April 9, 2013

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A woman shopping for clothing online.

Name Ideas for an Online Clothing StoreThis is a page about name ideas for an online clothing store. Choosing a name for your business is an important step in getting established.


Backyard Tipi (Teepee)

Making a Backyard Tipi (Teepee)?This is a page about making a backyard tipi (teepee). Backyard tipis are a great educational and play activity.


girl with shiny hair

Homemade Conditioning Rinse RecipesThis page contains homemade conditioning rinse recipes. There are numerous recipes available for making your own conditioning rinse, or you can develop your own.



Repairing the Elastic on Fitted SheetsRepeated use and laundering can breakdown the elastic in your fitted sheets. This is a page about repairing the elastic on fitted sheets.


White Toilet

Toilet Not Flushing Properly?This is a page about the toilet not flushing properly. Determining the cause for the toilet not flushing is the first step in making the appropriate repairs.



Treating a Kitten with Eye DischargeSome pet ailments can safely be treated at home whereas others need to be referred to a vet to determine the cause and proper treatment. This is a page about treating a kitten with eye discharge.


Princess Diana Doll

Finding the Value of Princess Diana Dolls?This is a page about finding the value of Princess Diana dolls. Dolls are a popular collector's item.


Inspecting Your Roof

Inspecting Your RoofThis is a page about inspecting your roof. Periodically inspecting your roof for damage and needed repairs can save you money down the road.


Composite Deck

Cleaning a Composite Deck?This is a page about cleaning a composite deck. Composite decks are considered more durable than the traditional wooden versions. However, they do still require proper cleaning to look their best.


Homemade Apothecary Jars

Homemade Apothecary JarsThis is a page about homemade apothecary jars. Apothecary jars are quite popular for home decorating, however the cost can be too high for the average budget.


Poodle Skirt

Making a Poodle Skirt?This is a page about making a poodle skirt. Poodle shirts popular in the 1950s, are still a fun project to make for everyday retro clothing, Halloween, or other special occasions.


Fitted Sheet

Making Fitted SheetsThis is a page about making fitted sheets. Even a beginning sewer can make their own fitted sheets using flat sheets or yardage.


Hedge Trimmers

Sharpening Hedge Trimmers?This is a page about sharpening hedge trimmers. Gardening tools such as hedge trimmers need to sharpened periodically to work properly.


Sewing Machine

Repairing a Kenmore Ultra Stitch Sewing Machine?This is a page about repairing a Kenmore Ultra Stitch sewing machine. It is truly frustrating when your sewing machine malfunctions; determining the cause may be elusive.


Cutting Fabric Straight With Scissors

Cutting Fabric Straight With ScissorsThis is a page about cutting fabric straight with scissors. Cutting a straight line, using scissors, when working with fabric is not always that easy.


Cutting Straight With Scissors

Cutting Paper Straight With ScissorsThis is a page about cutting paper straight with scissors. As we all know making a straight cut with a pair of scissors can be difficult.


Stuffed Pasta Shells

Stuffed Pasta Shells RecipesStuffed pasta shells are an easy to make, delicious meal. You can vary the filling for a variety of tastes. This page contains stuffed pasta shells recipes.


Greeting Cards

Donating Old Greeting CardsThis is a page about donating old greeting cards. Certain charities, schools, and other organizations collect used greeting cards for fundraising activities and crafts.


Bird Feeder

Protecting Bird Feeders From Wind?This is a page about protecting bird feeders from wind. Wind can do an amazing job of broadcasting the seed in your bird feeder all over your lawn or garden.


Antique Murphy's Chest

Finding the Value of Antique Murphy's FurnitureThis is a page about finding the value of antique Murphy's furniture. The Murphy family manufactured cedar chests and wardrobes from 1946 - the early 2000s. These great pieces can still be found for sale today on the net and in antique shops.


fabric scissors

Cutting Fabric Strips?This is a page about cutting fabric strips. Fabric strips are used in many types of crafts, but cutting a large quantity can be slow and tiring.


black crow

Getting Rid of CrowsThis is a page about getting rid of crows. Crows are highly intelligent birds, but sometimes their raucous calls, or dominance of the bird feeder may be cause for wanting them to move on.


Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning Reviews?This page contains Greased Lightening reviews. Greased Lightening is a popular degreaser and multipurpose cleaner.



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Roasted CabbageCabbage is really good roasted with olive oil, lemon juice, and a little Worcestershire sauce.


Coco with toys.

Coco Singh (American Cocker Spaniel)She joined our family in May 2011.


filling pod

Reusable Keurig PodsIf you like the convenience of using a Keurig machine but find the pods too pricey or you miss your favorite coffee, there is a solution. We recently found a 4-pack of reuseable pods for $9.99.


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Combine Samples for Perfect Body CreamSince I am always trying new things, getting products from friends, and samples with my purchases, I find I have WAY too much! So instead of letting all these goodies gather dust, I add them all to my body lotion when it's about half full



sewing machine needles

Jones Rushby Sewing Machine Needles?Does any one know what size sewing needles I need for a Jones Rushby hand crank sewing machine 1920; serial# 268238 is the number on the machine?


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Value of Porcelain Doll?How much is Jason #76111 worth? It is a Yolanda Bello first issue.


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Control for Heated Mattress Pad?Where can I find a single control for a double mattress pad? I spilled a glass of water accidentally on mine. Can you help?


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Cleaning Lined Velvet Stage Curtains?How do you clean a heavy lined velvet curtain on a stage? It is on a two part draw and is about ten feet high and each draw is about thirty feet long.


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John Deere 316 Won't Start?Is the oil supposed to smell like gas? Anyway, it doesn't start. It seems like it's not getting gas. I changed the gas filter and added new gas. It turns over good and sometimes fires over, but won't start?


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Removing Stains from Kitchen Counter?Can I use baking soda to clean non white counters? I have black dye stains which ran from cupcake paper on my dark brownish kitchen bench. How should I clean it? baking soda, vinegar, nail polish remover?


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Room Outlets Not Working?All the outlets in one room stopped working, the lights still come on. I replaced the breaker and all the outlets and it's still not working. Help me.


Cover of volume.

1920's Edition of The Book of Knowledge?I have a 20 volume set of The Book of Knowledge. The books are hardcover, green cloth with gold imprint. The books are in excellent condition with minimal damage inside the back cover of book 1 only. What would it be worth to a collector today?


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Finding a Free Used Wedding Dress?I live in Indonesia. My name is Adi. I really need a free used wedding dress size 10 for my bride. We don't have enough money to buy it and she really wants it. Can somebody help us? Thanks.


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