September 30, 2012

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Making a Googly Eye Mirror

Making a Googly Eye MirrorThis is a page about making a googly eye mirror. If you are looking for a different piece of homemade Halloween decor, try making a fun, creepy googly eye mirror.


Dried Beef Casserole Recipes

Dried Beef Casserole RecipesThis page contains dried beef casserole recipes. Dried beef is an important ingredient in a variety of delicious casseroles.


Clay Pot Jack-o-Lanterns

Clay Pot Jack-o'-LanternsThis is a page about clay pot Jack-o'-lanterns. A fun homemade decoration for Halloween, is a clay pot Jack-o'-lantern.


Using a Hot Glue Gun

Using a Hot Glue GunThis is a page about using a hot glue gun. An essential tool for many crafting projects is the glue gun.


Caring for an Alberta Spruce

Caring for an Alberta Spruce?This is a page about caring for an Alberta spruce. The Alberta spruce is a beautiful accent tree to include in your landscape design.


Storing Eggs

Storing EggsThis is a page about storing eggs. Proper storage of eggs will not only protect them from breakage, but can keep them fresh longer.


Storing Tomatoes

Storing TomatoesThis is a page about storing tomatoes. How you store your tomatoes will have an effect on their taste and shelf life.


Alberta Spruce Tree

Alberta Spruce Tree Turning BrownThere are several possible causes for the browning of an Alberta Spruce tree. This is a page about an Alberta spruce tree turning brown.


Storing Pots in the Oven

Storing Pots in the OvenThis is a page about storing pots in the oven. Those of us with small kitchens ofter resort to storing pots in the oven.


A sock puppet with shaggy yarn hair.

Making a Sock PuppetThis is a page about making a sock puppet. Sock puppets are fun to make and even more fun for your little ones to play with.


No Bake Cookie Recipes

No Bake Cookie RecipesFor a quick fix for your cookie attack, make delicious no bake cookies. This page contains no bake cookie recipes.


Cleaning a Glue Gun

Cleaning a Hot Glue GunThis is a page about cleaning a glue gun. It is very frustrating to have your glue gun become clogged right in the middle of a project.


Making Sand Clay

Making Sand ClayThis is a page about making sand clay. Beach sand and few easy to come by household ingredients can be mixed to make sand clay. This clay can be used to decorate items such as photo frames.


Egg Salad Recipes

Egg Salad RecipesThis page contains egg salad recipes. There are a number of variations on the popular egg salad recipe.


Uses for Cookie Tins

Reusing TinsThis is a page about reusing tins. If you have a lot of empty cookie or packaging tins lying about the house, consider reusing them.



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Glazed Cinnamon BarsThese bars are great any time, but especially while still warm.


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Skillet CabbageOne of my favorite ways to eat one of my favorite veggies!


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Corn FrittersGreat with soup or chili!


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Dry Cocoa MixWith cold weather just around the corner, this is a great recipe to keep handy for cool evenings!


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Texas HashGreat hearty cold weather meal!


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Meatballs in Onion Soup Mix SauceThese meatballs are delicious in this yummy sauce/soup.


sliced zucchini bread

Zucchini Nut BreadThis zucchini nut bread is soft and sweet. You can enjoy it warm or cold. A little butter or cream cheese on it is truly delicious.


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Chili Beef Taco CasseroleThe kids will love this casserole!


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Sunday ChickenThis is a great family meal, whether on Sunday or any time. Elegant enough for the holidays!


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Pronto PizzaThis is a fun, easy and delicious way to make pizza at home!


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Beef Vegetable SoupGreat, hearty cold weather soup!


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Dig Deep SaladThis is a great veggie combo, too, with a great dressing!


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Marinated TomatoesThis is a great combination of veggies and the sauce is out of this world good!


Egg Salad Sandwiches

Laurel's Egg Salad SandwichesThis may very well be the best egg salad ever!


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Scalloped Potatoes With Cheese SauceI love the American cheese in these potatoes. I have been known to use a whole cup instead of just 3/4.


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Strawberry Pineapple Jello SaladSuper easy, yummy salad!



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Cleaning Rust Stains Without Harsh ChemicalsCider vinegar, tea, or lemon juice will do the job without the harsh chemicals. I prefer cider vinegar, but the tea and lemon juice work also.


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Hiding Email Coupons in Junk Mail FolderI love to collect email coupons, but it can really clog up my email inbox. When I get an email from my favorite store or outlet center that has its promotional coupons for print or online savings, I call it "junk" and my email program will move it, and all future promotions, to my "junk" folder.


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Prevent Shoulder Damage Now when you are YoungOver the past year, my left shoulder has progressively became worse until just recently I couldn't use it much at all.


Mesh screen dome cover over fruit.

Covering Your Fruit BowlThis is my screen cover, that is used for covering food when I eat outside. Most of the time it sits in my cupboard. After watching fruit flies around my fruit bowl, I came up with this idea. I put the cover over my fruit bowl. It looks decorative, protects the fruit from flies, and you can still see the fruit.


Three tomatoes on brown paper background.

Don't Refrigerate TomatoesDon't keep tomatoes or citrus in the fridge. The colder temperatures spoil the aroma and taste of these sensitive fruits.


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"Helium" Balloons on the CheapHelium balloons to decorate a party are expensive, and you have to get or fill them on the day of the party. Instead, fill the balloons ahead of time and make a circle of Scotch tape to stick them on the ceiling.



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Homemade Paste Food Coloring?Can a person make their own Wilton paste food coloring?


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Transplanting Merlot Plants?How do I transplant 4 year old Merlot plants?


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Getting Rid of Fire Ants in the Yard?I need to get rid of fire ants in my yard. I have tried everything, but nothing helps. Can someone tell me what to do?


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Cleaning a Steam Iron?My iron has stopped steaming. Any suggestions to clean it?


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Looking for Chicken Recipe?I was given a chicken recipe at the checkout the other day for chicken, stovetop gravy, Italian dressing, and frozen peas. I can't find it and wanted to try this. If you have this or know where I can find it please let me know.


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Using Up Bits of Soap?How can I use up old bits of soap? Perhaps make into fresh bars to use. Any other suggestions?


Purple flower is prominent yellow center.

What is This Flower? (Balloon Flower)Attached is a photo of a small shrub I bought with small flowers. Can anyone tell me what it's called?


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Cleaning Urine Stains and Odor in Bathroom?My father has prostate cancer so I have temporarily moved in with him. I found severe amounts of urine all over his bathroom, including the toilet, floor, walls, and cabinets under the sink.


Brown and tan puppy.

What Breed is My Puppy?I would really like to know the breed of my new puppy. He looks full German Shepherd, but I'm still skeptical about it.


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Girl's 12th Birthday Party Ideas?I need ideas for a 12 year old birthday party. It is in February. She wants it to have Hello Kitty party supplies and to have it be a weekend event. She also wants it to start off with a hotel night stay, a girls night out. Please help.


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Shopping for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?Where, in Canada, can I purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth?


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