November 23, 2011

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Saving Money on Fishing

Saving Money on FishingThis is a page about saving money on fishing. Fishing is a fun hobby for many people. However, it can get expensive if you are not careful to watch how much you are spending.


Saving Money On Books, Stacks of old books at a flea market or used book sale.

Saving Money On BooksThis is a page about saving money on books. There are many ways to get free or cheap books for hardcover, paperback, children's, educational or even e-books.


Cleaning Boat Seats

Cleaning Boat SeatsThis is a page about cleaning boat seats. Get your boat seats clean and ready to use for yourself and guests on your boat.


Grilled Eggplant

Recipes Using EggplantThis page contains recipes for eggplant (aubergine). This versatile purple vegetable is related to squash and is common in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.


Canning Raspberries, Raspberry Jam Recipes. Canning Tips and Tricks. Jar of Jam Being Pulled from Canner

Raspberry Jam RecipesRaspberry jam is a wonderful addition to morning toast, a peanut butter and jam sandwich or many other dishes. This page contains raspberry jam recipes.


Homemade Wood
Floor Cleaner Recipes

Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipes This is a page about homemade wood floor cleaner. Save time and money by making your own wood floor cleaner.


A row boat floating in the water.

Buying an Environmentally Friendly BoatThis is a page about buying an environmentally friendly boat. Owning a boat can be fun and you don't have to harm the environment to use it if you shop carefully.


Grandmother showing her granddaughters how to make muffins.

Making Videos of Family RecipesThis is a page about making videos of family recipes. Videos have much more information and personality than a written recipe. Take time now to capture your parents, grandparents or other family members on video making your favorite recipes.


red putty egg

Removing Silly Putty from HairThis is a page about removing Silly Putty from hair. Getting Silly Putty out of hair can be difficult. Before you cut it out, there are other things to try.


A small dining and living room in a doll house.

Making Doll FurnitureThis is a page about making doll furniture. Whether you purchase kits to make realistic dollhouse furniture or help kids make it out of recycled materials, making doll furniture can be fun.


A jar of hard boiled eggs in a pickling solution.

Pickled Eggs RecipesPlacing hard boiled eggs in a brining solution is an old fashioned way to preserve them. They are tasty on salads or as a snack. This page contains recipes for pickled eggs.


Freezing Rice, Wooden Spoon Scooping Rice

Freezing RiceThis is a page about freezing rice. Freezing rice is a great way to store extra rice you may have prepared.


Selecting Good Strawberries. Storing Strawberries.Bunch of Ripe Red Streawberries

Selecting Good Strawberries? This is a page about selecting good strawberries. Selecting the best ripe strawberries will ensure they are eaten up quickly.


Freezing Strawberries

Freezing StrawberriesThis is a page about freezing strawberries. Freezing strawberries is a perfect way to store them for usage later.


Uses for Plastic Pop Bottles

Uses for Plastic Pop BottlesThis is a page about uses for plastic pop bottles. Finding other uses for plastic pop bottles helps prevent them from ending up in the landfill.


Fish Buying Tips

Fish Buying TipsThis is a page about fish buy tips. Buying fresh fish will give your dishes the best nutrients and flavor.


A bowl of homemade chicken soup.

Freezing Individual Portions of SoupThis is a page about freezing individual portions of soup. When you make a large pot of homemade soup, sometimes it can be difficult to eat it all. A great way to store it is to freeze it for future lunches.


A comic book cover featuring Wolverine, with the Incredible Hulk.

Making a Wolverine CostumeThis is a page about making a Wolverine costume. This well know character from Marvel's X-Men comic books has been featured in movies and cartoons as well, with different costumes over the years.


red putty egg

Removing Silly Putty Stains from MicrofiberThis is a page about removing silly putty stains from microfiber. Silly putty can be tough to get stains from silly putty our of fabric, especially microfiber.


A person making salad dressing at home.

Salad Dressing RecipesThis page contains recipes for salad dressing. It is easy to make a basic salad dressing at home with spices and kitchen staples like mayonnaise, vinegar, oil and other condiments.



A pug dressed up for Thanksgiving as a Pilgrim.

Mr. Gizzy (Pug)Here is Mr. Gizzy. Thank God For Rescue! Happy Thanksgiving!


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Homemade OxicleanMake your own oxi-clean using 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup peroxide, 1 cup warm water. Mix in a jar and shake well. Add it to your regular load, or pre-soak for the night. Works really well on stains! We love it. This works as well as store brand.


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Frugal Refurbished EreaderYou may not consider the purchase of an ereader as frugal but in my case, it is. Our "local" library is 60 mile round trip. Then the books have to be returned. Consequently I've not been able to enjoy reading a book in several years.


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Iron Cleaner For Curling IronsUse iron cleaner to clean a sticky curling iron and flat iron.


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Thanksgiving Leftover BowlWondering what to do with all the leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast? This is a real family favorite, kind of a home version of KFC's mashed potato bowls.


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Unscented Baby Powder or Corn Starch For HivesI have the same problems as you do. I get relief by applying a mixture of unscented baby powder and corn starch to the affected areas.


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Sewing Tips and ResourcesOnce upon a time, every young girl (and a few boys starting in the mid-seventies) took a class at school called 'Home Economics'. The class was required for a time as part of the curriculum.


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Fitting In When You Move To A New TownWhen I moved to the small town I currently live in (population under 3000), I had extreme difficulty finding businesses and organizations. Not only was the town small, but they were also clicky and tight. I was an outsider, and just didn't fit in.


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Persian Veggie SaladThis was my first favorite salad, as far as I can remember. I used to beg my mum to make it for me as a young girl. In Iran, it's popular as a summer salad but I make it year round.


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Use Coffee Filters To Dry SeedsLine dinner plates with coffee filters to dry flower and garden seeds. When the seeds are dry, discard the coffee filters and store the seeds in a container lined with coffee filters.


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My Frugal Life: If In Doubt, Don't!I have been working since I was 15 years old and I am now 51. Knowing how to stretch a dollar is a lesson I learned early. My older sister was a seamstress and she taught me how to sew.


Up close photo of groundcover.

Choosing the Right GroundcoverGroundcovers are useful for covering large areas in the landscape. They can also be useful for solving specific landscaping problems, like replacing grass in shady locations, providing erosion control on steep slopes, and providing cover in spaces where it's difficult to mow.


Closeup Shiloh the Cat

Shiloh (Domestic Short Hair)Shiloh is a 13 year old domestic short hair. I foster cats and kittens from the Wisconsin Humane Society. Thirteen years ago I fostered Shiloh and his siblings.



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Baking with Self Rising Flour?Do you put baking soda in self rising flour?


Raising Budgies?I have a female budgie and I wouldn't mind if she laid a few eggs, but I wouldn't take them away until she abandons them. How long will she keep her (infertile) eggs before she lets them go?


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Using Tide to Remove Moss on Roof?I have a three tab asphalt composition shingle roof. If I use Tide with bleach and spread it by hand all over my roof, I understand it will damage my roof. However, how long will it take a week, month, year, or one to four days to get rid of the moss?


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Planting Tulips for May Blooming?I am wanting tulips in flower in pots for table decorations for May 19th! I have bought 'Donald Duck' (Greigii) variety which states that there will be flowers in May (12 ins) and 'Double Red Riding Hood' (Greigii), with flowers Apr/May (12 ins).


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Storing and Organizing Fabrics?I'd like to know any suggestions for storing and organizing fabrics. I have bolts and bolts of it, probably close to 100 bolts or folds of fabric. Right now it's all in huge TV boxes and 30 gallon plastic containers.


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Shopping for Sofa Sleeper Springs?Where can I buy new springs for my sofa sleeper?


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Bleach Stain on Formica Countertop?Bleaching a Formica counter top for me has been awful. I thought it was a stain from someone setting something on it, so I soaked the spot with bleach and it got worse. Now I have the same stain only bigger. It's frustrating. If anyone knows what to do please let us know.


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Drying Wild Onion Tops?This time of year I have an area of my lawn that grows wild onions. The tops are very thin. Can these be dried and and added to cooking and therefore be eaten? Would this be the same as the ones you can purchase in stores?


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Best Carpet for a Home With Cats?We have three cats who sometimes claw at the carpet even though we have a couple of sizable alternate places they can scratch that have been sprinkled with catnip in the past.


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Removing Pet Urine from Area Rug?What do I need to use to remove pet urine from a area rug? It is a bright colored area rug with reds and blacks.


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