suggested cinnamon and brown sugar - yum!


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Cherry Cheesecake TartsThese are so good and they are also very festive. Love almost anything with cherry pie filling in it!


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Tomato SaladThis is one of my favorites! Love the tartness to this recipe!



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Precook Bacon For Fast BreakfastsWe like to have breakfast at home. We prefer to have a piece of bacon with toast and an orange for breakfast when in a hurry, but prep could take a considerable amount of time and cause a mess.


Rice pot with a towel under the lid.

Prevent Gummy Rice with a TowelAfter steaming rice, remove pan from heat. Place folded cloth towel over the saucepan, replace the lid, set aside for 5 to 10 minutes. Towel will absorb moisture so you will have rice with no mush.


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Use Granite Footstone for MarkerWhen we bury our dogs, we buy them a granite tombstone from the funeral home. They are the footstones, that are used at the foot of graves. We have our pet's name engraved on it.


Drawing of Scooby the Dog

Scooby (Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix)Scooby is a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I was at the animal shelter in a nearby town looking for a small dog as a companion to our 7lb Yorkie, Baby. Our beloved Schnoodle had just passed away and Baby was grieving so much missing him.


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Make a Thanksgiving ScrapbookPut together an individual Thanksgiving scrap/cookbook, since this holiday is all about cooking and gathering together with family and friends. Mine would be filled with photos of people gathered at the table for dinner on different Thanksgivings.


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Combine Bread and Cornbread StuffingI use one package of bread stuffing and one package of corn bread stuffing. I follow instructions on packages using chicken broth.


Black and tan tabby cat.

Beware Wild Animals Looking For Winter HomesIt's fall and opossums are heading your way. Do not provide winter housing for them. The young are cute, but right behind come the parents.


Cash in Envelope

Budget with Envelope SystemCredit cards have only been here since the middle of last century, for hundreds of years before it was cash, barter or credit balance payable at the end of each month in full.


Shannon Falls British Columbia

Scenery: Shannon Falls (British Columbia)To be thrifty, our family only took one small 4 day holiday this summer and drove to Whistler, BC which is about a three hour drive from our house. On our way home, we stopped in the town of Squamish for lunch and visited Shannon Falls.


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Vinegar in the Rinse CycleMy child is always leaving towels lying around on the floor, or the furniture. They are never dry when she drops them where she does.


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Protect Electrical Cords With Rubber HosesUse rubber hose according to size and amount of cords you are trying to keep from getting chewed by animals. This will protect your cords also when moving, from nicks that may occur. Just mark with fingernail polish what the cord is for.


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Odoban for Musty OdorsI use "OdoBan" in my final rinse. It makes towels, (and all my laundry) smell fresh wonderful. For stubborn musty odors in clothing, I turn off the washer, and let the final rinse soak for thirty minutes or so.


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Thumb Drive for Regular Backups"Thumb drives," also known as "flash drives," are very inexpensive and plug into any available USB port on your computer. I don't have a lot of important files to back up, but I learned that frequent backups matter. During last July's heatwave, my old hard drive was fried.


Woman in Card Clown Party Costume

Pack Of Cards CostumeIn South Africa, we do not really celebrate Halloween, but that does not mean that we do not enjoy dress-up parties! A few weeks ago I was invited to a birthday, and the theme was a "P-Party."


Chloe the Poodle Looking up at Camera

Chloe (Poodle)I was in a reminiscent mood yesterday and pulled out all of the photo albums. This photo in particular gave me oodles of forgotten giggles and I just have to share the giggles with you.



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Discontinued Wallpaper: Verdigris by Sandpiper Pattern #PT12505?I am seeking 6-7 rolls of Verdigris wallpaper by Sandpiper. It was in book CS1461 and was pattern PT12505 I believe. Thanks for your help.


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Recipes for Cooking Small Entrees in Muffin Tins?Does anyone have a website where I can find some recipes that accommodate cooking small entree servings within a muffin tin?


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Growing Hair Faster?I live in Sri Lanka so it's very hard to get extensions. I am eager to know how grow the hair very fast. I have naturally thick hair. I want to grow my hair longer in 3 days at least. I would like to know how to grow the hair 1cm a day. Please help.


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Making a Potato Bead Necklace?How long do you let your potato beads dry before painting them?


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GMC Truck Heater Blower Not Working?I replaced the blower motor on my 2005 GMC Sierra truck. I also replaced the resister. The motor only blows once in a while on level 5 when I am driving. What could it be?


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Ideas for 4H Sewing Project?I need a 4-H project for sewing. Any suggestions?


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Samsung TV Stopped Working?Exactly (to the day) 2 years after purchasing it, our Samsung 46 inch TV went out. The satellite TV box is fine, but the picture had "hung" with the weather, so we decided to turn off the TV until the weather passed. Nothing else was affected, just the satellite picture.


Home Remedy for Mange?How do I get rid of mange on my dog, by doing it the home remedy way?


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Silestone Countertop Color Advice?I have white cabinets, dark kitchen, and wood flooring. What color Silestone should I choose for the countertops?


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Refilling HP Cartridges?Can you refill HP cartridges?


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Arm and Hammer Washing Soda for Cleaning Wallpaper?Will this hurt my washable wallpaper at all? I put in a 1/2 cup of it to a small container of hot water, a small Sun Oxygen tub size. I want to know if it will hurt the paper or the linoleum floor as it drips on it. It looks cleaner by the way!


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Discontinued Village Wallpaper Border #5804157?I am looking for discontinued Village border. It has gold/green/mauve/reddish green leaves and gold on top with scant reddish/mauve flowers. I ran out and need to buy some. Thanks.


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Cleaning Plexiglass Shower Doors?What is the product that cleans plexiglass shower doors?


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Buy Now Pay Later Internet Websites Selling Scooters?I am looking for a buy now pay later website selling scooters. Any suggestions?


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Using Glue When Reupholstering a Rocking Chair?Has anyone ever used fabric and a glue gun to recover an old rocking chair. I read it somewhere that it works. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


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Potato Bugs in Basement?How do I get rid of potato bugs coming into the basement wash room?


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Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns?Where can I find patterns for Barbie doll clothes for my granddaughters?


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Splicing Garden Plants?How do I splice plants?


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Making a Temporary Fireplace?What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a neat fireplace to use for a few hours?


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