February 13, 2012

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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake RecipesThis page contains chocolate cake recipes. Chocolate cake is a favorite dessert choice. There are hundreds of recipes for making this delicious confection.


Photo of a egg and cheese omelette.

Omelette RecipesA wonderful, healthy breakfast or brunch can be centered around an omelette filled with a wide variety of veggies, meat, and cheese. This page contains omelette recipes.


finished bracelet

Making Paper BeadsThis is a page about making paper beads. Paper bead making is a fun, eco-friendly craft. What a great way to create beautiful jewelry, embellishments, decorations using colorful recycled paper such as magazines and junk mail.


Cat teapot cozy.

Making a Cat Tea CozyThis is a page about making a cat tea cozy. Tea cozies are not only useful but also very decorative. Making your own cat themed cozy makes for a fun craft that is sure to bring a smile to your face and lots of compliments.


litterbox in kids' bathroom.

Homemade Cat Litter IdeasThis is a page about homemade cat litter ideas. Many cat owners prefer to make their own cat litter, rather than buy the commercial varieties available at the store.


Baked Flounder

Baked Fish RecipesSeasoning, temperature and cooking time are important in creating the perfect baked fish dinner. This page contains recipes for baked fish.


How To Recycle Paper

Making Recycled PaperThis is a page about making recycled paper. While a bit messy, making recycled paper can be a fun activity for young and old alike. Then there are so many craft and other uses for your handmade paper.


Lightbulb Ornament

Recycled Light Bulb Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about recycled light bulb Christmas ornaments. Old incandescent light bulbs can be used to make a variety of craft projects. They lend themselves very well to Christmas ornaments.



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Tomato For Onion or Garlic Smell On HandsAfter cutting onions or garlic, use a tomato to wash your hands (it doesn't have to be immediately). Some people say minty toothpaste does the job, but it's never worked for me.


Bread in pans after being baked.

Bake Bread With Your GrandchildrenAs a grandparent, I want to teach my grandchildren the simple techniques of cooking. My husband has been on 2 mission trips with our church to Iceland. I have baked sour dough bread and sold it to defray the costs of the trip each year.


Field of sunflowers.

Scenery: Field of Sunflowers (New Jersey)I am on a forever quest to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and this photo says it all. Field of Dreams! (In a field of Sunflowers, NJ)


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Use Aspirin for Sweat StainsMake a paste of the cheapest aspirin you can find and grind into a powderish consistency. Then mix with water to form a thick paste. Spread paste over stain and rub in.


Faux Make-up For Playtime, using nail polish and a recycled makeup case.

Faux Make-up For PlaytimeWhen you buy real make up for young kids, it's messy. You can make faux make up by using nail polish in your old make up containers. Just clean your make up containers then pour nail polish in and let dry.


A clean bathroom faucet.

Water Conservation for Tough Economic TimesEverything seems to just keep going up, up, up these days! To say things are tight around our house is a major understatement! So, I have decided to do a few short articles on the things our little family does to try to save money/keep costs down.


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Store Oldest Foods Right Side UpThe post about buying peanut butter reminded me of how I handle sale items. I store cans of coffee or jars of peanut butter upside down. The most recent item is right side up. When I open this one, I turn another one over.


blooming dogwood

Pink Dogwood (Elkin, NC)This is one of my beautiful pink dogwoods that bloomed last spring. I thought I could encourage spring to come our way soon by posting this photo!


A tree flowering in late winter in Moorpark, CA.

Garden: Spring in FebruaryHere are pictures of what is happening in Moorpark in February, some even in January. Crazy plants have no idea what time of year it is.


decorated white envelop bag tied with ribbon

Use Envelopes For Goody BagsWe cut envelopes in half with craft scissors, then fold the envelope along both sides and the bottom then straighten out like a bag. Put your goodies in and glue on a thank you tag. Using a hole punch in the top, punch hole. Put a coloured ribbon through the hole and tie.


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Use Distilled Water For HouseplantsWater your houseplants with distilled water. There will be no salt residue on the pots or the plant. Better for the plant and it is cheap.


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My Frugal Life: Saving Money And Tax TimeWe have so many things in the fall and winter to spend money on so tax time is in the spring or late winter. In Canada, we do no not have to hand in our tax form if we have money coming back to us, so we wait till October to send in our tax form.


Bentley on ladder.

Bentley (Himalayan)Bentley is 11 years old and a Himalayan. Bentley came to our home about 9 years ago from a local family that wasn't able to deal with such a furry cat.


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Use The Vegetable Crisper For Storing OrangesI put citrus fruits in the vegetable crisper. I got oranges and grapefruit from Florida, this winter. I put the shredded paper they were packed in with them, to protect them from excess dampness.


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Make Tealight Candles From Leftover Candle WaxWhen you have gotten the most out of your favorite smelling candle and there is too much left to throw away, purchase tea light molds and tea light wicks. Melt the remaining wax and pour into the tea light molds.


Finished rustic heart project.

Rustic Style HeartIf you want to decorate your home to celebrate Valentine's Day, why not have a go at making this rustic-style heart. It's so simple to do, costs next to nothing to create and what's more you can use it again for next year's festivities, as well.


Seasoned Cast Iron Pan

Cleaning Cast IronIf cast iron is rusty, use steel pads to remove rust and wash in hot Dawn detergent really well. Dry cast iron. I use cooking oil to season the cast iron; using paper towel, rub oil generously onto cast iron, inside and outside.


paper wreath with paper hearts glued on

Heart WreathTo make this heart wreath, we traced a large circle then a smaller one on the inside of a pizza box. We glued foam hearts onto the wreath, one on top of the other in 3 different sizes. We used a hole punch to cut out confetti in all different colors to fill in the spaces.


nasturtium in tea kettle

Creative Planters for Garden Focal PointsInteresting focal points in your garden don't always have to include terra cotta pots. See what you have around the house that would make a creative planter.


Easter Chick - Closeup of finished chick made out of an old chenille blanket.

Easter Chick From Chenille BedspreadTurn an old yellow bedspread into a whole flock of chicks for Easter or spring decorating. My bedspread was already yellow, but you could easily dye a white one using RIT dye. A 1-foot wide by 2-foot long section is plenty for one chick.


Bottle Bank Arcade Ready to Play

Bottle Bank ArcadeSometimes the best way to get people into doing something is to make it fun. This video demonstrates the power of fun when it comes to encouraging recycling.


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Cook Bacon In Toaster OvenI use my toaster oven to cook bacon. I can make other foods while the bacon cooks and the timer keeps me from burning it!


Reuse Pet Food Containers For Storage

Reuse Pet Food Containers for StorageOne day after completing a craft project, I had left over materials with nowhere to put them. After searching around the apartment, I looked in my sink and remembered these Beneful containers that were soaking before being put in my recycle bin.



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Dyeing Polyester Trousers?I brought some brown trousers and dyed them navy for work, they weren't dark enough. I dyed them navy again and they are a lovely deep blue, but this is still not acceptable for work, they need to be so dark that they are almost black. (but not black! stupid I know)


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Water and Scuff Marks on Finished Table?There are scuff marks and water marks on my finished table. How do I get them off?


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Cabbage Flower or Rose Afghan Pattern?I would like to find an easy cabbage flower and or rose crochet pattern for a blanket or afghan. Can anyone help?


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Day Care Business Name Ideas?I need a day care name with Diane in it. Any suggestions?


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Zipper Keeps Separating?My jeans zipper is separating from the bottom up after it is zippered. Help! These are my favorite pair.


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Homemade Cat Litter?How can I make homemade cat litter?


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Making a Rice Heating Bag?I was making a rice bag and was wondering if I could use the Success white rice, also called "boil in bag"? It says it's precooked, but it's dry, so I wasn't sure if I could use it. (To cook it to eat, it says to boil the bag for 10 minutes.) Can I use it for my rice bag?


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Decorating a Truck For a T-ball Parade?My son is starting his first t-ball season. To kick off the season, they will be holding a parade. We have to decorate a truck for the kids to ride in. I am looking for some decorating ideas for the truck. They are the Angels and the team colors are red and white.


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Previously House Trained Dog Peeing in the House?My 3 year old mini Schnauzer suddenly started peeing on everything in the house. What can I do to stop him from doing this?


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Puppy Won't Poop on Puppy Pad?I have a 2 month old puppy and he won't poop on his puppy pad. He will pee on it, but when it comes to poop he always goes on a blanket, rug, or just on the floor. How do I train him to go on his pad?


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Removing Creosote from Vinyl Siding?My daughter added a woodstove to one room in her house this winter. The stovepipe was such that it created a downdraft and caused creosote to get all over her vinyl siding. Does anyone have a solution or product that will work on this?


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Home Remedy for Diabetic Foot Pain?Does anyone have a home remedy for diabetic foot pain?


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Blocking Needlepoint?How do you block a 16 inch piece of finished needlepoint? The dry cleaner wants a minimum of $20.00.


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Adding Glitter to Lighted Glass Blocks?I spray the inside of the block with glitter-it and then add the glitter. However when I put in the lights, the glue and glitter is scraped off in some areas. Help.


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Determining the Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have several 5 inch Lenox porcelain dolls, 30 - 40 years old. I am looking for their value.


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Making a Copy on a Printer?How do I copy a print onto a printer?


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Homemade Cat Food?How do I make homemade cat food?


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Removing Scratches from Clear Plexiglass?How do I get scratches out of clear plexiglass?


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Used Light Bulbs Christmas Craft Ideas?Do you have any simple Christmas crafts, using all sizes of the "old" style light bulbs, we have all sizes. Thank you.


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